8 Superfood Powders For Triathletes

Most greens powders are typically marketed towards anyone and everyone,

certain greens powders are specifically targeted towards athletes
and will benefit an athlete’s life the most significantly. So, if you’re an athlete, don’t miss out on the opportunity of taking an effective greens powder every day
– it’s only going to benefit you and improve your performance, so it’s a win-win!

No matter if it’s greens powder for long-distance runners or greens powder for bodybuilders, there’s something available for every single type of athlete – so figure out what type of results you are hoping to get, and this article may be able to point you in the right direction to find the best greens powder for your needs. If you wish to gain knowledge about the optimal greens powder for athletes or you want to find out which greens powder will suit your active lifestyle the best, read on!

Greens Powders for Athletes

1. SuperGreen Tonik

SuperGreen Tonik is marketed as the optimal energy source for physical and mental performance since its nutrient-packed composition is suitable for any individual, not just athletes.

The components contained in the recipe give athletes the advantages they are seeking.

SuperGreen Tonik not only provides crucial nutrition but also energizes, enhances focus, eases anxiety, encourages better sleep, and strengthens the immune system.

This formula might not be tailored exclusively to athletes, yet athletes may gain advantages by taking it. It has all the essential vitamins and minerals necessary and is one of the few brands that includes both physical and mental nourishment.

This formula focused on providing the most effective dosages – which means

it’s going to work better!

SuperGreen Tonik gives complete information about its ingredients and their exact amount, so the people buying it can be certain of what they are ingesting. Furthermore, the active ingredients are included in optimal dosages, ensuring that the expected advantages will materialize.

Supergreen Tonik is distinctive compared to other “super greens” due to its minimalistic approach; it concentrates on supplying precise dosages for maximum effectiveness. This means it’s going to work better!

Furthermore, the recipe is delicious and can be purchased at a reasonable price.


  • Fully disclosed ingredients label
  • Sufficiently dosed ingredients
  • Tastes great
  • 365-day money-back guarantee


  • Not NSF Certified For Sport
  • Not the cheapest when buying just one tub

2. Athletic Greens (AG1)

Athletic Greens is an immensely well-known greens powder, particularly aimed at those more active people who are athletes.

This formulation is being promoted and sold to the public nowadays, but its original purpose was to give athletes an adequate nutrient intake daily.

Athletic Greens states that their formula will provide a boost in energy, guard cells against destructive forces, enhance the body’s immunity, and promote a healthy digestive tract. The formula is meant to furnish the individual with the key nutrients needed for optimum well-being every day.

Athletic Greens is renowned amongst athletes for its exceptional green powder, and a major factor of its excellence is that its formula has been certified by NSF For Sport. Each mixture of the formula is rigorously examined to make sure that it does not contain any prohibited items.

Being NSF Certified For Sport gives athletes peace of mind that the product can be consumed without there being a risk of taking in an illicit substance.

However, the formula contains mixes of unknown ingredients, which to me is a major disappointment. If you decide to use this formula, you must trust that the company making it is well-versed in the area and has included the right amount of each component.


  • NSF Certified For Sport
  • Formulated for an athletic lifestyle
  • Tastes good!


  • The formula is made up of proprietary blends
  • More expensive than other formulas

3. Strong Greens

Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN) advertises Strong Greens as a supplement specifically geared towards athletes. The whole of BPN is devoted to improving exercise capability, bettering one’s appearance, and raising fitness levels.

The Strong Greens formula is known for being a nutrient-rich blend due to the numerous and powerful greens included in the mix which offer essential nutrients as well as notable health advantages.

BPN asserts that their formula can heighten vitality, sustain digestion, enhance the immune system, and guarantee users can do their very best all the time.

The program from Strong Greens has been given the Drug-Free certification from the Banned Substance Control Group for any substances specified on the WADA list of banned items.

Even though this formula has not been NSF Certified For Sport, it has been thoroughly examined to guarantee that it does not consist of any prohibited substances. This is certainly a great benefit for competitors!

