The All-Time Best Supplements For Runners, According To Science

When thinking methodically, how can you determine which sports supplements are suitable for you, considering their varying levels of safety and effectiveness? Runners have traditionally depended on supplements to enhance their mental or physical performance and aid in post-workout recovery. Nevertheless, it is important to note that not all supplements are equally reliable or beneficial.

Performance Supplements for Runners

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the text, maintaining the same meaning: – Typically, performance-enhancing supplements are consumed before running and can aid in enhancing speed, strength, and endurance. – Included below are the foremost supplements favoured by runners, specifying their appropriateness and recommended consumption methods.

The given instructions are straightforward: rephrase the text while preserving the same meaning and not adding or removing any information. Thus, here’s the requested rephrased version: Caffeine

Research indicates that caffeine is a widely favoured supplement among athletes of all running disciplines, encompassing both sprinters and marathoners. It has been found to enhance running performance, speed, power, and endurance.

When combined with carbohydrates, pre-run caffeine supplementation has been demonstrated to enhance endurance by 7-9%, boost leg power by as much as 7%, and reduce the time of a 1500 m run by 4.2 seconds. Moreover, distance runners may further prolong these advantages by consuming extra caffeine during a lengthy run.

You can get a boost by sipping on a cup of coffee or caffeinated tea beforehand. Alternatively, it is also possible to obtain it through supplements such as electrolyte drinks, energy bars, and gels.

Experts suggest taking 3-6 mg/kg of body weight of caffeine up to an hour before exercising for better performance during a race. This is equivalent to roughly 200-400 mg for a person weighing 150 pounds. Additionally, limiting caffeine consumption to 50 mg per day or completely avoiding it in the seven days leading up to the race can further enhance the benefits of caffeine on race day.

Experts suggest that due to the significant variation in caffeine tolerance among individuals and the potential for high levels of caffeine to act as a diuretic and cause gastrointestinal discomfort, it is advisable to conduct trials with caffeine during training and restrict the amount of caffeine consumed per day to 400 mg or less.

Beetroot, which contains nitrates, can be thought about in a step-by-step manner.

Beetroot, which is filled with nitrates that elevate nitric oxide levels in the body, can enhance aerobic exercise performance by boosting the circulation of blood to the muscles in use and ensuring sufficient uptake of oxygen by the muscle tissues.

It appears that nitrate supplementation is most effective for enhancing performance in exercises that last between 5 to 30 minutes. Therefore, it is highly probable that short- to mid-distance runners will gain the greatest advantage. However, there is some evidence indicating that longer-distance runners may also experience these benefits.

You can enhance your nitrate consumption by including roasted beets in a salad or blending them into a smoothie. However, beetroot supplements, such as concentrated powders and juice shots, are neater and more effective.

Beetroot is commonly dosed based on its nitrate content. An average runner’s dose consists of 300-600 mg nitrate/day (equivalent to 0.1 mmol/kg/day), to be consumed 2-3 hours before exercising.

If you decide to try beetroot, be aware that eating beets or drinking beetroot juice can result in red urine and stool. Although this might be concerning, it is not dangerous.

The text “Sodium Phosphate” cannot be rephrased step by step without additional context or information.

Sprinters and distance runners benefit from using sodium phosphate as a popular supplement.

The text suggests that taking creatine can enhance oxygen transport and counteract the impact of lactic acid buildup. This improvement may lead to increased aerobic and anaerobic capacity, power output, and cardiovascular response. Research indicates that endurance athletes, like mid-to-long-distance runners, may benefit from taking 4 g of creatine daily for three consecutive days, as it improves the oxygen energy system.

At this time, the full understanding of the impact of gender on the ergogenic benefits of sodium phosphate is unclear, although male athletes may derive more advantages from it than females.

Capsules are the common form in which sodium phosphate supplements for sports performance are typically sold.

Athletes are advised to take a daily sodium phosphate dosage of 3-5 g, dividing it into four smaller doses over 3-6 days.

Beta-alanine is a compound used to improve athletic performance.

Beta-alanine appears to have the ability to decrease the accumulation of lactic acid in muscles due to intense physical activities such as sprinting, resulting in improved performance and reduced fatigue.

Beta-alanine, by decreasing lactic acid accumulation, has the potential to enhance specific performance elements, including anaerobic threshold, time until exhaustion, and muscle fatigue. This is particularly beneficial for sprinters engaged in high-speed short-distance running and older athletes.

