Top 8 Fat Bikes

Under £1,600

A Triathlete’s Guide to Getting Started with Fat Biking

If the thought of riding indoors all winter is enough to drive you crazy, you might just want to find out more about the wonderful world of fat biking. If you fancy dipping your toe into the idea of Fat Biking – then read on.

Remember the first time you saw a fat bike? You likely wondered what the object was and then imagined what it’d be like to ride around on the gigantic balloon-like tyres.

Fat bicycles, normally consisting of tyres bigger than four inches in diameter, have been around for a while now but have become increasingly fashionable over recent years.

Fat bikes were originally used for traversing sand and snow, but now they are commonly used by riders on various types of terrain, which includes urban bike paths and difficult mountain biking trails.

Fat bikes utilize those large tyres to cushion the impact of bumps and often don’t have mechanical suspension. It makes it possible for producers to list their prices lower than regular mountain bikes, and there is an extensive selection of economical options available.

Fat Bike

A bike that is manufactured to take on tyres of 3.8″ or greater in width is referred to as a fat bike. To differentiate itself, this bike requires multiple modifications to its design.

Fat bikes incorporate large wheels and the frames and forks must have enough room for those extremely thick tyres. Designers of fat bikes must make sure that the added width required to fit wide tyres doesn’t clash with the pedals or the drivetrain components.

The majority of regular mountain bikes have either 29-inch or 27.5-inch tyres, however, the majority of fat bike manufacturers continue to use the older 26-inch tyre size. That doesn’t necessarily mean the wheels feel smaller. The size of a wheel is calculated by taking the distance from the centre of the hub to the outer edge of the rim, excluding the tyre.

Once you fit big tyres onto a fat bike wheel, the total circumference is likely to come out to be similar to that of a larger regular mountain bike tyre.

1. Mongoose Malus

Mongoose Malus

Mongoose is known for offering trusty and reasonably priced bicycles, and this one is no different. You won’t find a top-of-the-line product for this amount of money, however, if you are wanting to take to the trails without spending too much money, this is a great choice to consider.

This bicycle is a bit on the hefty side, however, it is capable and works well for what you require it to do.

2. Vtuvia Electric

Some people feel that riding an electric-assist bike is taking a shortcut. Some individuals think electric bikes are just an evolution of technology and would be beneficial to those who frequently bike, especially those who have tough hills to tackle but are not prepared just yet.

If you’re in a group of people who prefer a pedal-assist system, this product offers an “intelligent pedal assist” system which responds to the intensity of pedalling and adds power to the system to reach the desired speed.

If you prefer the more traditional approach, the 1×10 Shimano system can handle it, and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes will provide all the stopping power you need. This motor does not require any brushes and can travel up to 75 miles on a five to six-hour charge. It also includes a two-year warranty for both the frame and the motor.

3. Diamond Back EL Oso Nino

Children are passionately fond of biking and enjoy biking to spots where grown-ups would hesitate to ride. A fat bike is perfect for a youngster since it can be ridden on a variety of surfaces like mud, sand, snow, and other pulpy or soft floors. Additionally, what child wouldn’t be excited to ride a two-wheeled massive truck?

This ride is specially made for kids, composed of an ultra-durable steel frame, which shifts using seven-speed Shimano grip change technology and stops effectively with mechanical disc brakes. Twentiesize wheels in addition to 4-inch tyres give a bunch of sizing range, making this bicycle suitable for riders aged five to eleven to go through sloppiness and out the other side.

They might not be totally spotless, but they’ll still be cheerful!

4. Gravity Bullseye Monster Five X

Gravity Bullseye Monster

The Bullseye Monster has added front suspension and wide 4.9″ tyres to create a budget-friendly fat bike, making it ready to tackle tough tracks.

The 120mm of suspension in the front fork, together with the sizeable collapse of the tyres, allows for smooth passage over bumps and easy clearance of obstacles.

Shimano’s hydraulically operated disc brakes and SRAM GX components make for a fairly inexpensive bicycle that is all set for tackling harsh terrain! This bike has an extensive selection of sizes, perfect for both petite and tall riders.

It’s hard to tell exactly how much the bike weighs because of its various sizes, but it is comparable to other bikes that have the same features.

