9 Useful Tips To Keep Shorts From Riding Up

No matter what physical activity you are taking part in, from running, pedalling a bicycle, going to the gym, or strolling around the city, having your shorts hike up can be incredibly annoying and uncomfortable, not to mention somewhat embarrassing.

Rather than dedicating your attention to the exercise you are doing or simply making the most of the experience, you find yourself continuously adjusting the inside of your shorts to make sure they stay in their correct place.

If you’re searching for ways to keep your shorts from riding up, there are some strategies and tricks to try. There are two distinct approaches when it comes to choosing shorts: finding the appropriate style and altering them to avoid riding up.

If your shorts are becoming too high when you exercise or do physical activity, continue reading to learn the best way to prevent that from happening.

Shorts Riding Up When You Run

A lot of runners grumble that their running shorts keep shifting position when they run. Running shorts are generally of a shorter length, and the running gait does not help in staying the shorts in place.

It is normal for shorts to hike up when you do squats, bike cycles, or sit for prolonged periods. If you have hips that are wider than average, a larger than average backside, or thighs that are noticeably thinner as they approach your knees, it is probable that your shorts will tend to ride up.

Your shorts may ride up when your shorts may ride running because of the type of material they are constructed from, their age or wear and tear, their design, the environment, or simply because of perspiration.

When it comes to preventing your shorts from riding up, picking the right pair initially is important, however, if you’ve already bought a pair, there are still ways to keep them from riding up.

Keeping Shorts From Riding Up Tips

1. Get the Right Fit

Probably at least 50 per cent of the time, the main reason your shorts are riding up when you run or work out is that the shorts don’t fit you properly.

The compression running or exercise shorts you are wearing must fit snugly to keep them from rising up. You don’t want overly tight compression shorts, as this can leave your legs uncomfortable, however, if they’re too loose, they will ride up.

If your running shorts are too big, particularly in the area around your inner thighs, they will start to ride upwards towards your groin as you jog.

If you’ve slimmed down and your compression shorts are now baggy, or if the Lycra or spandex has been worn out over time and become stretched, it will be difficult to stop the shorts from bunching up.

You could bring them to a seamstress, but it might be best to get new ones.

As you jog, your leg circumference fluctuates during the running movement depending on whether it is taking full weight or when it is suspended in the air during the swinging stage.

Compression shorts are usually made of a slippery fabric unless reinforced by silicone stitching on the bottom of the leg cuff or a tight cuff on the thigh. This can cause the material to become loose and move up the leg with each stride you take, and the changing size of your legs can make this problem worse.

If you notice that your running shorts are moving up your body, it might be because of the waistband. There are two varieties of running shorts – split-short and V-notch, with differing side openings.

Both types of running shorts typically come with integrated briefs, eliminating the need for any other kind of underwear. The built-in briefs make it possible for the shorts to stay on your hips while you are running, rather than riding up.

If you are still having trouble with running shorts riding up, either you don’t have the right fit or the materials are too baggy and are sticking between your legs.

Adjust the drawstring of the waistband or fold it over to make the inner shorts fit snugly around your crotch.

2. Choose the Materials Wisely

Different kinds of running shorts are made out of different materials, based on the design and structure of the trousers.

If you are looking for compression shorts, the amount of Lycra, elastane or spandex material will determine how much stretch the item has; the more fabric of this type, the more stretchy the shorts will be.

This will assist in keeping the shorts from creeping higher up your legs when you jog because the shorts will fit more snugly and firmly around your legs.

There is no doubt that cycling shorts are made in a form-fitting style for cyclists. Therefore, the materials chosen are specifically designed to promote maximum comfort for those using them. Most types of shorts require the use of fabric that is light in weight and either fine micro denier or tightly woven.

These materials would keep your body dry and comfortable while travelling by wicking away sweat and excess moisture. Before you purchase any new items, determine if the material used is flexible or not.

The span of the material reveals how firmly it holds onto the legs while in motion. Clothing that stretches comfortably can help enhance your belief in yourself.

3. Buy Longer Shorts

Once more, it is important to start the process of preventing running shorts from riding up when making the purchase. Despite this, it’s beneficial to remember this if you usually see that the shorts you’re buying move up when you jog or exercise.

It might sound strange, but usually, the more length there is in the inner seam of a pair of shorts, the less it will rise up and reach toward your waist. Shorts that are of a longer length have more weight and the ability to cover a larger area of skin.

Having a longer pair of shorts allows you to avoid the awkwardness of tugging at the waistband when it is too short.

Tired of pulling the shorts down constantly? Longer cycling shorts are good to go. It’s time to test if shorts that are longer in length will prevent them from riding up your legs!

