Top 10 Lightweight Running Shoes

Those with great speed have a weight lower than 9.5 ounces. Jump into immediate reaction, ideal for increasing quicker rates and cardiovascular endurance. No matter if you are training for a marathon or competing with the pros on a race day, these running shoes are designed to be light to maximize your performance.

Peruse our selection of top-notch lightweight running shoes and make sure to read the frequently asked questions section to acquire more information on maximizing your pace and effectiveness.

How do we test running shoes?

We take all shoes to be found on the market that weighs less than eight point eight ounces (250 grams) in a men’s US nine size and chooses them for our list of lightweight running shoes.

Numbering 500+ models from 30 brands, including Nike, ASICS, Adidas, and more, we take each shoe through a thorough evaluation process:

  • Buy running shoes with our own funds to prevent bias.
  • Run a total distance of 30-50 miles to provide in-depth feedback on each pair’s performance.
  • Take each shoe on a series of runs with a total distance of 30-50 miles to provide in-depth feedback on its performance.
  • Gather ALL available user and expert reviews to summarize the shoe’s strengths and weaknesses.

1. Saucony Kinvara 12

Having tested past iterations of the Saucony Kinvara, we are here to confirm that the rumours are true. The Kinvara 12 reigns supreme among all the Kinvaras!

The primary factor for this item standing out from the rest is its extremely lightweight design. This shoe’s weight is significantly lower than the standard measured in our laboratory, which is 9.4 oz, coming in at only 7.5 oz. If its heaviness doesn’t amaze you, just wait until you find out how multifunctional it is.

Most people who can do a little of everything are not particularly talented in any one area, but this shoe is an exception to the rule. It’s GREAT at everything. Getting through days that seem to drag, being able to keep up with long-distance running and working hard during intense workouts – that’s some true rockstar material!

And comfort only takes this shoe a step further. Underfoot, all we felt was plush, plush, plush. As in, it can’t get much cushier than this!

Even though the foam is very pliable, you get adequate support from the inner sole. It’s stiff at 40.7 ha. The rigidity of this insert is greater than that of other inserts we have measured, at 37% more.

Initially, we feared that the supremely comfortable midsole might compromise the performance of the ride. Life on the go has been anything but easy. If anything, the ride was lively and fun. We were just bouncing through the streets!

Once we assumed that matters could not possibly be improved, the upper level provided us with an unexpected surprise. We were blessed with the ideal lockdown situation. Not once did we experience any slips!


2. ASICS MetaSpeed Sky

If there’s an elite among all the elite racing shoes we’ve put on, it’s easily the ASICS MetaSpeed Sky. First thing first, it’s CRAZY light. It’s as light as a feather. At 6.7 oz, it’s the lightest racing shoe on the market!

Speed is the name of the game. During all of our testing, this shoe made it seem as though we were flying across the track. It gets the job done quickly, and it’s very successful in pushing us forward.

No other carbon-plated shoes come close to matching the MetaSpeed Sky’s level of comfort. It is not rigid and, more importantly, it is not harsh on the feet.

This speed demon is the ideal definition of perfection. The fit was perfect, like a glove, and we were well-supported at all times. On sudden changes in direction, our feet were firmly in place.

This shoe has a great deal of backing. And we’re not only talking about the upper. The middle part of the shoe is also very important for providing exceptional stability. This is undoubtedly the most secure of the racing shoes on our list. It’s even stable during slow efforts.

Because we are really knowledgeable about shoes, we conducted experiments in our laboratory. By obtaining 22.5 HA on the flex test, it is clear that the Sky possesses some sturdiness; it explains why it takes sure steps.

We are highly detail-oriented, but nothing about this shoe is negative. To surpass your opponents, the ASICS MetaSpeed Sky is the best option!


3. Saucony Endorphin Speed 2

Whether you’re racing or training, we can’t recommend the Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 enough. True to its name, it’s one hell of a solid shoe when it comes to speed!

At 8.1 oz, it’s unbelievably light. In comparison to all the other running shoes we have assessed (with an average weight of 9.4 oz), this one doesn’t weigh any more. Even better, it’s extremely light on the run. It’s almost unnoticeable.

