8 Best Aero Bars Of 2023

Aero bars have a straightforward design, yet their placement on the bike makes them an ideal extra.

Any professional cyclist realizes how essential it is to be in a streamlined posture to obtain sufficient velocity, reliability, and a pleasant experience – and that’s exactly what these revolutionary aero bars can help professional competitors reach.

Aero bars are attached directly to the handlebars currently in place, allowing the cyclist to adopt a posture that enables the wind to flow unhindered across the back.

This method of reducing air resistance will allow you to achieve great velocity while abiding by ITU/UCI regulations. These aero bars offer an extra bonus, which includes elbow cushioning so you can stay comfortable during your long trips.

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The Benefits of Aero Bars

Many professional athletes have displayed their talents in competitions while using aero bars, prompting others to want to join in this activity. For such low-cost equipment, there are a lot of benefits that aero bars will give a cyclist, which includes:

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Bicycling for a long distance can be challenging, especially in places that put a lot of strain on your muscles.

Adding aero bars to your handlebars gives you the option to periodically change position while cycling to reduce the strain that comes with biking.

Lower Wind Resistance

Every cyclist is aware of the impact of wind resistance on their ride. When there’s more space for the winds to travel through, it causes more resistance to speed.

The primary purpose of putting aero bars on your bike is to alter your riding posture, making your physical shape as slim as it can be while reducing its area to decrease wind drag.


Aero bars give professional cyclists an edge in speed, making them a popular choice for competitive cycling. They genuinely improve your total airflow, resulting in increased speed.

The amount of time that can be saved by having a correct set-up aerobar position is considerable, making it well worth the extra weight to the bike’s overall weight.

Riders who ride at a higher speed will receive a greater rate of speed compared to those who ride more slowly, particularly on flat areas and when descending. For cyclists who are going uphill at a quicker speed, keeping their body in an aerobar position usually does not provide any advantage.

Reduced Injury

Accidents occur suddenly in the cycling world, and your health is not exempt; most of these ailments are stemming from your posture while riding and more often than not your body is not positioned correctly.

Attaching aero bars to your bike can have a massive positive influence on the way you sit, the amount of pressure you feel, and the amount of comfort you get. Changing this element of your bike should greatly reduce the possibility that you will have issues with your back or neck due to cycling in an uncomfortable position.

Main Feature

A primary attribute of aero bars is how much traction it provides. This trait allows cyclists to go faster on hazardous or uneven roads without losing their balance.

Occasionally, professional cyclists can be involved in collisions when taking part in a high-speed race; using aero bars could be the answer to preventing any sort of collision from happening.

Best Aero Bars for Road and Triathlon Bikes of 2023

1. Profile Design Supersonic Ergo

Profile design Supersonic/Ergo/43A Extender Support Bracket

The Profile Design Supersonic Ergo clip-on aero bars are the latest iteration of the Profile Design model. The Supersonic is an estimate of what used to be the T4+ Carbon.

This model comes in three different sizes (45/25 deg; 35 deg; 50 deg), which I will describe in more depth later in my review.

The designers of this model wanted to make it simpler to set up so that people can feel comfortable using the bars and attachments.

The overall heft of the aero bars is 673 grams, allowing for a secure foundation to support your arms. While this set of aero bars isn’t the lightest available, it will be sturdy and able to bear whatever load you put onto it, giving you the assurance that you will be safe.

The aero bars come with three various extensions, allowing you a lot of possibilities. You have the flexibility to select between a variety of extension shapes, adjust the armrests, and incline, and determine the position of your handlebars. This guarantees you’ll have a handle on your bicycle and be at ease.

If necessary, you can turn the armrests.

This extension offers a shape that is 35 degrees and resembles a ski turn. This is a movement that decreases the bend in your wrists, and it is intended to give you an aerodynamic posture. The extensions measure 400 mm in length, yet they can easily be customized to fit any user’s size.

This extension allows you to have a 45-degree downward angle and a 25-degree angle of elevation. This allows you to have more choices to make yourself comfortable while riding the bicycle. You have the option to extend your reach to any length, depending on your preference.

This may be a suitable choice if you are planning on taking a lengthy journey. The extensions are 400 mm in length and they can be adjusted to fit anyone. These extensions also are compatible with rear-exit cable routing.

The 50-cent extension will produce a 50-degree angle of curvature when skiing, as well as a side-to-side movement of 7.5 millimetres. If you are looking for a neutral positioning of your wrist and the chance to modify the width of the handle, this add-on is ideal.

Triathletes who have purchased aero bars give them good reviews due to their customizable qualities. Many people can attain the required level of cosiness and fit to become more streamlined.

People who do long-distance triathlons are particularly fond of the 4525c model because of its capacity to change the position of their hands. And, they don’t feel stiff.

2. Profile Design Sonic Ergo

Profile Design Sonic / Ergo / 35a Aerobar - Picture 1 of 1

The Profile Design Sonic Ergo has the widest variety of options among all the aero bars that are produced by Profile Design.

Aluminium is used to construct all models, providing sturdiness and a more affordable option than carbon fibre models. These aero bars are more economical than the Ergo Supersonic aero bars. All aerobar pads are 60 millimetres long and located 15 millimetres in front of the bike’s centre line.

The aero bars contain five sets of adjustment holes instead of the typical three, allowing them to accommodate a greater variety of bicycles. Instead of using a wedge like the supersonic, the arm pads have a 1-bolt adjustment mechanism for adjusting. But it still works just as well.

