Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12-Speed EPS Groupset Review

Comparing Prices

The most common factor someone takes into account when purchasing something is the cost of the item. Price is the major consideration when selecting most items we purchase. The same goes for Groupsets.

This is the moment in the shopping cycle when you compare various options and set a spending limit. Investigate how much you would probably have to spend on the type of quality you are searching for.

Compare your financial capabilities to your own circumstances and determine what you can financially afford. This will be very useful in selecting the correct product for you.

Price of Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12 Speed Road Groupset

We are going to examine the cost of Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12 Speed Road Groupset as the first factor.

We frequently search the internet for the cheapest cost for the items we evaluate, from multiple cycling stores.

We discovered the lowest cost for Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12 Speed Road Groupset to be £2979.99 from Chain Reaction Cycles during our most recent search.

This product has been given a nearly perfect rating for its price of 9.9 out of 10.

Average Price of Groupsets

We then proceeded to investigate the average cost of Groupsets.

We discovered sixty-six items in the Groupsets section at Chain Reaction Cycles. We examined the typical cost of the goods within this classification and discovered the mean to be £880.00, indicating it is more expensive than the normal price of £2979.99.

Examining the extent to which the costs differ can be advantageous. When making a budget for yourself, or attempting to comprehend the amount of money you could allocate for Groupsets, it is particularly important. The most costly item that could be bought was £2999.99, while the cheapest was a mere £9.99.

We determined that one product was more expensive than the Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12 Speed Road Groupset, and 64 of the 66 products were less expensive.

Cost of Campagnolo Products

At Chain Reaction Cycles, we discovered that Campagnolo had 220 items, with 11 of them being classed as Groupsets.

We are presently analysing Campagnolo products that are available in all kinds of categories. The cost of these items was £365.00, which was higher than the average.

It is noteworthy that the most inexpensive Campagnolo item we located was £0.99, while the most expensive was £2999.99.

Out of the entire range of 220 Campagnolo products, only one is more pricey than the Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12 Speed Road Group set, while the rest cost less.

Campagnolo Group sets Price

We then wanted to narrow our focus to Campagnolo group sets.

The cost of the 11 items that matched this inquiry averaged to be £1530.00, ranging from £9.99 to the most expensive option being £2999.99. The Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12 Speed Road Groupset exceeds the average price of £1530.00.

10 products came up from the search, one of which was Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12 Speed Road Groupset. Of those 10, nine of them were cheaper and one of them was more expensive.


Undoubtedly, quality is an immensely significant aspect that we take into account when making purchases of bikes, components, extras or apparel. As you’d imagine it’s especially important when buying Groupsets.

Let’s look into the features that can be identified when assessing the excellence of Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12 Speed Road Groupset.

The first thing is material. Examining the components of the Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12 Speed Road Groupset will give you an excellent understanding of the quality of the product.

Examine the specifications listed above and it should be evident what the material is. You must then decide whether it is satisfactory.

Additionally, it would be beneficial to invest some time examining the features as well. Referring to the table above will provide you with a thorough synopsis. One should consider the attributes that would be desired when purchasing fresh Groupsets.

Make a list of the essential features before you make a purchase, so you don’t end up with either a product that is too low-spec or with one that is higher-spec than you need.

It is beneficial to look into the name of the product and to see the different companies that offer Groupsets. Campagnolo is highly esteemed in the world of cycling; thus, its product is guaranteed to be of excellent quality.

If you are in a quandary about what product to purchase, try to make a list of companies whose goods you would be content to obtain. It is a fantastic technique for narrowing the number of items when you look for something.

Use the cost as a benchmark to help determine the quality that can be expected. If you pick the most economical Groupsets product available, it may not be as superior as the priciest selection.

It sounds obvious of course. You can utilize your knowledge of features, features, components, and other elements to create an impressive product while still maintaining a cost-effective price.

We often create a checklist of necessary characteristics and implement these standards when we are browsing the internet to make sure that what we are observing only matches our expectations. You can arrange by Price>Low to find the most favourable prices.

Super Record EPS 12 Ergopower Controls

The SR EPS 12 Ergopower shift/brake levers feature the same ergonomic design as the Movement 12 mechanical controls. This implies that the levers for rim and disc brakes are relocated to a higher spot on the brake pivot for improved access and increased force.

The hydraulic disc levers come with a dial reach adjust and two-position adjustable hydraulic brake leverage/modulation, which is all 8mm higher than the rim brake hoods.

The rim brakes have three lever positions, one that opens the lever when you take off your wheel from the brake calliper, plus a separate setting that brings the lever closer for easier access.

Both models with rim brakes and disc brakes have a larger thumb downshift trigger for easier gear changes without having to move one’s hands on the handlebar, in addition to the improved variable cushion rubber brake hoods, and the renewed S-curve contoured brake blade lever for improved accessibility when in different hand positions.

The EPS functionality remains mostly the same, but it has been modified to accommodate the new shape, allowing you to run through all 11 gears with one powerful lever push if needed. This is known as a continual multi-shift.

You have the option to tailor shift operations to your preferences with the MyCampy application on mobile devices. You can apparently also change how the lever buttons (including the mode buttons) work and make them do different tasks.