Beta-alanine supplements can be obtained either as a powder or in the form of capsules. To enhance sports performance, it is advised by experts to consume 4-6 g/day of the supplement, divided into doses of 2 g or less, for a maximum duration of 8 weeks. Noteworthy improvements are typically observed after four weeks of consistent use.

It is important to mention that if you take beta-alanine as a supplement, it may cause a tingling sensation in your fingers and toes, also known as paresthesia. This sensation usually occurs in the upper part of your body and lasts for about 60-90 minutes. Despite being uncomfortable, it is not a dangerous reaction and can be prevented by either using sustained-release beta-alanine supplements or splitting the doses throughout the day.

Sodium Bicarbonate is to be rephrased thinking step by step while keeping the same meaning and without adding or removing any information.

Sodium bicarbonate, commonly known as baking soda, is frequently utilized in baking and household cleaning, and it may have the potential to enhance the performance of short-distance runners experiencing muscle burn due to lactic acid accumulation.

When taken as a supplement, baking soda can effectively neutralize the accumulation of lactic acid in muscles during high-intensity exercise, a technique commonly referred to as bicarbonate loading.

You can use store-bought baking soda, or you can also find sodium bicarbonate supplements in capsule form.

To enhance performance, it is recommended to consume sodium bicarbonate in a single dose of 0.3 g/kg of body weight, taken 60-90 minutes before exercising.

Until you are aware of how your body will react, it is advisable to cautiously approach supplementing sodium bicarbonate due to the potential for gastrointestinal discomfort when it is consumed excessively and rapidly.

Sodium bicarbonate, having a high sodium content of 1,259 mg per teaspoon, can lead to temporary fluid retention and pose a risk for high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke. The safety of long-term supplementation with sodium bicarbonate is uncertain, therefore it is recommended to use it intermittently.

The extraction of juice from tart cherries.

Tart cherries, distinct from the beloved sweet cherries, contain abundant antioxidants and anti-inflammatory polyphenolic compounds. Increasing evidence indicates that the extract of tart cherry juice can enhance performance, diminish pain, soreness, and inflammation, and expedite strength recuperation following both strength and endurance exercises.

Tart cherry supplements are available in different forms, such as juice, capsules, and concentrate. The recommended dosage differs depending on the form, but typically, studies have utilized 8-12 oz (or 1 oz for concentrate) twice daily for 4-5 days before an event, followed by 2-3 days for recovery.

If you wish to try tart cherry juice, find a product that does not contain any additional substances and consume 8-12 oz within an hour before or after exercising.

Best Sports Nutrition Brands to Support Your Workouts

When considering how to support your workouts with the best sports nutrition brands, regardless of your fitness regime, it can be challenging to navigate the numerous options.

By following this list, your confidence will increase in determining who to trust, where to invest in products, and which options are best suited for you.

  1. NGX – Nutri Genetix

Hugo and Jeremy, the co-founders of Nutri Genetix, started the company to develop products that provide precise nutrition tailored to your DNA. It is one of the few sports nutrition brands in the UK that utilizes genetics to help you achieve your goals.

Due to the differing bodies and objectives of individuals, everyone’s workout routine differs accordingly. Therefore, NGX, despite their exclusive focus on drink powders, stands out as one of the leading brands for customized products.

Our metabolism, processing, utilization, and storage of nutrients are influenced by our genes. Despite adhering to a well-rounded diet, our genetic makeup might lead to difficulties in absorbing specific components from the food we consume.

By following a sequential thought process, one can conclude that these consequences can occur, ultimately resulting in reduced physical and mental capabilities. Therefore, it would be advisable to consider undertaking NGX’s DNA Nutrition Test beforehand.

NGX’s exceptional approach positions it as one of the top brands for shakes and drinks in the UK within the sports nutrition industry.

  1. Huel

In 2015, Julian Hearn initiated Huel to produce food that is nutritionally complete, convenient, affordable and has minimal impact on animals and the environment.

With a long shelf life, less packaging, and a lower carbon footprint, they are considered one of the leading nutrition companies that prioritize health and sustainability.

Also beneficial for vegans, as all the products contain no animal ingredients or palm oil. Additionally, many of their items are allergen-free, omitting common ingredients such as nuts and soy found in typical protein bars.

Their meals consist of 26 essential vitamins, minerals, protein, essential fats, carbs, and phytonutrients.

Their top products consist of powders, naturally gluten-free beverages, as well as low-calorie, affordable high-protein snacks that provide more essential amino acids per gram than whey protein.

