The Top Running Shoes of the Year for Women

If you’re aiming to start running more often, the first thing you should purchase is a pair of high-quality running shoes. This will help you to prepare for jogging, sprinting, racing, galloping, dashing, or scurrying. Using the right kind of shoes while doing your jogs can play a huge role in whether or not you can successfully make it to a point where you feel a sense of euphoria during your exercises, or if you find yourself suffering an injury moments after you begin your regimen.

Acquiring a fresh set of running sneakers can be a remarkable stimulation to begin running for those who struggle to find the energy to exercise.

It was an excellent year for running. There were lots of amazing reasons to put on your running shoes and go for a jog or join a race or group jog this year. In addition, some of the best running shoes out there were launched this year.

We are going to analyze the top running shoes of the year, knowing that it is an ideal time to get an excellent bargain and that the new shoes for 2023 might be slow to arrive due to continuing distribution, shipping, and supply chain disruptions.

The Best Road Running and Training Shoes Of The Year

After countless miles of testing, these shoes have proven to be the best for both running for training and on the road for women.



This running shoe, the On Cloudmaster, was made to provide maximum cushion and a neutral stance for runners who need to go long distances and be comfortable. This shoe provides an extraordinary amount of Cloud elements along with the Speedboard, making it optimal for races that surpass 10Ks.

Despite not being the most cushioned shoe On makes, the Cloudmaster is still firmer than either Nike’s Zoomx or Adidas’ Boost technology in terms of the CloudTec midsole. It should be noted that the Cloud Monster is not a displeasing shoe, although the toe area could be larger.

On has created shoes that have an attractive appearance and the Cloud Monster is no different. The vivid colours and outsized lettering make the sneakers stand apart from others, especially compared to competitors like Brooks Running.

The On Cloudmoster is ideal for joggers who enjoy a certain degree of stability and are looking for running shoes that are suitable for long-distance runs. Let the monster go the extra mile for you.


Fresh Foam X 1080v12

The New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v12 is superior to its forbear in every respect – the shoes are even more comfortable, energetic and solidly supportive than ever before.

The Fresh Foam X makes all the difference underfoot. This new foam provides a softer feel yet it allows you to have more influence over your pace compared to Fresh Foam; it’s a combination of the two.

The Hypoknit upper ensures enough space in the toebox if desired but also supplies stability. The ventilation of the Fresh Foam X 1080v12 is extraordinary; I never experienced the shoes feeling too hot or uncomfortable, even when I was running at a fast pace in a humid environment.

The icing on the cake is that the New Balance Fresh Foam X is aesthetically pleasing and comfy, so you can enjoy them for more than just running. These are some versatile running shoes indeed.


Zoom image of Image 1 of 8 of Women's Barely Rose/White GEL-NIMBUS 24 Women's Running Shoes & Trainers

The ASICS Gel-Nimbus 24 is designed as an ultra-comfortable running shoe for someone who requires reliable shoes and doesn’t mind the heavier look.

These shoes are ideal for running long distances with comfort and ease, allowing for miles to be run and strong legs to be built as a result, not for looking flashy; for those who take running as a seriously important activity and recognize the importance of being well-rested the day after a vigorous session.

The pairing of FF BLAST+ and FLYTEFOAM technologies, as well as Gel cushioning in the rearfoot and forefoot, ensures a comfortable descent and an invigorating push-off that can keep you running for miles. The designed mesh upper and Ortholite sock liner makes the shoes very comfortable.

The Gel-Nimbus 24 costs more than the previous version, but it is also a touch lighter in weight. To complete their green efforts, ASICS implemented the use of more sustainable components for their shoes – the Gel-Nimbus specifically showcases the use of recycled materials for the upper and outsole materials. Treat yourself to the Gel-Nimbus 24; you won’t regret it and your feet will be grateful.


This shoe, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39, is ideal for a regular running routine and is sure to make a style statement. Nike perfected the Pegasus style by utilizing twofold the amount of Air Zoom units, including more React foam and equipping the Flywire technology to guarantee a more secure fit.

The bottom of the shoe now has an increased amount of rubber in the areas needed and less rubber in the other places, thereby decreasing the total weight. The Pegasus 39 is a great choice for any kind of running, but it is particularly comfortable at a moderate speed. Joggers and people who have a faster running pace alike can enjoy the same level of comfort when wearing it.


Adidas Womens Solarglide 5 Shoes FTWWHT/WONSTE/BEAMPK

The Adidas Solarglide 5 gives a sense of the familiar yet new – a thrilling reboot of a line that hopes to have the same success as the Ultraboost series.

The Solarglide 5 has an incredibly pleasant and energizing feel due to its Bubble Boost midsole. The stack height of the shoes has gone up a bit in comparison to older models, which makes the impact on landing less hard. There is a bit more weight due to the extra Boost! technology, but the overall feel of the shoes is almost the same as if it was any other running shoe.

The Solarglide 5 is now much easier to run with thanks to the L.E.P. torsion system which assists in the positioning of the feet, conserving energy and reducing the possibility of suffering an injury while running. Adidas has increased its efforts to make the Solarglide 5 a more sustainable product; now, the yarn used in the upper part of the Solarglide is comprised of a higher percentage of recycled plastic.

The great news is that despite all the advancements, the Solarglide 5 is still being sold at the same price as the Solarglide 4! Essentially, you can get a running shoe with many of the same features as the Ultraboost 22 for just over two-thirds of the cost. What a bargain.