Although not many people will take advantage of it, it is possible to set the three buttons of one lever to do ALL shift operations, which would certainly be useful for cyclists facing mobility challenges.

There is a secret component inside the principal EPS conversion buttons using a particular button that Campagnolo calls ‘multi-dome tech’. This stack contains four slim metal domes set atop ten minor bend plates to guarantee a suitable tangible click.

You experience a feeling of clicking when you press down your finger and engage the internal switch, which is a lot like a standard mechanical shifting system.

Within the SR EPS 12 disc brake control units, Campagnolo has kept a consistent internal structure (a linked master cylinder that functions the same across the right and left and is the same component that the H11, Record and Super Record systems – mechanical and EPS – also use.)

The master cylinder is positioned upright, making it simple to bleed and since its launch, has been offering what we believe is one of the best road disc brake performances on the market.

Super Record EPS 12 v4 Electronic Interface

This latest 12-velocity EPS features a cutting-edge v4 electronic interface. The control unit is largely unchanged in terms of size, and aerodynamic proportions, and would typically be located beneath one’s stem.

A fresh alternative is soon to be made available (although no one has seen it in person yet) of a handlebar-end-based control unit, similar to Shimano’s, that is also compatible with the latest frame-mounted (usually on the lower tube) plates.

It looks like the EPS v4 controller is not able to work with 11-speed EPS, however, it still makes use of ANT+ and BLE communication protocols making it easily configured, tweaked (or updated the group’s firmware) with no need for a wire through a mobile device.

EPS Super Record has been updated with a new v4 Power Unit. The new internal battery is constructed in a thinner shape, slightly extended, and provides 10% more power than before.

The majority of people will put the product inside a seat-post, but the recently improved design is said to make adding it to the downtube simpler than in the past.

Super Record EPS 12 Derailleurs

The new Super Record EPS 12 rear derailleur brings the totally renovated 12-speed derailleur shape of the Movement 12 clusters and fits the erect EPS actuator cylinder in it.

Campy’s new product, Embrace, is a long chain wrap system utilizing offset cage pivots, as well as new derailleur geometry. It allows the pulleys to better line up with the broader range of cassettes, to guarantee dependable chain wrap.

A single cage can fit cassettes of either a wide or narrow spacing and it offers either 11-29 or 11-32 range sizes.

The newly designed SR EPS 12 derailleur utilizes bigger 12t chamfered pulleys (the same size as M12), allowing for smoother operation. Moreover, it features a modular hanger, capable of being configured for both standard and direct mount hangers.

The new SR EPS front derailleur includes the most powerful motor available on the market from the 11-speed technology, in addition to the new slim cage design from the 12-speed system, providing perfect chain movement when cross-chaining.

The EPS front mech still keeps in contact with the derailleurs to ensure precise alignment at all times.

Campagnolo EPS always features a section of wiring that is secured to every derailleur. This means the setup is 100% waterproof and runs perfectly even in the toughest weather.

Campy 12-speed Carry Overs

The same narrow range of gear sprockets that was brought out last year is shared by the Super Record EPS 12 ensemble.

The cassette comes in two models (11-29 & 11-32), with the same difference of one tooth between the cogs 11-17. It is produced with steel, with the three largest cogs machine-cut from a single piece.

The cassette is essentially still as strong and reliable as it was before since Campagnolo has not identified a way to create something lighter that offers the same performance and longevity (up to this point).

The Super Record 12 cranks, which include stiffening ribs, are a feature that was inherited from Movement 12. These are all-carbon components that come straight out of the mould, with no further polishing or post-finishing, due to the UV-protective resin used.

It provides Campagnolo’s narrow 145.5 Q-factor, a titanium axle with Ultra-Torque technology, and CULT ceramic bearings. Chainrings have four arms, with various bore distances (112 & 145mm) designed for inner or outer rings. Common road, semi-compact and compact gearing combinations are available, with lengths of either 165, 170, 172.5 or 175mm.

It is interesting to note that for each chainring gear setup, different numbers and specific locations for shifting points are created to ensure that gear changes occur at the same point in the rotation of the pedals in each of the configurations.

The Super Record Skeleton rim brakes are the same as before but now will sport the Super Record-specific logos on their single and direct mount versions.

Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12 Speed Road Groupset Reviews

Checking out reviews is a fantastic way of getting a clear idea about an item without having the occasion to test it or view it initially. We suggest that you read both the two types of reviews available.

1. In the cycle industry, there are numerous trustworthy sources for reviews from experts. An illustration – of acquiring a cycle is your intention, BikeRadar Bike Reviews are very helpful.

2. Customer feedback – likely your most reliable source of information. No money or power is being used, only sincere feedback from individuals who bought and utilized the item.

We have an affinity for customer reviews because they are usually unpolluted by bias and give us a truthful interpretation; regardless of whether it is favourable or critical.

We recommend that you go to Chain Reaction Cycles and look at the evaluations for the Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12 Speed Road Groupset.

It appears from reviews of Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12 Speed Road Groupset that it is a worthwhile investment.

We have given it a rating of 9.7 out of 10 in our review. The ordinary grading given to all products in the Groupsets section at Chain Reaction Cycles is 4.2 stars out of 5.


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