The label of the formula specifies the amount of most components, notwithstanding the super greens that make up a proprietorial combination. It’s regrettable, yet it’s good to note that at least several of the components have the amounts of them revealed.

Most of the criticism of the Strong Greens formula is due to its unfavourable lemon-like flavour, which is likened to a cough drop. The flavour of the product can be easily hidden when blended into smoothies, and the cost is acceptable.


  • All BPN products are formulated to aid athletes
  • Certified Drug-Free by the BSCG
  • Some information about ingredient amounts


  • Super greens ingredients exist within a proprietary blend
  • Not great tasting!

4. Greens With Protein

Organic Superfoods powder is widely used and has fifty organic components that are superfoods plus one billion probiotic microorganisms. This formula is generally aimed at a broad demographic, not just athletes.

Although Orgain does create superfood and green mixes with supplemental protein as well, these products can be either vegan or non-vegan. As an athlete, you might want to consider using a protein powder combined with a superfood powder to gain additional nutritional benefits.

Examining this Superfood powder, one can note its advantages of it such as higher energy, strengthened digestive and immunity systems, excretion of toxins, and protection of cells from harm caused by radicals.

The mixture has an organic sprout mixture as part of it, which implies that it is full of protein and will be beneficial in muscle growth.

Unfortunately, the constituents of the Orgain mix are kept confidential, so customers need to have faith that the company has included an adequate measure of every component in the formulation.

Despite this, the composition is completely natural, features several healthy components and probiotics, is enjoyable to consume, and comes at an inexpensive price.

5. Mushroom Powder

Is there a bio-hacker around in present times who has not been singing the praises of mushroom coffee on their podcast?

It seems that rather than eating mushrooms as a topping on your Friday night pizza, “functional” types like cordyceps, lion’s mane, reishi, and chaga – after being dried out and made into a powder– are becoming more popular due to their possible medicinal capabilities.

Some scientists hypothesize that the fruiting bodies of the earth contain bioactive compounds like polysaccharides, which are not found in other veggies and may play a role in boosting brain activity, reducing the risk of specific cancers, and curbing inflammation in the body. Nonetheless, much more research needs to be conducted involving humans.

It could be possible that various mushrooms could have unique effects on the body, and furthermore, these can be the most advantageous superfood powders to enhance your physical activities.

The Journal of Dietary Supplements conducted an initial review that detected individuals taking four grams of a mushroom combination per day for three weeks witnessing alterations in their physical condition such as VO2Max during a workout examination.

You won’t be able to get these mushrooms from a typical supermarket, so the best way to get them and their beneficial substances is by getting them as powders.

Some powder mixes that contain green components also contain mushrooms, but they are generally only in trace amounts. It is recommended to have approximately 2 teaspoons of it each day to get the most advantages. Do not anticipate this material to be the irreplaceable remedy that some proponents imply it to be.

Mix one teaspoon of umami tea with boiling water to make a beverage, incorporate it into condiments, stir it into soups, and spread it over cooked pasta, scrambled eggs, or roasted veggies. It is possible to steep certain things in your morning cup of coffee, and while it is uncertain if this will help you live to be over 100 years old, it certainly could not hurt.

6. Flax Powder

This is terrific news for your wallet: Not all healthful powders have to be priced outrageously, and flaxseed is among the highest-quality superfoods that won’t empty your pockets.

Flax can be found easily and at a very low price, possessing plant-based omega-3 fatty acids and soluble fibre, which makes it suitable for those wanting to improve their cardiac health.

For example, Pharmacological Research has demonstrated that the daily intake of flax can help to enhance cholesterol levels. In addition, research published in Cytokine has discovered that flax may be useful in reducing inflammation within the body.

Soluble fibre, when it enters the stomach, will break down and form a gel-like substance that helps to control one’s hunger and maintain steady levels of glucose in the blood. A tablespoon of flaxseed powder contains 2 grams of fibre, making it an ideal way to get your daily fibre intake. This is important because fibre is usually not consumed enough.

