Top 10 Triathlon Wetsuits In 2023

Most triathletes need to invest in a high-quality triathlon wetsuit at some point. A wetsuit is something you don’t need to acquire, but if you are engaged in a chilly swim competition or a longer endurance exercise, it might really enhance your experience while participating in the race (or exercising).

If you look for possibilities for ‘wetsuits’, you will discover many, possibly even a multitude of them. Where do you begin? This article was created to give you a concise overview.

When shopping for a wetsuit, it might be best to ensure that you purchase one created especially for triathlons. The market is full of wetsuits that are satisfactory if all you plan to do is snorkel or boogie board.

Competing in a swimming event requires consistent, dynamic physical activity, and triathlon wet suits are meant to facilitate that activity.

It is akin to using a non-triathlon wetsuit in a swim leg as pedalling a children’s bicycle during the bike portion of a triathlon. Investing a bit more in the correct equipment is absolutely worth the expense!

Tri Wetsuits

The price range of triathlon wetsuits varies significantly. A triathlon wetsuit can be purchased for anywhere between fifty and seven hundred dollars, or even more.

The popular phrase “you get what you pay for” is usually valid, yet that doesn’t suggest that everyone should only splurge for a top-of-the-range wetsuit.

The kind of wetsuit you decide to buy should be based on the results you want to achieve in the triathlon, how skilled you are in swimming and your physical fitness, and how regularly you plan to wear it.

We have gathered together a selection of triathlon wetsuits in different price ranges and organized them for your convenience. This is meant to help you choose what kind of wetsuit to buy and what you’ll get for your money.

Make sure you acquire a wetsuit that has been specifically made for triathlon.

If you time it right, you could potentially find a good bargain on a triathlon wetsuit and get more than what you paid for. However, here’s a general idea of the prices associated with high-quality wetsuits.

We constantly search for amazing deals on wetsuits, and if we spot any, we post links to them on our reviews on this website.

Spending More on a Wetsuit Gets You Better Swim Performance

In short, the more you spend on a wetsuit, the more sophistication you will get in a few areas:

  • Better flexibility at the shoulders, for your swim stroke
  • More varied panelling to provide the right coverage at the right places
  • Better buoyancy qualities to keep your body positioned just right
  • In some cases, improved thermal properties for wetsuits in the thermal category

When examining the different types of wetsuits used in triathlons, it is noticeable that they have a lot of commonalities versus a wide range of distinctions.

We are impressed by businesses that are expending effort and resources into researching and exploring the subtleties of neoprene and swimming to provide ever-evolving technology to customers.

An Eco-Friendly Wetsuit Trend

It is not merely about being successful, however — We also appreciate the effort that businesses are undertaking to discover ways to produce wetsuits in a more eco-friendly manner, like what Xterra has already achieved.

This is a welcome trend that we hope continues. The fact is that neoprene is not very eco-friendly. It will not decompose naturally and will not disintegrate if a neoprene wetsuit is disposed of.

An easy way to go green, in addition to sourcing environmentally responsible organizations, is to invest in quality and then keep your wetsuit for a prolonged period. A decreased amount of used wetsuits being thrown away can have a minor impact on the ecological consequences of the wetsuit industry.

We are regularly astonished by the swift development of engineering in a relatively brief period. We have tried to identify suits which offer a great bundle at various costs and present this information accordingly.

The best wetsuits 

1. Zone3 Aspire

It was obvious that the new Aspire suit was successful in testing when we found ourselves choosing it for each swim session, even after testing was finished.

This suit is highly reliable and simple to use and does not have any of the water leakage troubles encountered with Zone 3 suits.

This wetsuit has a well-balanced buoyancy feature, with 1mm neoprene on the shoulders, 2mm in the arms, and 3mm on the core and legs. It gives the right amount of buoyancy while swimming yet doesn’t make one feel restricted or too buoyant.

The fabric of the lining of the suit made it very easy to put on, and even more importantly, take off, and the collar felt nice. In our opinion, we don’t care for the light pink colour and the cost seems to be a bit expensive compared to the Huub, but these are minor issues given an excellent suit.

