The Ultimate Endurance Experience: Long Course Weekend in Tenby, Wales

 Long Course Weekend (LCW) in Tenby, Wales, is more than just a race – it’s an experience that pushes athletes to their limits, tests their endurance, and rewards them with a stunning coastal backdrop. In this blog article, we will delve into the world of LCW and discover why it has become one of the most popular multisport events in the United Kingdom. From its rich history to the challenges it presents, we will explore what makes LCW a must-do for both amateur and professional athletes.

A Brief History and Overview of Long Course Weekend

To truly appreciate Long Course Weekend, understanding its origins is essential. The event first took place in Pembrokeshire, Wales, in 2010 as a single-day triathlon. Over the years, it evolved into an exciting three-day event comprising a swim on Friday, bike on Saturday, and run on Sunday, mirroring the format of a full-distance triathlon. Today, LCW attracts participants from all over the world who are eager to take on its unique challenge and create memories that last a lifetime.

Below are this year’s Male and Female 2023 Top Ten
Pos Name Time
1 Liam LLOYD 8:24:41.5
2 Donald BROOKS 8:38:02.5
3 Oliver WHITBY 9:18:32.5
4 Craig JONES 9:39:15.5
5 Dave COATES 9:54:19.5
6 Joe TYLER 9:56:39.3
7 Marc BLOOMFIELD 10:08:26.8
8 Paul WHITBREAD 10:28:31.4
9 Gareth LEEK 10:29:07.2
10 James EASTWOOD 10:30:29.5
Pos Name Time
1 Natalie LAWRENCE 10:26:26.0
2 Anna LAWSON 10:40:08.7
3 Emily MARCHANT 10:45:47.2
4 Zoe BLUCK 10:57:48.2
5 Louella O’HERLIHY 11:42:56.4
6 Lauren DAVIES 12:01:40.3
7 Rebecca JOHN 12:15:13.0
8 Alex O’TOOLE 12:29:09.3
9 Hannah GLENDINNING 12:38:21.1
10 Abbie EVANS 12:47:33.0

The Stunning Setting of Tenby

Tenby, a picturesque seaside town in Pembrokeshire, provides the perfect backdrop for LCW. Its sandy beaches, medieval walls, colourful houses, and beautiful coastline create an atmosphere that adds to the event’s allure. Athletes have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the area as they tackle each leg of the course. The captivating landscape motivates participants to push through their physical and mental barriers while enjoying the sights and sounds that only Tenby can offer.

The Three-Day Challenge: Swim, Bike, Run.


On Friday at 5pm, athletes dive into the waters of Tenby’s North Beach next to Goscar Rock for the swim leg. With distances ranging from 2.4 miles to a sprint distance option, participants of all abilities can take part in this exhilarating experience. Supported by safety teams and inspired by the buzzing atmosphere, swimmers navigate the waves swimming towards Monkton Point and then head towards the lifeboat station and then back towards North Beach to complete the first leg of their LCW journey.


Saturday takes athletes on a scenic bike ride through the challenging Pembrokeshire countryside. Participants can choose from various distances, including long, middle, and short course options, catering to different levels of cycling prowess. As competitors pedal alongside serene farmlands and breathtaking coastal views, they face hills and descents that test both their strength and technical skills.


On Sunday, the final leg of LCW awaits – the run. Athletes tackle a marathon distance along the coastal path, which showcases some of Wales’ most awe-inspiring vistas. The undulating terrain provides an additional challenge as runners test their endurance against nature’s obstacles. The support from cheering spectators lining the streets of Tenby adds an energizing boost, propelling participants toward the finish line.

Inclusivity and Community Spirit

One of the greatest strengths of LCW is its inclusive nature. The event welcomes participants of all ages and abilities, offering a variety of distances to accommodate every athlete’s aspirations. Whether aiming for a personal best or simply taking in the beautiful surroundings at a more leisurely pace, everyone is encouraged to participate and embrace the LCW community spirit. The camaraderie among participants, volunteers, and spectators creates an uplifting atmosphere that maintains…

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