5. DiamonBack El Oso Does

Diamondback is known for producing practical, excellent-quality bicycles at costs that are not too expensive, and the El Oso Dos bicycle clearly demonstrates how they acquired such a distinguished opinion.

No particular attribute is remarkable: it is simply a well-rounded bundle that succeeds in providing what is necessary on both the trail and the street. If you need a sensible, easy-to-ride, and handy fat bicycle at an affordable cost, this is an excellent selection!

6. Salsa Mukluk SX Eagle

2020 Mukluk SX Eagle Charcoal Detailed View 1

Salsa was amongst the trailblazers in designing and producing a range of fat bikes, and this is evident in their entire collection. This organization is well-known for its carbon fibre fat bikes that feature top-tier parts and correspondingly high cost.

The Mukluk SX Eagle, which has an aluminium frame, contains a lot of the same features that make Salsa’s bikes so desirable in the fat bike industry, and it is priced at £1,600

This Mukluk SX Eagle is a moderately priced fat tyre bicycle that is prepared to cope with whatever comes its way. You don’t have to have a top-of-the-line bike to conquer trails that are hard to handle and messy ground; if your bike can handle any terrain, it’s able to take on the Mukluk.

The aluminium frame takes after the design of Salsa’s top-grade bikes, and a carbon fork makes it lighter than most mountain bikes on the market. The Mukluk is pleasantly lightweight.

The Mukluk SX Eagle has a carefully chosen selection of parts which ensures a high degree of quality without being too expensive.

The latest 12-speed SX Eagle gearset and SRAM Level brakes provide exceptional performance, and the WTB Volt seat and Salsa’s custom cockpit parts ensure you’re comfortable out on the trails.

45NRTH, an organization based out of Minneapolis, produced the massive Dillinger 5 tyres, which have 4.6″ of width and are capable of providing unparalleled traction.

If you become obsessed with the idea of upgrading your bike, it will be outfitted to allow for internally routed cables for a dropper post, enough room to accommodate tyres up to 5 inches wide, and the ability to use a Manitou Mastodon suspension fork.

This fat bike costs in the mid-range, but provides top-notch performance. If you’re seeking to cycle down the most extreme trails, as well as the smoothest and glossiest paths, this bike can perform it all while costing no more than £1,500.

7. Hellga Comp

This was a straightforward decision compared to the Men’s selection because there are only a few women-focused fat biking models for sale. That’s not because women don’t ride fat bikes. A lot of women are simply forced to settle for male versions of certain items, some of which are conveniently labelled as “one size fits all”.

The disparities between Hellga and other fat bikes are not huge but are noticeable. Women cyclists will welcome the features that Hellga offers such as a very low step-over height, a women-specific seat, narrow handlebars, slim grips, and a generally more condensed steering setup than the standard fat bikes.

Specialized’s Hellga comes in three models. The basic version of the bike comprises an aluminium fork, mechanical disc brakes, and a basic gear set, and retails for approximately £1,147. Hellga Comp provides a carbon fork, superior drivetrain, and powerful hydraulic disc brakes at a higher price of £1,600.

The Hellga Expert features more high-end components like Shimano XT hydraulic brakes, which take it beyond the intended budget.

Specialized does not officially reveal the weight of the Hellga medium model, however, one appraisal indicated its weight was 34 lbs. The addition of a carbon fork and improved drivetrain should result in a drastically decreased weight of the Hellga Comp.

Women have very few choices if they are looking for an inexpensive fatty bike that costs £1,600 or less. One way to increase comfort while riding a bicycle is to find a unisex bike that has a low distance from the top tube to the ground. Additionally, it is a good idea to install a seat made specifically for women, as well as a shorter stem and handlebar.

The other is to buy a Hellga Comp. The Hellga Comp is the only fat tyre bicycle created exclusively for female riders.

The Hellga Comp being the sole selection does not indicate it is a poor decision. The Hellga Comp from Specialized is nothing short of impressive with its clever engineering and superior parts.

Women riders who have used the bicycle seem to be very pleased with how it runs. Many say it performs well in multiple environments and is especially suited for wintertime riding on snowy or icy roads.

This bike is said to be agile for its size of a fat bike. The reviewers indicated that the features specially designed for women actually made a positive impact and were not just superficial. If you want to find a bike specifically catered to women within the given price range, the Hellga Comp or the basic model of Hellga should serve your needs.

