Top 10 Mountain Bikes For Women

Mountain Biking Is A Triathlete’s Strength Secret Training Weapon

In mountain biking, the bikes are heavier, and the hills are steeper, it’s the perfect strength and power training for triathletes.

From entry-level cross-country builds to those designed for more technical terrain
, women-specific bikes now span the entire mountain bike spectrum.

Geometry tweaks are giving all bikes, especially 29ers, lower stand-over heights, which makes them accessible to smaller riders. Short-suspension bikes now have slacker geometries that don’t impact climbing and make going downhill a more stable affair.
Big-travel bikes are better than ever at pedalling uphill, and many can now handle a range of conditions from technical trails to those found in bike parks.

Women’s Mountain Bike

No one design, shape, or feature for women’s bicycles makes them distinct from men’s or gender-neutral bikes. Women come in all different sizes, shapes, and preferences, which is why there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to designing bicycles for them. Most brands accept that the typical female is smaller and lighter compared to the typical male.

Bicycles tailored to women will frequently feature XS and XXS sizes, which may not be accessible in unisex models. Certain makers, for example, Specialized and Santa Cruz, think that a superb bicycle does not require a separate configuration to accommodate male or female users.

Brands offer products specifically manufactured for women, with a softer tuning for those who don’t weigh much and custom contact points, like a unique seat, a narrower handlebar, and thinner cranks.

Liv and Canyon believe that to optimize performance for female riders, their frames must be adapted based on research about female bodily structures.

1. Cannondale Trail 5

Since 1971, Cannondale has been working hard to produce bicycles that can explore more realms and do more.

It appears as if the women’s Trail 5 is an otherworldly, advanced contraption that descended from the heavens. This item is not only lightweight but it also has an attractive lavender hue, and upon closer inspection, you’ll find amazing features in the minor details.

This bike is a hardtail with SAVE micro-suspension at the back, and its frame has been designed with carefully placed points of flexibility for superior shock absorption.

This bike can manage multiple terrains due to the added rear flexion and its front suspension fork providing 100mm of travel and the ability to lock it out remotely.

Taking into account the geometry of the head angle enables the rider to have confidence when going downhill, making it simple to have a thirty-one point six-millimetre dropper post for a smooth transition.

This bicycle is ideal for extended cross-country rides that feature long stretches of flat terrain where you can really let loose. I’m looking to buy Ranger Comp tyres and a short distance between the chain and the rear tyre so that I’ll never worry about having enough grip on rough, uneven trails.

Overall, shifting is incredibly easy with the silky 10-speed microSHIFT Advent X derailleur and shifter. This bike truly stands out for me because it comes with a special Intellimont Stem that can house SP-Connect compatible smartphone cases.

Spend less time dawdling over fanny packs and directions and more time pushing yourself to your limit and getting into a rhythm. One of the best women’s Xc bikes under £500.

2. Juliana Roubion

You can blow away your friends, other riders, and competitors. Your next bicycle should provide you with impressive agility without compromising its assertive attitude to whatever you come across on the track, upwards or downwards.

The Juliana Roubion has arrived, supercharged and ready to be the untamed horse you ride to the end of the course and cross the finishing line.

Juliana’s leading-edge enduro mountain bike has been ameliorated with a “mullet” configuration, otherwise known as a “mix-wheel” improvement. This setup features a 29” wheel on the front and a 27.5” wheel on the rear, tailored to those who wish to strive for the highest podium spot.

The Juliana Roubion Bike for 2022 has changed such as a more relaxed head tube, an extended wheelbase, a steeper seat tube, and an extended reach.

For petite females, this racer is an ideal choice for hitting greater heights and comes in XS size. There is a relevant wheel dimension for the S and M sizes, which are the sole sizes that are accessible.

This bike has a more solid composition than the Juliana Strega, featuring a well-made geometry due to the combination of different-sized wheels. It allows even the most daunting descents to be conquered without faltering.

This bicycle was crafted for proficient bikers who fancy the availability of options while searching for a bicycle equipped with top-notch parts; although they desire options, they comprehend that excellence still requires a fee.