Are you having difficulty selecting just one? Huel offers a variety of products that can also be purchased together as bundles.

  1. Nourished

Melissa Snover, the founder and CEO of Nourished, initially engaged in purchasing vitamins enthusiastically for herself. However, she quickly grew tired of consuming numerous pills from various nutrition companies.

After thinking through each step, she concluded that there had to be an improved method to obtain the highest quality supplements. And from that point onwards, Nourished came into existence!

These high-impact vitamins, which are stacked, are both vegan and sugar-free. Moreover, their packaging is free of plastic. Additionally, they are 3-D printed to ensure the best design and nutritional value. It’s quite impressive, isn’t it?

Both adults and kids have access to a range of packs that cater to their specific needs. This top sports nutrition brand specializes in providing customized vitamins for various types of workouts.

The Inner Strength Stack enhances endurance and stamina, increases energy levels, aids recovery, and promotes good muscle and bone health.

Their Shape Up Stack is designed for individuals who want to lose weight. This stack helps inhibit carbohydrate absorption, promotes digestive health, and enhances metabolism naturally.

If you are unable to make a decision, there is no need to worry. Nourished specializes in catering to individuals like you. On their website, you have the option to take a quiz and create a personalized stack that aligns with your lifestyle, goals, and specific activities.

  1. Grenade

The primary aim of Grenade was to develop weight-loss products to establish itself as a top-tier sports nutrition brand.

They have expanded to include a wide range of individuals, such as athletes, the military, and ordinary individuals who integrate their workouts into their busy work, family, and schedule, meaning there is an option suitable for people of all proficiency levels.

You might already be acquainted with Grenade’s power bars, which are rich in protein and contain minimal sugar, including their popular “Carb Killa” variety.

This bar, available in more than 10 flavours, is specifically crafted to provide a sense of indulgence without compromising its health benefits. It is suitable for consumption at any time of the day, but particularly ideal for enhancing post-workout recovery.

In addition to power bars, Grenade provides other options for shopping on its website based on product type or goal. Are you looking for a convenient and healthy snack to take with you? Perhaps you want to enhance your energy levels. Alternatively, you may require supplements and powders for recovery or weight loss purposes.

They have everything covered, from BCAAs to glutamine.

  1. Maximuscle

Cyclone Protein Powder 3 x 1.26kg Tubs Strength Bundle

Maximuscle is a workout supplement brand that shares a dedication to diversity in its range of products, with a particular emphasis on protein. By using their “goal selector,” you can provide answers to basic questions to receive tailored recommendations for the ideal products that suit your needs.

There are various sets of products available for individuals who have different fitness goals, such as weight loss, muscle building, body toning, or strength enhancement.

With a solid link to the highest levels of sport and fitness, Maximuscle proudly presents a roster of ambassadors that includes personal trainers and professional athletes.

If you are an athlete and you are unsure about which nutrition brand and product is the most suitable for you, consider checking out the favoured choices of the brand ambassadors.

You don’t have to be a professional to take full advantage of these products, even though they are highly favoured by athletes.

If you are seeking to improve yourself, adopt a healthier lifestyle, or enhance your overall fitness, there is a suitable protein powder or protein-rich snack bar available for you.

  1. Sunwarrior

Although Sunwarrior is not a UK-based sports nutrition brand, it can be easily found in health shops such as Holland & Barrett, as well as independent shops in your local area.

Sunwarrior actually originated in one of these health food shops themselves, as the two friends who established the company aimed to avoid protein powders that contain synthetic, unbeneficial, or potentially harmful ingredients.

Due to their aspiration to use high-quality plant-based, organic components, they stand out as one of the leading brands for vegan workout supplements. Furthermore, they give utmost importance to sustainability by utilizing packaging that is both recyclable and made from recycled materials.

They specialize in powders rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients which are often absent in other protein powders, based on the belief that plants offer the purest and most potent nutrition.

  1. Lyma


Lyma’s founder, Lucy Goff, created one of the leading UK-based nutrition brands after realizing the lack of benefits delivered by many supplements and nutrition products following her experience with septicaemia.

Lyma’s vitamin pill, with its commitment to rigorous scientific testing, offers a comprehensive solution for inflammation prevention. Addressing the underlying cause of numerous diseases and the ageing process, this product is essential for individuals participating in sports and exercise routines.

Containing a total of nine potent ingredients, this supplement aims to enhance your immune system, boost exercise performance, improve sleep hygiene, enhance beauty, and prevent anxiety.