This shoe is built to last, making it a dependable choice for everyday wear. If you wish to be quick on race day, it shall be pleased to meet your demand.

The Endorphin line is known for its quickness and agility, but it is also well known for providing great comfort. It just nails it by mixing both qualities. It’s never harsh on foot.

To see why we did our flex test. And the result was astonishing! The Endorphin Speed requires 39.6N of pressure to flex, while regular running shoes demand 37.2N of force to bend. Basically, it’s slightly more secure but it still has the right amount of bounciness to make your drive enjoyable and cosy

What’s even more surprising? It’s got a lockdown that’s to die for! The material adapts to the shape of the feet, keeping everything secure. We NEVER felt tippy in it.

In the end, if you’re searching for a shoe that offers great value and doesn’t compromise on performance for either practice or races, the Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 is the best choice.


4. Hoka Mach 4

Among all the shoes we’ve tested, nothing comes close to how the Saucony Endorphin Speed fits the bill as a speedster that can certainly go the distance!
Whether it’s a 10K, half marathon, or marathon, you can set PBs in this baby! Might feel weird while walking or jogging, but becomes a perfect fit when you really pick up the pace. It’s made for speed, and it sticks to that!
Hoka Zinal
Just when we thought trail shoes are just about heft and clunkiness, the Hoka Zinal made us change our minds. If there’s a trailblazer we’d pick out any day, it’s THIS shoe.

And holy shiznit! It kills it in the weight department. It is less heavy than the usual running shoe we have examined at 8.5 ounces versus 9.4 ounces!

Seriously, it’s got speed written all over it. The midsole in the shoe mimics the Profly foam from the Mach 4, which is created to provide an added speed boost. And fast we went!

The movement isn’t overly energetic, but it still has a bit of bounce to add momentum. But what makes it a star is its stability. This shoe offers a medium-firmness with a stiffness rating of 37.5N, ensuring your feet get sufficient stability and agility.

This isn’t the usual Hoka. It doesn’t reach a great height, allowing a greater connection to the ground. As in, it smashes it in this arena!

5. New Balance Fuelcell Rebel V3

Although worries over its sustainability were present, the Fuelcell Rebel V2 unexpectedly became incredibly popular during 2021-22. The same foam found in the RC Elite was implemented which allowed the weight to be reduced to 7.2 ounces (204 grams).

And it wasn’t just about the weight. The Rebel felt comfortable and light due to its Fuelcell midsole, meaning it’s suitable for both everyday wear and faster-paced workouts. The Rebel V2 was the near-perfect 10K running shoe.

The Fuelcell Rebel V3 increased robustness in the upper part by incorporating a sturdier mesh fabric and an interior sleeve. The projected upper component keeps many of the characteristics that people loved about the Rebel V2, such as the plush tongue flap, cushioned heel surrounding, and light mesh exterior.

The midsole on the 2023 model has been altered, however, its riding experience is alike. Basically, this shoe provides fast performance without sacrificing comfort.

This shoe certainly blew us away, even though it’s not quite as intense as what people typically think of as an aggressive grip. The adhesive was great and we had no trouble maintaining our balance even when walking on a rocky and unstable surface.

This shoe is especially dependable, particularly in warm summer weather. It breathes!

6. Hoka One One Rincon 3

There are a few reasons why the Rincon 3 weighs less than 8 ounces. This shoe sticks to the original Hoka template by minimizing the use of outsole rubber and leaving most of the cushioning to the EVA foam midsole.

The upper part of the item has minimal layers. The outer shell is formed by one piece of single-layer mesh that provides a snug and even fit. The tongue and heel have been lightly padded to provide comfort in the back.

The Rincon 3 is an ideal shoe for runners concerned with conserving energy while on their runs and keeping the load they bear to a minimum. This model of Hoka is not as expensive as others, making it a great deal.

Hoka has modified the style of the Rincon 3’s outer and in part art of the sole, while still keeping the same features as the V2.

There are some changes, though. The upper of the shoe now has a tongue similar to one found on a running shoe (as opposed to the padded one on the V2), and the mesh has larger ventilation holes already built in.

Weight: 7.7 ounces or 218 grams.