Saucony Womens Endorphin Speed 2 Shoes Vizi Gold/Vizi Red

The Endorphin Speed 2 is an incredibly lightweight, comfortable, and lively running shoe that will make your everyday workouts feel energized no matter how fast you are going. The extraordinary feature of this design is the combination of a semi-hard curved nylon layer with the supportive PWRRUN PB midsole foam which induces a lively experience for every move and an effortless movement.

The Endorphin Speed 2 is capable of adapting to any situation, providing a pleasant experience, and invigorating the user. This shoe is capable of doing extended distances, easy jogs, fast sprints, constant paces, small competitions and lengthy races with energetic and high-quality enthusiasm. If you want one shoe that can do it all, this would be a good option.


This lightweight Mach 4 running shoe provides a comfortable ride, making it ideal for your regular workouts but also great for races and athletic drills. It’s constructed to be both agile and responsive, bringing a pleasant feel to your feet. The ride is really comfortable from the back to the front, but when you step in, it has a bit more rigidity and a noticeable energetic release in the toes.

The Mach 4 has a curved and rounded design and a slightly inclined, forked tail which produces a roll-like motion when the foot moves in a stride pattern from the heel impact to the point of lift-off. The latest mesh upper design offers an incredibly snug and tailored fit for a variety of sizes and shapes of feet.


The 1080v11 is a neutral sneaker with a lot of cushioning and a comfortable ride, it can go a lot of miles and has an enhanced foam in the middle sole, a knitted upper made with sophisticated techniques and a solid rubber outsole.

Beginner runners are sure to love this shoe for its snug fit and comfortable feel, and experienced runners will be pleased to find that it provides just enough cushioning, padded entry, and a bit of stability.

This shoe gives you a comfy and comfortable feeling when you slip it on due to the gusseted tongue and the snug mesh material over the front foot. It will feel secure once it is on. The ride becomes progressively bouncier the quicker it goes, yet still remains soft and pleasant at slower speeds.

The Fresh Foam 1080v11 is ideal for doing slower runs over long distances, but it isn’t suitable for quicker strides which may be needed for intervals, sprints, or short-distance races.


A contemporary spin-off of the famous GEL-Kayano 28, the GEL-Kayano Lite 2 features robust cushioning and balance, offering an optimal amount of support to improve the overall experience, without making the shoe appear too bulky or uncomfortable. It feels exquisitely soft and subtly

This footwear is great for running endurance races, faster tempo runs, and taking it slow for recovery runs. It has just the right combination of support and vivaciousness.

This shoe has a particular design called 3D Space Construction, with a system of open-air spaces in the midsole that are located at the heel and the front of the foot. This makes it possible for males and females to compress the foam to match their particular gait movements.

This shoe is an environmentally friendly version due to its recycled polyester upper which uses non-poisonous, water-based pigments for colouring, and its eco-conscious midsole which is manufactured out of plant biomass.

If you’re accustomed to running in sneakers with smaller drops from heel to toe, the 13mm difference between heel and toe of this shoe along with its bulky rearfoot might cause you to adopt a low-stride pattern and land on your heels.


Nike React Infinity 3 Women's Road Running Shoes

The Zoom Invincible Run Flyknit is designed for your everyday workout routine; it is lightweight and comfortable, with plenty of support for your feet plus an extended shape in the front for extra stability. The ride is buttery soft, smooth and lively, starting

When stepping onto the ground, the feeling is extremely comfortable and soft, which then continues as an energetic and balanced feeling all the way to the pushing-off phase of the step.

This shoe has an incredibly comfortable fitting experience. It has soft padding surrounding the ankle and the tongue is shaped with a special design to make it fit snugly, providing a stable and secure grip.

Despite its cushiony-soft inner sole, the Zoom X Invincible Run Flyknit provides both power and stability, making it perfect for marathon running, speed running, and recovery jogs. The tongue is pleasantly cushioned but slightly too brief, therefore it has a tendency to slip a bit down and to the side when running.


Open Hyperion Tempo image number 1 inside the gallery

The objective of the Hyperion range, with the Tempo being part of it, like the Brooks Blue Line is to offset any departures from an ideal stride, consequently increasing the energy return and cutting down fatigue even after prolonged runs.

It definitely seems fleet and active when sprinting in the Brooks Hyperion Tempo. I would describe the midsole of the shoe as providing a “supportive bounce.” It is slightly springy, but not to the extent that it would reduce performance. The DNA Flash midsole that contains nitrogen helps to lessen the force of impact and allows for a softer move from heel to toe.

The fit of the upper is superb, neither too tight nor too loose. Openings on the front of the woven material permit air to flow in, increasing the circulation of air within the footwear. This is to diminish puffiness while running long distances and raise comfort overall.


Sunset/Black - Puma - Nitro 2 Women's Running Shoes

The Nitro 2 puts a priority on the ease of use and the clarity of sight it provides, and all these amazing qualities can be acquired at a reasonable cost. Minor changes have been made to the shoes since their original release, and Puma has evidently worked to make the shoes more comfortable to wear. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke, right?

These shoes are great for areas with low visibility due to the reflective strips on them in a variety of places. The Velocity Nitro 2 won’t make your legs shine, but drivers will be able to easily spot you when you are out and about in the early morning.

You won’t be able to set any personal bests in the Velocity Nitro 2, however for slower, extended jogs, it’s difficult to find a sneaker we’d suggest more than these.

Is it worth buying expensive running shoes?

Not all expensive running shoes are necessarily of high quality. Although they may be less expensive, low-cost running shoes do not usually provide the quality of performance that one might expect from decent running shoes.


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