Triathletes Aiming For Bullseye: Creating Precision To Workout And Training

It can be helpful to add precision to your workouts to avoid a training plateau. You may be in good shape, training regularly, and feeling good in your workouts, but you could still benefit from being faster or going longer.

You now have three options:

1. You can train for longer periods, but this may not be possible depending on your schedule.

2. You can try to avoid overuse injuries by listening to your body and resting when you need to.

3. You can train smarter by focusing on quality over quantity.

Improve the accuracy of your training for better results without spending extra time working out or making big changes to your goals.

1. Check your form

2. Get strong

3. Train smarter

4. Go faster

5. Train with precision

6. Get a coach

7. Use technology

The following are seven ways you can increase the precision of your training for a triathlon, running, or other endeavours.

1. Examine your form to ensure proper technique.

2. Strength training to improve power and endurance.

3. Use smarter training methods such as interval training.

4. Run at faster speeds to improve time.

5. Be precise with your training by targeting specific areas to improve.

6. Hire a coach to help you perfect your technique and form.

7. Use technology such as GPS watches to track your progress.

1. Have a plan

When it comes to training, it is critical to have a plan. A training plan can be a game-changer, progress workouts, and give you a way to measure if you are ahead or behind schedule.

It can be helpful to have a training plan that allows you to see if you are staying on schedule with your training intensity. This is especially true for triathletes, who need to balance their training time between three different sports. It is also important to take the weather and other life factors into account when creating a training plan.

Strict daily plans can sometimes seem excessive to us. For example, if it’s raining heavily on the day when we’re supposed to go for a 25-mile bike ride, or if our child is sick on the day when we’re supposed to do an intense workout. It’s important to be flexible.

2. Measure power

If you’re looking to be more precise with your training, a power meter is a device that can tell you your actual wattage output, allowing you to train at the optimum level.

Trainers that are considered “smart” often provide information about the power output being generated. If you’ve never measured your wattage on a bike, it can be surprising. Power is objective.

Measuring power can help you understand how much power you can sustain for a long period, which can help you improve your fitness level. Without this metric, it can be difficult to know how hard you are working out, as many external factors can influence this.

3.  Use a watch or device

person wearing black and green nike air max

You need to know the basics of your pace, distance, and time when you are training so that you can do it with precision. This is why it is critical to use a wearable device of some sort, like a multisport watch, running watch, or phone-based app.

Wearables today are very sophisticated and can provide detailed data to apps and other users, even when you are exercising alone. The three most important pieces of data are pace, distance, and time. If you can accurately track these, you will be able to measure your progress and improve your workouts.

4. Incorporate interval training

Interval training varies the intensity of your workout segments. A Fartlek is an unscientific and entry-level version of the interval workout.

If you want to develop legs like a sprinter, you should run hard for a few minutes, then jog or walk for a few minutes, and repeat. Doing this regularly will help you develop stronger, sprinter-style legs with more pronounced muscles.

More precise interval training involves having someone who can tell you when to press hard and when to back off to improve your conditioning.

Track running can be a good way to do interval training because of the clear distance markings. You can also use a stationary bike indoors for interval training, and many indoor cycling videos use interval training as the basis for their workouts. If you don’t have a multisport watch, you can add a speed sensor to your bike to get more accurate speed and cadence readings.

5. Measure your heart rate

9 Best Heart Rate Monitors of 2022

You can improve your performance during workouts by measuring your heart rate and using that information. This is because, like measuring power output or pace, being able to accurately measure your heart rate helps you make the most of difficult runs and stick to a plan during easier runs.

To create more precise training zones, you first need to calculate your maximum heart rate. You can then use those zones to determine how intense your training runs, rides or swims should be. You become more precise in your training by knowing when to push yourself hard and when to back off.

6. Remember periodization

Periodization is a concept that helps you optimize your performance by knowing when you need to peak during a year or season. It involves creating a training plan and knowing when your big event will be.

Periodization is the idea of training in phases, both in the long term and short term. Dividing training into seasons or blocks of days where you either push harder or recover allows you to be faster and less injured.

7. Keep a log or journal

A workout journal or log can help any athlete improve their performance by allowing them to track their progress and evaluate their workouts.

A workout journal that just records what you did on a particular day isn’t enough. You should also track how you’re feeling, any injuries, and even dietary notes. This information might seem mundane, but when you look back at many weeks of data, patterns will emerge.