7. Nike Vaporfly Next % V2

This guide would be incomplete without including the Nike Vaporfly Next% 2, wouldn’t it? The Vaporfly 4% was the inspiration for the influx of cushioned racers.

The second version of the Next% has all the features that caused the initial edition to be financially successful. The midsole offers a sizable cushion of lightweight and bouncy ZoomX foam that makes extended runs and competitions less strenuous on feet.

Within the soft foam support is a bent Carbon fibre plate that contributes to a smooth response. A ZoomX core is kept safe by the addition of rubber pieces on the front and back of the sole which provide a dependable grip.

The Next% features an extremely lightweight upper that fits true to its size and is providing plenty of room. The upper part of the shoe is not visible when running.

This small object, weighing less than 7 ounces, contains these features.

Weight: 6.9 ounces or 196 grams.

8. Nike ZoomX Streakfly

It can be rephrased as Two explanations exist as to why Nike’s latest lightweight racer is only 6.0 ounces for one US 9 shoe.

The midsole of the Vaporfly Next% is mostly composed of ZoomX, a PEBA foam that minimizes the sneaker’s weight. The Streakfly’s outsole consists of foam over the forefoot, while two small pieces of hard rubber make up the heel.

The midsole is designed to be light, and the upper is even lighter, made of a ventilated mesh material with no extra decorations.

The ZoomX Streakfly is perfect for sprints that are no more than 10K in length. The cushioning of the soft foam stack provides adequate comfort for a moderate length and the built-in midfoot shank ensures an efficient shift. Although it is not perfect, our in-depth analysis outlines the reasons for this.

Weight: 6.0 ounces or 170 grams.

9.  Brooks Hyperion Tempo

The Brooks catalogue had been comprised exclusively of cumbersome, yet cosy items for many years.

The Hyperion Tempo has gone against the grain and provided a cushioned experience which doesn’t weigh a lot. And by ‘light’, we don’t mean 10 ounces. The Hyperion weighs just a smidge over 7 ounces. For a business that distributes popular athletic shoes like the Beast and Addiction, quite a change has been observed.

Without the rubber on the bottom of the sole, the Hyperion might have been more lightweight. The inclusion of additional rubber results in the shoe being more resistant to wear and tear, as well as enhanced grip, so it is a win-win situation.

The 8-mm drop midsoles are extremely important in reducing weight. The DNA Flash foam has similarities to Skechers’ HyperBurst, producing a comparable riding experience. The thick padding is suitable for both quick runs and extended jogging.

The comfortable upper sticks to the basics. There is practically no comfort for the interior, with minimum use of foam padding and excess layers.

10. New Balance Fresh Foam Tempo X V2

The Fresh Foam Tempo X weighs a bit more than 9 ounces, so it’s not the most lightweight option available. The Tempo has to compete with many lightweight 7-ounce shoes.

The Tempo X is capable of competing with the other lightweight models. This footwear is inspired by the Zante, so it includes a lot of the great features of the Z-shoe.

The Fresh Foam X EVA midsole provides a relaxing journey while still delivering enough support when running at fast speeds. The latest version of Tempo has been revised and is now more reactive and energetic due to the reconfigured Fresh Foam X midsole.

The top of the shoe fits nicely and is pleasant to wear, and goes perfectly with the midsole that can handle anything. For 2022, New Balance has given the model a redesigned upper, with specific places where it is flexible and supportive.

Weight: 9.1 ounces or 258 grams.

Side notes

In the past, running shoes had to adhere to a specific weight requirement — if modifications were made to one portion, others had to be adjusted as well. Typically, when there are reductions in design and materials, performance and resilience tend to be diminished.

Those constraints do not apply to modern running shoes. Modern lightweight running shoes typically last at least as long as the average lifespan, and in some cases even longer.

The upper and outsole have enabled a lightweight construction, in addition to the advancements made in the midsole foam materials. Uppers made from a single piece of engineered mesh material cut down on the weight, just like thinner outsoles do.

The most enduring soles are those constructed with a thick layer of top-notch rubber or with a flexible shape. Brands utilize a mixture of enhanced ingredients and smart engineering to lessen weight while still keeping up reliability.


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