Shorts that are longer in length typically sit better on the body than those that come up to the top of the thighs. In other words, the more the length of the shorts extends, the more like trousers they act.

Mending your vehicle quickly is the modern way. Eating the right foods and sticking to a fitness program will help you to reclaim your health and keep your body in great shape. Seeing a dietitian is the ideal suggestion for you all.

Search for shorts with an internal seam of a minimum of 7 inches if your thighs make the shorts rise when you exercise.

4. Apply Fabric Paste or a Paste Made from Cornstarch

Here are some suggestions to stop your shorts from rising up while you are wearing them. You can use fabric adhesive or a mixture of cornstarch to adhere to the shorts.

You can either get a bargain price corn starch from a standard shop or acquire fabric adhesive from your local hardware store, both of which are inexpensive and easy to get.

Mix some water with the powder until it forms a paste, similar to the texture of wet cement or peanut butter. Spread the adhesive on the hemline of the shorts near where you have tied them on your thighs.

Wait for 45 minutes after you have applied the paste in a circular pattern to the bottom of each leg. The paste will cause the shorts to become firmer and give them a bit more structure, preventing them from riding up while you exercise.

It’s not hard to locate them, as they are widely available at most hardware shops. After purchasing, mix the powder with water. Extend the fabric across the whole length of your cycling shorts and allow it to air dry for around 40 minutes.

The shorts will have some firmness towards the hems, which will help them to stay in place and not ride up.

5. Try Clear Silicone Caulk

Out of all of the strategies we explored to prevent running shorts from riding up, this one produced the most favourable results.

Using clear silicone caulk, the same product used for sealing showers or windows might sound odd but it can be an effective method for stopping shorts from riding up.

Silicone caulk is used to patch up any splits or fissures in showers and tubs or windows. It becomes rubbery when drying. This feature helps to hold the shorts more securely around your thighs.

When the clear silicone caulk has dried, it will become partially solid yet still maintain a stretchy rubber-like consistency. The rubber-like feel and thickness provide a stickiness that holds the shorts to your legs.

This tip for preventing running shorts from riding up is very effective, but there are some points to be aware of.

  • For one, it takes quite a long time for the clear silicone caulk to dry—upwards of 24-36 hours— so be sure to plan to prepare your shorts at least a day ahead of time.
  • Secondly, and most importantly, inhaling the fumes from the product can be dangerous, so you want to make sure you are working in a well-ventilated area.

Wait until the clear silicone caulk has dried before putting on shorts; interfacing with them while they are wet can cause skin reactions. After that, you’re good to go.

It might seem like a hassle, but it is incredibly simple to block shorts from migrating up your legs when you run and the cost is minimal.

6. Polyester Boning Design

Give it a try with the polyester boning design. This product is sewn between the shorts’ thighs. If the shorts are put on properly, they should not bunch up or slip up higher on the body.

Developing four various measurements: 1/2-inch, 2-inch, 4-inch, and 5-inch. Individuals could purchase it online for an approximate expenditure of between $5 and $10 each.

7. Fold The Ends

Folding up the hems of the shorts will certainly result in them being slightly snugger, in some way creating a bulkier look. This advice works well to keep the shorts from riding up. This is a simple and speedy way to fix the problem, provided that the shorts are not overly folded. Otherwise, you may cause discomfort to yourself.

8. Cut The Loose Ends

All types of shorts will eventually become looser over time, not just cycling shorts. The more you practice, the simpler it becomes to go uphill. The main cause of raising up is due to the loosened components.

To achieve this objective, trimming the branches of the shorts tree will take care of this problem. You do not have to purchase a new one. Then, sew the shorts’ ends to hold them tighter. No longer is their anxiety about wearing shorts that are too high up.

9. Have Things Done With Clips

To cyclists, few things can ruin their ride experience. It is not pleasant to have the sensation of your shorts riding up while biking. Another method to fix the issue is using clips.

Take advantage of clips to eliminate riding-up issues and make cycling simpler. They can make the hems of the shorts firm, stopping them from riding up. Put a piece of fabric over the clips so the shorts don’t feel bothersome.

Keeping Shorts From Getting Stuck

If you run into issues such as these, a more comfortable and looser fit can save the day. Investigate the web and figure out how to relax your bike shorts while avoiding a riding-up problem.

Too loose shorts may lead to riding up. Still, keep them at a certain loose level. If you are unable to come to an agreement with your partner regarding the nature of your relationship, then wearing boyfriend-style shorts may be a better choice.

Side notes

Generally speaking, riding in shorts can be quite taxing. These items of clothing remain indispensable due to the comfort they bring to us, and so they become a staple of every person’s closet.

Still, the ride-up shorts can make you feel low. Don’t let this minor issue ruin your journey.


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