Seeds with a nutty flavour are also a great source of lignans, which are plant components with antioxidant properties which may decrease the risk of getting certain types of cancer such as breast cancer, as reported by the British Journal of Nutrition.

It is advisable to consume ground flaxseeds instead of whole ones as grinding them will allow for better absorption of their nutrients as our systems cannot fully digest them in this form. Once the flax is ground, it needs to be stored in the refrigerator or freezer shortly afterwards to keep the fats from going bad.

Mix flax powder into oatmeal, include it in drinks after workouts, put it in bread or cakes, make flaxseed biscuits, add to vegetables while they’re roasting, and substitute it for regular breadcrumbs in dishes such as meatloaves. The powder can be blended with water to form a replacement for eggs that can be utilized in baking.

7. Cacao Powder

If you’re searching for an alternative to sugary chocolate that won’t ruin your diet, try cacao powder for a delicious and guilt-free way to get your chocolate fix. The chocolatey powder created when cacao beans, which have been fermented and dried, are ground up into tiny particles, has a delectable bitter-sweet taste and contains a wide array of nutrients.

A two-tablespoon portion of dark delight has 5 grams of dietary fibre, which is beneficial for you, as well as magnesium for strong bones and flavonoid antioxidants.

It has been suggested that the intake of antioxidants can be advantageous to heart health, providing a decrease in blood pressure readings.

It has been discovered through research conducted by the Chemistry Central Journal that cocoa may have even more antioxidant content than fruits such as acai and blueberry.

Research conducted in Planta Medica has found that naturally occurring chemicals found in cacao may potentially enhance an individual’s emotional state. Likely, you were already aware of this fact.

The best thing about this superfood powder? Gram for gram, cacao contains about one-third fewer calories than dark chocolate, meaning it can be less damaging to your waistline.

Although some people commonly refer to both forms of the beans as either cacao or cocoa, “cacao” usually describes the raw beans or powder, while “cocoa” is the powder that has gone through an alkalization process that takes away its acidity and bitterness but also suppresses the presence of much of the antioxidants. Cocoa powder usually has a darker hue than cacao powder.

Cacao powder is also sometimes labelled as “natural.”

Cacao powder can lend a chocolatey flavour and a wealth of nutrients to a multitude of dishes such as oatmeal, smoothies, pancakes, and energy bars.

If you are into mochas, try adding a bit of cacao powder to your morning coffee to give it an extra kick. Mixing it into nut butter can provide a richer and more delightful flavour to the spread. Including a tablespoon or two in a pot of chilli can enhance its taste, or it can be used as part of a seasoning blend for meats like chicken, pork, or steak.

8. Elderberry Powder

This may be the most specialized of them all, however, it has the potential to be the most effective in helping you stay upright. There has been a sharp rise in demand for elderberry powder and other elderberry-based products due to people’s heightened interest in improving their immune systems amid the COVID pandemic.

This Sambucus tree product has been utilized for generations by societies throughout the world to improve their immunity, which is a benefit gaining more evidence from studies conducted in recent times.

The results of a research study published in Contemporary Therapies in Medicine showed that taking elderberry supplements could help ease the symptoms of upper respiratory issues caused by virus problems like the flu and the common cold.

Be aware that participating in intense triathlon training could put you at a greater likelihood of developing a runny nose and getting a cold. If you are flying once more, Nutrients has revealed that the use of elderberry can lessen the length and intensity of colds in people who are taking a trip by air.

Elderberries, which are sweet-tart, have a greater proportion of skin about the flesh, making them incredibly nutrient-rich. These compounds provide immune system support and help protect cardiovascular health, containing the same anthocyanin antioxidants as blueberries.

Ideally, you would want to get a company to freeze-dry the berries and crush them into a powder form, as this is a speedy process that preserves nutrition.

Mix yoghurt or cottage cheese, include in chocolate desserts like puddings, incorporate into smoothies and whipped cream, dissolve in warm water with lemon juice and a bit of honey before cooling for a refreshing beverage, and blend into vinaigrettes.


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