Beginning at roughly £4000, the five packages available for this bike ascend in price up to around £8000; it was designed particularly for the female explorer who desires to stand out from everyone else.

3. Marin Wildcat Trail 3 WFG

You will be amazed at how agile and comfortable a bike can be, taking into account the minimal distance between the brake levers and the 120mm of suspension travel.

Believe me, when you dare to purchase a bicycle with designs tailored specifically to women, such as a wider seat, you’ll have an increased sense of confidence and control – which you’ll notice when you ride on flat surfaces and even when tackling a few difficult trails.

The Marin Wildcat Trail 3 is an ideal mountain bike for those female riders on a budget who wish to embark on their first biking experience.

Figuring out how you want to develop as a trail rider is a fantastic accomplishment, especially for young people who strive for significant progress in their abilities. This bicycle is lightweight, due to its aluminium frame, and the 27.5-inch wheels allow for a smooth and efficient pedalling experience.

If you’re intrigued by the Marin Wildcat Trail 3 WFG Women’s Mountain Bike, you’ll love its Shimano 2×8 drivetrain which encourages you to go further, as well as its Tektro’s reliable hydraulic disc brakes which give you a fast response when required. Owning this bike is certain to bring a smile to your face, with a price tag of around £500 or less – shop around.

4. Diamondback Lux 1

2021 Diamondback Lux 1

The Lux 1 was crafted to meet the needs of riders seeking a dependable hardtail mountain bike to begin their cycling obsession. It is straightforward and simple to use.

A bike frame made of aluminium gives women of all sizes plenty of space to move around with ease and confidence.

The Lux 1 includes budget-friendly features such as a 3×8 speed Shimano drivetrain and mechanical disc brakes, which do not reduce its overall performance.

The Diamondback Lux 1 Mountain Bike is the premier product from the Lux Women’s MTB line, offering an accommodating option for female riders regardless of their experience level.

You’ll have a great time riding up mountainsides and confidently leading the way with the 80mm of front fork suspension and 27.5” wheels. Priced at around £600

5. Cannondale Habit 4

The feature that stands out to me the most about the Habit series of intrinsic bicycles is the proportionate reaction suspension; it is the only suspension system currently available that gives you equal performance for the weight of the frame.

Maxxis Dissector 29” rear wheel offers you agility and precision when riding off-road, so you can confidently take on anything in your path and make it look effortless, even if that involves airborne turns.

Cannondale is looking to completely transform mountain biking, and this full-suspension bike is perfect for female cyclists who want to take their experience to the next level.

This extremely appealing 12-speed machine boasts SRAM drivetrain elements and Shimano brake components. It can be adjusted ever so slightly in geometry with a simple flip of the clip.

Try out 27-inch tyres for a completely customized journey that will have you showing off your skills. Bear in mind that even though Cannondale has had a lot of experience using aluminium frames, this doesn’t imply that the bike is light.

This bicycle has a weight of around 35lb, ideal for improving your uphill performance and letting you enjoy an amazing downhill descent.

If you are looking for a top-notch bicycle which will certainly bring smiles and offer secure control while also costing more, then the Cannondale Habit 4 Bike is the best choice for you. Around £2000.

6. Liv Bliss

Eclipse - zoomed

Liv Bicycles strives to create an atmosphere where every female cyclist feels welcome and accepted, no matter their skill level.

This venture, led by female athletes, utilizes all of its resources for the support and empowerment of women. Furthermore, the production of bikes is handled entirely by these women in their own facilities, making it possible for more women to access cycling and the world of biking.

If you are just beginning and need a bike, your search has ended here. Around £450 depending on spec.

If you want a smooth ride and a balanced experience, the Liv Bliss Bike should become your companion. Tubing geometry is tailored to properly fit various heights, and the low-level top tube provides plenty of room to move around.

The Aluxx aluminium frame, the 75mm fork suspension, the Shimano components, and the Giant parts are all high-quality components at an affordable price.