2. Orca Athlex Float

The Orca Athlex Float is remarkable for its great flexibility on the torso. This suit is crafted with Yamamoto 39 to provide increased suppleness throughout the arms, shoulders, and back, granting it an unparalleled range of movement compared to any other we have tried.

Some swimmers might feel that the sleeves of the swimsuit were a bit too thin in cold water, however, we didn’t encounter any issues in the UK during spring and summer. The only negative is that they take some more time to unzip in T1, though the YKK zipper is simple and effortless to employ.

We discovered that a low-cut neckline increased the ease of movement while in the water, with Super Composite Skin (SCS) smooth coatings providing us with an effortless swim stroke.

There is sizable buoyancy in the legs due to the 4.5mm neoprene leg panels, yet the sensation isn’t too intense; swimming with a kick was still possible without breaching the water’s surface.

3. 2XU P:2 Propel 

The P:2 from 2XU made it the clear victor about our women’s mid-range evaluation in 2020, and the reasons for this are quite understandable. This suit offers optimal performance with its 39-cell Yamamoto and SCS hydrodynamically-coated fabric, both of which demonstrate its superior calibre.

The right proportions of 5mm for the legs and torso, 3mm for the lower legs and back, and 1.5mm on the arms provide the ideal balance of flexibility and buoyancy, allowing the wearer to experience the most natural movements possible.

Despite resembling a juvenile’s take on a festive libation, the craftsmanship of the “orange fizz” style is noteworthy and of good quality. We have difficulty with the areas of this wrist that provide an engraved concave zone that holds water.

This tech was quite popular back in 2013, but 2XU insist on keeping the hard pieces on the arms, and there has been no proof, either through stories or data, to suggest that they help when pulling through the water.

4. Yonda Spook 

Developed to invite those who are new to outdoor swimming to do so safely, the Yonda Spook is the priciest selection in this cost-effective assessment nonetheless it brings along a strong construction to complement it.

Yamamoto neoprene was strategically used so that swimmers had the freedom to perform both the front crawl and breaststroke with ease, and we felt unrestricted during the entire time we practised the different strokes.

Getting noticed in any environment and being more secure in swimming destinations is a major advantage of the fluro blue arms which is provided to us. However, the 1.5mm LSQ Green Nanomaterial, reminiscent of a jersey, might not be able to keep us warm during winter swims.

Our tester found that the 3mm core and 2mm Yamamoto 38 cell skin legs did not have the highest thickness, yet generated enough lift. The same as with the Van Rysel SD swimsuit, we discovered that some propulsion is necessary to stay in an efficient form while in the water.

5. Huub Aegis X 3:3

Huub calls the Aegis X a revised version of one of the brand’s most liked suits. Having used numerous Huub products over the years, we liked that the X-O Skeleton structure was kept, which offers a good fit and a correct position in the water.

This tester was also pleased with the additional blue elastic material around the waist, which meant those with a more curvaceous body type could find a precise fit in the lower body in no time.

We were really fond of swimming using the 3:3 women’s Huub suit (the Atana, now unavailable) which provided flexible yet supportive wear with a soft and smooth fabric which made it easy to get it on and off. The Aegis X has a similar feel.

We felt weightless in the water, held up but not excessively so. We wished that the swimsuit had a little more flexibility around the shoulders, but besides that, it is an excellent choice that we would be willing to wear throughout the year.

6. Blueseventy Reaction

The level of recognition Blueseventy had a decade ago due to the Brownlees is not as strong anymore, however, they still create exceptional wetsuits. This most current Response follows the notion of “if it ain’t broken,” since the alterations from the 2017 version are fundamentally visual.

The four and five-millimetres thick parts in the torso and legs offer significant buoyancy and heat, and the ‘V02’ chest panels surely appear to help with the breathing process.

The 1.5mm sloping design is similar to the superior level Felix, and it allows for plenty of freedom of movement. On the other hand, the smoother landing surface technology does not interfere in the same way the 2XU does.