To create a precision program with Technogym App, you will need to first create an account and log in. Once you are logged in, you will need to select the ‘Precision’ tab and then select the ‘Create Program’ option. From here, you will be able to select the exercises you want to include in your program and set the number of repetitions and sets for each exercise.

After downloading and registering for the Technogym App, you can create your Precision Program whenever you’d like.

When you first log in to the Technogym App, you’re given the option to create a Precision Program. If you don’t do it then, you can always go back and create one later by going to the Coach section of the app and selecting the “Create your Precision Program” tab.

In both cases, you would follow the same process to create your Precision Program. This involves answering a few questions so that Technogym Coach can assign you a personalized training program that is tailored to your unique needs.

For example, among the different types of questions, you will be asked to answer “What makes you move?”, with the option of specifying:

Fitness: Getting in shape and feeling better;

Sport: Upping my game in my favourite sport;

I am working out a program that is tailored to my medical condition.

Furthermore, during the assessment process, you will also be able to define other key aspects which will fully enhance your training experience, including:

Your experience level;

The duration option of the workout;

The type of equipment you want to use in your workout routine.

The following text provides a more detailed overview of the different Precision Programs available on the Technogym App. This will help you choose how to make your training experience more personalized, perfectly meeting your unique needs.

Your fitness programs

Programs like these are perfect if you’re looking to get in better shape, lose some weight, tone your body, build some muscle, and stay looking young.

To be assigned a tailored Fitness Program among the ones available, you will be asked to answer more detailed questions during the assessment phase.

What is your goal

Within this specific section, you can go even further in selecting your main fitness goals:  

Start moving: get active and feel healthier;

Stay young: Rejuvenate your body and feel better;

Tone your body: Get lean and improve definition;

Lose weight: Burn calories and increase metabolism;

More strength: Build muscle and boost strength.

Training experience

Beginner (I’m starting to train now);

I’ve been working out for about three months now and have picked up a few things along the way.

Working out regularly on advanced exercises is my thing.

Training preference


You can work out at home, at the gym or even outdoors This workout video is led by a trainer to help motivate and guide you through every step. You can do this workout at home, the gym, or even outdoors.


There is a list of exercises to follow at your own pace, with short demo videos and an optional audio guide.

Tools and equipment for your fitness program

Your Technogym Coach will ask you to specify the equipment or tools you have available to you during the assessment so that they can be included in your Precision Program.

You can change the equipment available to you for your fitness program at any time by going to your Personal profile icon > Your equipment.

Additionally, if you don’t have a certain piece of equipment available to you one day, you can change the workout to accommodate the equipment you do have.

Select your “Daily Workout” in the main interface of the Coach section and press the white pen icon next to “Start Workout.”

Sport Programs

These programs are designed to help you improve your tennis, golf, running, or skiing performance.

A few questions will be asked to determine the perfect Sports Program tailored to your unique needs.

What is your goal

For this specific section, you can choose as the main goal the sport you would like to improve your skills in:

Golf: Mastering my swing and game;

Running: Learning to run like a pro;

Tennis: Ruling the court on match day;

Skiing: Conquering the slopes with speed and control;

Cycling: Improving performance when cycling and excelling when racing.

Training experience

Beginner (I’m starting to train now);

I’ve been training for about three months and I know a thing or two.

I’m constantly striving to better myself through exercise and learning new things. I love pushing my boundaries and seeing what I’m capable of.

Health and lifestyle programs

If you want to improve your health with physical activity but have health conditions that make working out difficult, these programs are for you. These workouts are designed specifically for people with conditions like diabetes, hypertension, overweight, and back pain.

Technogym Coach will also guide you through more specific questions in this case.

What is your medical condition?

In  this phase of the assessment, you can choose among four specific health needs:

Diabetes: Do regular exercise for your glucose management routine?

Just 30 minutes of moderate activity on most days of the week can help You should do some form of physical activity for at least 30 minutes most days of the week to help manage your blood pressure.

Lower back pain: Strengthen the back and increase flexibility;

Overweight: Get more active to burn fat.

An extensive disclaimer will show up to guarantee a safe training experience once you have selected one of these programs.

The point of the program is not to give you a diagnosis or medical advice but to give you information that you are responsible for. The program is not responsible for any errors in the data you provide.

Finally, the study outlines which groups of people, based on their health, are not recommended to follow the proposed program.


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