8. Squall NX

Children really enjoy fat bikes: every young person would adore owning a two-wheeled off-road vehicle of their own. If you’re doing well, people want to imitate you; if you’re not doing well, they may make you regret it!

If you do not know much about fat bikes, then 9:Zero:7 bicycles may not ring a bell for you. It is known that the Alaska-based company is well-esteemed for manufacturing some of the top-notch snow bikes and fat bikes for sale.

If you need a top-of-the-line fat bike constructed with 24″ wheels, perfect for 4 to 5 feet tall 8 to 12-year-olds, the 9:Zero:7 Squall NX is a very good option.

Many businesses presume that guardians are hesitant to use resources allotted for an adult bike to purchase a bike for a youngster who will ultimately grow too large for it.

They refute the assumption by manufacturing bicycles with inexpensive parts and aiming to provide them at an affordable cost. Nine-Seven-Zero throws away the thought that the Squall NX has just basic elements and instead furnishes it with components which any grown-up bike maker would be happy to showcase.

This 1×11 SRAM NX drivetrain will give your junior cyclist the chance to experience shifting like an adult. The Avid BB7 brakes are not hydraulic discs, but they are amongst the most efficient mechanical disc brakes available. They are very smooth and provide consistent braking, allowing you to stop with ease.

The carbon fork keeps the weight down. In general, it is an arrangement that is ready to go in any group.

The Squall NX is not only impressive due to its high-quality components. Designers based in Alaska from 9:Zero:7 have a firm grasp on the purpose of fat bikes and have constructed these bicycles with riding in mind.

The Squall NX is designed to provide optimal traction and reliable performance on any terrain that a young snowboarder may encounter. This bicycle is not a low-cost purchase at $1699; however, if you are after a feature-packed scaled-down fat bike, nothing else can compare.

Things to consider when buying a fat bike 

It is wise to assess what you need before searching for a fat bike, just as you would when looking for any mountain bike. Are you planning to go snow and/or sand skiing, take it easy on cross-country tracks, tackle challenging technical paths, use roads for your biking journey, or maybe mix them all?

How much climbing do you expect to do? Once you’ve pinpointed your method of riding, you’ll be ready to pick out the bike that matches it best.

You can be confident that you’ll find an appropriate fat bike at an acceptable cost from the choices presented above.

Purchasing a fat bike is a very similar process to purchasing any other type of mountain bicycle. There is a great selection of models that can be purchased at various price points, from budget-friendly to expensive. Which one is right for you?

Figuring out what you wish to do with your bicycle and what kind of bicycle and components you genuinely require must be evaluated realistically. If it’s your first time buying a fat bike, or you’re on your fifth bike, check out this guide for all the things you should think about before you buy one and then go out and ride!

Know where you’ll ride

We tend to primarily ride around the vicinity of our homes. The kind of biking we do is largely determined by the trails and riding areas that are easy to get to.

If you haven’t had much experience on a bike, investigate the routes available locally, and chat with cyclers who are familiar with the area to determine the type of bike that fits your riding style best.

Know your riding style

Fat bikes were created with the original purpose of traversing terrain consisting of very loose surfaces such as sand and snow. If you intend to ride in this style, you should choose tyres that are as wide as possible, with a measurement of nearly 5 inches. A growing number of fat tyre cyclists are similarly employing their cycles to conventional mountain bikes, negotiating the same tracks and trails as other riders.

If you want to go mountain biking on challenging terrain, you should buy bikes equipped with strong parts from reliable producers, and possibly those with front shocks.

It may not matter as much if your focus is mostly on cruising around town and occasionally exploring the trails. If you are an avid climber, it is recommended to investigate having broad equipment ratios and dependable drivetrains that can resist strain.

Decide what you need

Riding a bike is a sport which requires a lot of different hardware and it’s easy to be tempted by flashy equipment and the various choices that companies promote.

It’s enjoyable to have top-notch equipment, but it can cost a lot of money in a short amount of time; thus, inexperienced cyclists usually don’t require them.

It’s possible to purchase mid-range and even beginner models from respected brands that will serve all of your needs and are built to last. Don’t fret if you can’t or don’t want to invest in the most modern and greatest.

Utilize the bike you own instead of comparing it to others, and concentrate on developing your power, stamina, and abilities. Those stay with you no matter what you ride!


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