The disadvantage we noticed was that the plastic webbing on the capture panels had begun to split after our initial swim, which doesn’t trouble the operation but ruined the look. Getting rid of this product isn’t a walk in the park and the neck is the hardest to open according to examinations; however, this keeps water from getting inside.

7. Aqua Sphere Racer V3

You occasionally get goods that are worth the cost, and that is the situation with the Racer V3: it instantly gives a sensation of being even more delicate and of higher quality than any other item being tested.

High-grade technology equips this men’s mid-range swimsuit with a 40-cell Yamamoto, an SCS (Super Composite Skin) finish that increases hydrodynamics, and a thin 1.5 mm fabric for superior flexibility.

The lone red arm covering gives the vibe of Michael Jackson from his Thriller era, guaranteeing you stand out from the crowd in all-black outfits. Besides, it further accentuates the awesome design that we rate as the top choice here.

In other areas, the blending of 4mm and 5mm thickness in the core and back of neoprene gives a strong yet not too much buoyancy, while the features that allow quick release of the angle tabs were the quickest to remove in this demonstration. There were often issues getting the zipper to close by ourselves, but it is hard to complain about anything else.

8. Roka Maverick Comp II

In past years, the regular Comp II wetsuit with sleeves has won numerous awards, but what about the variant with no sleeves?

The Comp II with its sleeves receives a lot of approval, but the greatest feature is the Arms-Up technology that gives the user’s upper body a high level of manoeuvrability. This technique makes purchasing the sleeveless version unnecessary.

A precise fit is especially important as an armless suit can permit a greater amount of water intrusion. The SCS coating on the arms of a suit has a smoother finish in the water, so it would not increase your speed.

The positive aspects of the outfit are that it was simple to take off in T1 training, and its fabrication is of the same quality as the normal Comp II and is also £120 lower in price.

The core of the legs which is 3mm thick and 5mm wide provides an ideal level of flotation and the neckline has a good level of flexibility, but it appears that this item may not be well-suited for customers in the UK who are competing in races.

The only downside was the neck felt a bit stiff initially, but this was not a problem once swimming. This apparel has the potential to revolutionize the market intriguingly.

9. Xterra Vortex

We are huge fans of Xterra’s Vortex; it’s a multipurpose suit from a brand we know and trusts. The Vortex may be the best wetsuit available for any activity. It seems that Xterra’s most popular wetsuit is renowned for a justified purpose.

The versatile Vortex has excellent

You can see that a lot of triathletes are choosing the Vortex wetsuit due to its spectacular design. It allows for a large degree of movement in the shoulders, chest, and arms, making it highly efficient and effective.

The shoulder manoeuvrability is exceptional in the majority of Xterra wetsuits. Extending out on the swim stroke is an absolutely ordinary action, not constrained in any way by the neoprene or stitchings. The suit is designed so that it is lined with 5mm thick neoprene along the front layer to keep you warm when swimming in cooler temperatures.

This suit provides the necessary flexibility and affordability that is desired, and Xterra’s customer service is exceptional.

They are quick when it comes to delivery, and their refund system is pliable and speedy. Make sure to plan enough time to try on the Vortex and if it’s too small, you’ll have time to return it and get a bigger size.

10. Xterra Vector Pro

This is more of a first-and-second-place arrangement than a clear-cut winner and loser. We have personally tested and adored the Xterra Vector Pro, an amazing wetsuit that has an impressive level of comfort and mobility that you may not even recognize you’re wearing.

For those who want a swimming suit that allows them to move unrestricted and experience a feeling of speediness, the Vector should be taken note of.

The Vector Pro has excellent shoulder movement capability, permitting you to use your natural swimming technique without conflict with the neoprene. This neckline has a subtle style that fits comfortably and looks great.

Wetsuits with this neckline don’t tend to move around your neck as you move, providing a comfortable and secure fit throughout your swim. No sleeveless variation of the Vector is available for the 2020 model, however, the luxurious Vengeance does offer this option.


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