The powerful ingredients in question include vitamin D3, beta-glucans, extract from ashwagandha root, citicoline, extract from turmeric, lycopene, vitamin K2, keratin, and extract from saffron.

Lima’s formulas, which are patented versions, are designed to specifically target the mentioned benefits. Some of these formulas may be familiar to you, while others might be unfamiliar.

This product is not the cheapest because it is considered very high-end. Nevertheless, if you are seeking the best sports nutrition supplement, it might be worth paying the additional monthly cost.

  1. Udo’s Choice

The question of which is the best nutrition company in the world may seem unanswerable. However, Udo Erasmus, the founder of Udo’s Choice, began with the mission to offer the world’s finest and most efficacious health support.

Is it correct to say that we have made a pretty good start?

Udo, a nutrition expert, specializes in healthy fats. The assortment of products by Udo’s Choice addresses overlooked aspects of our diets, including greens, macrobiotics, digestive enzymes, and essential fatty acids known as “good” fats.

Omega oils have been proven to benefit the nervous and cardiovascular systems, making them advantageous for exercise, particularly strength training. Additionally, their anti-inflammatory properties aid in combating muscle damage.

Some studies have shown that when taken before bicep curls, these supplements can result in increased repetitions, improved range of motion, and reduced levels of a specific inflammatory marker.

Udo’s Choice has vegan products that are popular among customers, such as the “Beyond Greens” powder and the “Ultimate Oil Blend” available in both oil and capsule form.

Udo’s Choice is considered one of the top supplement companies that offer support specifically for exercise.

  1. Optimum Nutrition

Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Protein Powders

Optimum Nutrition is one of the leading sports nutrition brands in the UK, specifically catering to performance athletes to enhance every aspect of their workout.

They are based in Middlesbrough and offer global shipping services for a wide range of products including powders, protein shakes, creatine, and protein bars.

Optimum Nutrition prides itself on being the favoured provider of performance nutrition to prominent sporting organizations like England Rugby, The English Institute of Sport, and the England and Wales Cricket Board.

If you want to verify this information, you can check out this brand’s website where they have a roster of reputable athlete ambassadors, just like Maximuscle.

Optimum Nutrition, similar to the other brands mentioned, provides the option to shop based on goal or product. They also provide goal-specific bundles, which contributes to their reputation as one of the leading sports performance nutrition brands.

One factor that sets them apart is their assortment of Essential Amino Energy products. Amino acids are widely recognized as an excellent supplement for bodybuilding due to their ability to enhance muscle growth, speed up recovery time, and reduce fatigue.

  1. bulk

Pure Whey Protein™

Bulk has a wide range of products, catering to both professional and amateur athletes, offering workout accessories, vegan supplements, food, and holistic wellness products.

In 2006, Adam Rossiter and Elliot Dawes, two enthusiastic individuals who frequented the gym, embarked on their journey with bulk, commencing from a spare bedroom. Their ultimate goal was to develop products suitable for all individuals.

There are a variety of snacks available alongside familiar top sports supplements and vitamins, which are offered in tablet or powder form.

In addition to offering a wide range of products, bulk also has a dedicated ‘sports nutrition’ page that caters to the specific needs of various sports such as intensive sports, running, weightlifting, and more.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that it is a top-notch brand specializing in sports performance nutrition, offering a range of meticulously crafted products with the sole purpose of enhancing your workout performance.

Not only does bulk showcase a wide variety of products, but it is also considered one of the top brands in terms of offering great value for money. In addition to the reasonable prices of their products, they also provide a 25% student discount and a £10 reward for referring a friend.

  1. Myprotein

Impact Whey Protein - 250g - Unflavoured

Myprotein, which is based in Manchester, is recognized as one of the top sports nutrition brands in the UK. In addition to its Manchester location, the company has offices and operations in more than 70 countries and employs a diverse team comprising influencers, athletes, and staff.

What sets Myprotein apart? They offer a diverse range of products while ensuring affordability, particularly focusing on various dietary requirements. No matter if you follow a vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, or gluten-free lifestyle, Myprotein is committed to catering to each customer’s needs.

In addition to being one of the top UK sports supplement brands, they also offer weight loss vitamins, omega oils, amino acids, and essential products like protein powder.

If you are looking for essential snacks for training, there are also numerous protein bars, wafers, and cookies available.

To reduce third-party expenses, they manufacture all products internally, allowing them to offer affordable prices to their customers.


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