7. Specialized Fuse Comp 29


Stop by to check out the 130mm fork, but don’t leave without taking a look at the relaxed front suspension, plus a long-range dropper post (100mm for sizes XS/S, 120mm for size M, 150mm for sizes L/XL). The Fuse Comp 29 is a hardtail that can handle large-scale biking trips.

The tyres, which are 2.6 inches wide and designed to be used without the need for tubes, offer superb grip on surfaces such as rocks, snow, and slushy mud. Riley Missel, the test editor, liked the climbing capabilities of the bike due to its sharp seat angle and extended reach.

She stated that the back tyre held a strong grip on inclines and she had no trouble staying balanced to steer the front wheel.

SRAM’s SX Eagle ensures an economical price whilst still offering a multitude of gears. The 780mm handlebar, which is plenty wide, provides excellent balance when tackling tricky tracks. No matter how much experience you have with mountain biking, the Fuse brings good times and enjoyment to any biking excursion. Around £2000.

8. Kona Mahuna

Kona has demonstrated its expertise in creating top-notch, cost-efficient mountain bikes with The Mahuna. The geometry of this hardtail was especially long and slack, enabling it to manage any challenges we encountered on our rocky, difficult trails.

The entire bike has a weight of 31 lbs, a figure that is quite reasonable for an item of similar makeup. On the path, its lightness can be felt, and it is vibrant and exciting. When the 29″ wheels are moving, the Mahuna makes quick work of minor obstacles as a result of its high-quality components.

These WTB Trail Boss tyres have great grip, making it much easier to get up any hill, and they remain very stable in all other terrains. The RockShox 30 Silver TK Solo Air fork performs with greater supple and smoothness than many forks with the same value.

Kona equips their models with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and a one-speed ten-gear Shimano Deore set-up. Even with the larger 28-tooth front chainring, the 11 to 42 rear cassette may be too difficult a gear on steep inclines, but it can easily be swapped out in the future.

The Mahuna’s rims are capable of being used with tubeless tires and the frame has internal routing for a dropper post, providing extra prospects for customizing your bike. Around £900 or less, again- shop around.

9. Trek Marlin 7

The Trek Marlin 7 is one of the most reasonably priced bikes on this list and it makes an excellent pick for those who want to compete, explore trails regularly, and commute.

People who enjoy pedalling quickly are sure to enjoy the bike’s inclination of the head and seat angles and a raised bottom bracket, which provides an adequate edge when pedalling on trails. The bike’s wires can be routed inside as well, which is not typical for bicycles in this price range. Around £600

This bike stands out from the single-chainring designs that are currently commonplace off-road bikes and instead comes with a 2×9-speed Shimano drivetrain, offering lots of gearing options.

Despite being heavier than some other air-spring models, the RockShox XC30 100mm coil-spring fork gave an unexpectedly positive performance on extremely rocky terrain.

In addition, the 2.2-inch Bontrager tires mounted on 29-inch Bontrager Connection rims had a remarkable ability to remain firm when navigating uncertain terrain. As a result, this bike is a fast-looking model that has the sharp manoeuvring and nimble steering found in more costly competition bikes.

10. Contessa Active 50

Scott offers an economical hardtail which is a perfect pick for newcomers starting out in off-road riding. The shock-absorbing fork with a 100mm stroke evens out bumpy surfaces. Being upright offers a comfortable feel to your back, neck, and wrists.

The Kenda Booster tires guarantee that you will be balanced and secure when taking curves and riding through wet environments. Daisy Hernandez recommends that you switch the saddle out for one that you consider comfortable after a brief trial period since it begins to become inflexible after a few minutes of use.

The Shimano Tourney gears made it easy for us to find a pace that was comfortable when travelling uphill, and the Tektro hydraulic disc brakes made it a simple task to come to a halt without any sudden jerks.

If you are looking for a cheap way to experience trail riding or searching for an incredibly secure and pleasant ride on the bike path, the Contessa Active 50 meets these needs and the quality and fun it offers are great for its cost. Around £500


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