The simplest form is the Profile Design Sonic Ergo T5, which has a 13-degree snow skiing curve design. This allows individuals who are riding to have a broad selection of positions on the aerodynamic handlebars.

This would be ideal for long rides. If you haven’t used aero bars before, you can experiment to discover which one(s) suits your riding style the best.

3. Zipp Vuka Clip with Carbon Race Extensions

Zipp Vuka High Clip With Race

The Zipp Vuka Clip Carbon Race Extension aero bars offer a brilliant combination of comfort and aerodynamic efficiency. They are constructed with carbon and crafted to remain usable for a long period.

The construction of these aero bars enables riders to keep their wrists in an ergonomic position and their elbows tucked in comfortably without strain or discomfort for extended periods.

This also helps avoid the need to frequently make adjustments, permitting them to stay aerodynamic for as long as possible.

The Zipp Carbon Race Extensions can be adjusted to a greater degree than most other aero bars. You can select the width that is ideal for you, ranging from 280 mm to the narrowest of 104 mm. The slant of the elbow padding can be altered with the use of wedge pieces, varying from -5 degrees to -15 degrees.

These Carbon Extension aero bars can be attached above or beneath the handlebar, depending on what works t best for you. The split clamp design allows for the simple removal of the extension without needing to go through the hassle of reconnecting all the cables.

Be aware that the aero bars have fastening components that will securely attach to handlebars with a diameter of 31.8 mm. If the size of your bike differs, these aero bars are not suitable for you.

4. Profile Design Sonic Ergo 4525A

These aero bars are smooth and designed so they do not produce a lot of wind resistance. The size of the bars and their angle of rotation can be changed without difficulty using the bolt at the peak of the clamp.

You can change the length and spin, plus the armrest offset between -70mm to 2.5mm in 7.5mm steps and the armrest width between 124mm to 290mm in 18.5mm steps. The armrest stack can be changed from 60mm to 70mm in 5mm intervals. In conclusion, this model of the aero bar provides as many as 100 different positions granting the user the utmost level of comfort and flexibility. The clamp on the new model is less complicated than the one on the old model. The making of the Sonic has enabled it to have both a lightweight build, as well as a sturdy structure, meaning it won’t put a strain on your handlebars. The size of them is 15.7 inches in length, meaning that all riders regardless of their size can comfortably use them.

The initial portion of the addition ascends at a 45-degree angle, and the handle is at 25 degrees, maintaining your wrists and fingers in a natural posture which minimizes discomfort. The wires run from the back of the extension.

5. Profile Design Airstryke II

Profile design LD Airstryke S 26.0-31.8 mm

The utmost importance is placed on providing a relaxed environment on lengthy trips, and these aero bars have been rated as the cosiest option. The appearance of these items is discernibly distinct from other ones we have examined so far, being equipped with elevated elbow rests and connected support beams. The armrests can be set to any position, making for a more comfortable experience. The gap can be altered from -85mm to 17.5mm, with a difference of 7.5mm between each step. You can vary the armrest width from 131mm to 298mm to get the most comfortable fit and reduce fatigue. The armrest stack of 40mm is not adjustable.

The cushioned material makes for a cosy and relaxed surface for your arms or elbows when biking. The angle of the grip should be such that it allows for a relaxed and natural hold, which in turn reduces tiredness and aches in the arm.

These aero bars present a great benefit, as they can be set up without the need for expert assistance.

6. Redshift Sports Quick-release Aerobars

Redshift Sports Quick-Release Aerobars L-Bend click to zoom image

Individuals looking for aero bars that can be easily attached and removed could benefit from these rapid-release bars.

Unlike most aero bars, these utilize a proprietary release system that makes connecting and removing them from your handlebars easy—just a couple of seconds with no need for any tools.

A protective measure keeps you from inadvertently disengaging them when you’re in motion.

These aero bars are available in two variations – the L-bend, which consists of a 45-degree raised section, and the S-bend, which features a short incline that levels out afterwards.

You can pick a style that is already familiar to you so you won’t be wasting time adjusting to something different.

They are also available in both aluminium and carbon. Carbon weighs 70 grams less than aluminium, yet each provides a reliable and stable choice.

One can purchase numerous extras, although they must be bought separately. You can buy a Dual-Position Seat Post which comes with a Riser Kit and Shims as well.

7. Vision Team Mini Clip-on Tri Bars

Vision Team Mini TT Clip On Extensions

This is the least expansive set of aero bars, but it will work perfectly for cyclists who crave the most compressed bars they can make the most of. It should be observed that those people of above-average height may discover that these aero bars are not long enough for them to use.

The aluminium extensions are not adjustable in size; they are connected at one end to make them more secure. Armrests that have been designed with cushioning and sculpting make longer rides more relaxed and can be changed to ensure you are sitting in the ideal spot.

The heft of these bars is quite slight, clocking in at 170 grams, which is almost a third of the weight of most other bars. These bars could be perfect for triathletes who don’t have much experience with aero bars or who are not accustomed to the heft of them on their bicycles.

The metal add-ons are a length of 170mm, and the armrests can be shifted to six distinct settings for your ease.

8. KCNC Aero Bar Aerotekk

These aero bars are very aerodynamic and ideal for time trials. This type of bar would be great for triathletes wanting a single option that can be used for diverse biking activities.




The stack size of this bike is not as tall as other models, providing a more comfortable fit for some cyclists. This product is built for use on 31.8mm handlebars. You can change the length of the extension and rotation angle based on if you have an S or a J-bar.


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