Top 11 Bike Touring Shorts

Spending time in the saddle is part of bike touring, so having shorts that are created for cycling is essential.

Shorts that are ideal for bike touring have a built-in cushion, usually referred to as a “chamois”, even though it is typically produced out of synthetic materials, supplying additional protection between your sensitive regions and the saddle.

The stitching is placed carefully so that it will not cause any rubbing or discomfort, and the pockets are designed so that nothing will fall out while you are riding a bike. The construction of these riding garments has been created in a manner that encourages a forward lean, thus halting them from pulling down and exposing your back. Moreover, the front closures of the garments won’t dig into your midsection when you’re in that forward-leaning posture. When you’re riding day after day, those features matter!

Shorts for bike touring fall into three basic categories. Many cyclists who take long-distance trips prefer bib shorts held in place by straps similar to suspenders as they offer the most comfort and stability.

Tightly fitting shorts made from spandex or lycra are ideal for comfort and provide lightweight, streamlined coverage while cycling, diminishing the level of air resistance. Shorts with a relaxed fit provide all the necessary cycling requirements as well as create a look that is suitable for wearing when not cycling.

Bike Touring Shorts

1. Pearl Izumi Canyon Bike Shorts

Pearl iZumi M CANYON SHORT W/ LINER, Ocean Blue

These shorts present an easy-going aesthetic suitable for a cafe visit while still granting the wearer the comfort essential for a long tour.

This fabric was designed with a special water-resistant coating, which works to protect against moisture from wet roads. Additionally, the back of the fabric is long enough that it won’t be dragged down when you are in a bent-over position.

The legs of the clothing are not too tight and still fit snugly to prevent getting caught on the front of your saddle when you’re getting on your horse.

If you’d rather not be easily identified as a cyclist but still have the convenience of conventional cycling features, the Pearl Izumi Canyon is perfect for you. The short is free and baggy but has all of the features you need to stay comfortable.

2. Pearl Izumi P.R.O, Real

Since 1950, Pearl Izumi has been crafting excellent cycling apparel, which has all contributed to the creation of its high-grade bib shorts. They are designed for long-ride comfort.

The material is smooth and enjoyable to wear, offering assistance without being restrictive. The chamois offers full coverage while remaining lightweight, and the straps, together with the edges, remain flat and secure during extensive rides.

The edges cut by the laser will never be abrasive, and reflective aspects are included to ensure that one can be seen in poor lighting conditions.

The only negative aspect of this is the cost, however, nearly all of the critics believe that the quality is worth the expense. If you enjoy bib shorts, you won’t find anything better than these – and after wearing them, you may find you never want to put on a different pair.

3. Pearl Pearl Mangopya

One might contemplate these shorts and question what all the excitement (in addition to the cost) is about. There are no compartments or obvious extra features. Put them on and you’ll understand.

The excellence of these shorts is undeniable–they are crafted with the finest materials, and their chamois are innovative with their floating top sheet and 3-layer suspension core.

The arrangement of seven panels reduces the amount of seams and the edges are cut with lasers and added silicone grips keep the item in place without irritating the skin. Pearl Izumi has designed their very best shorts with the specific purpose of providing comfort over extended periods, and this is clearly visible.

If you’re after touring shorts that are economical, you should go back to the top of the list: these garments have been crafted to be the finest possible, and it’s apparent from the cost. If you value the utmost comfort, the cost of the ride is worth it!

4. Rei-Coo bans  affordable shorts wear

The REI Junction is a pair of shorts that are both practical and reasonably priced while having a snug fit. These bike shorts are extremely comfortable and provide ventilation to keep you cool. Additionally, they are designed so that the legs do not bunch up while pedalling for a prolonged duration, which is a problem often encountered with cheaper bike shorts. Those who like to bike and have their phone handy at all times will be pleased with the thigh pocket feature that comes in many snug-fitting shorts and is not found in other designs. If you’re after a stylish, snug-fitting pair of shorts without spending too much money, this could be the ideal option.

Critics commented that the padded material of these shorts is robust, which some might like while others might not, depending on their individual choice.

It has been said that these shorts fit a little big, so if you cannot decide between two sizes, it may be best to go with the small.

5. Patagonia Dirt Craft Bike Shorts

The Patagonia Dirt Craft Bike Shorts can be used for a variety of things. These shorts resemble traditional hiking shorts and are great for biking.

The features they offer will be beneficial to your riding experience.

The garment has numerous compartments which enable you to take a significant amount of belongings with you. The shorts feature a hook and loop waist adjusting system so that you can personally tailor them for your desired level of comfort.

A shell of two-way stretch nylon is coupled with a thick inner short, assisting with the shorts’ versatility and toughness. These shorts are equipped with a removable cushiony lining, allowing them to be used as trekking shorts when necessary.

These shorts have a cut in their hem that is ideal for biking, with the back being higher than the front. Thus, a comfortable riding experience.

Altogether, these are the optimum cycling shorts for bike touring and packing. Take out the lining within the trousers and you can turn them into a pair of everyday shorts for a hike if that is desired.

6. Zoic Ether Bike Shorts And Liners

Zoic’s Ether Bike Shorts and Liners are an excellent choice when seeking quality cycling shorts. The shorts feel comfortable and have a good fit. These shorts have a bit of a loose fit, which makes them great for long-distance riders since they won’t be too constricting.

This wide cut permits a lot of airflows, and mesh sections on the trousers and at the rear of the belt offer extra air circulation on those long trips.

These shorts have a built-in liner that you can switch out if you’re not satisfied with it. However, wearing these shorts makes bike riding for extended periods simpler, since it does not obstruct using the pedals. Along with the design, there are six pockets and if it doesn’t fit your waistline you can make the necessary adjustments.

Altogether, these are another set of exceptional lightweight bike shorts for lengthy bike trips.

Patagonia is again featured, but this time it is for their Dirt Roamer Bike Shorts. These biking shorts are quite eco-friendly, given the fact that they are made out of polyester fabric which is produced using recycled plastic bottles.

The shorts also contain a bit of elastane, making them able to stretch to fit your figure. In addition to that, the fabric of these shorts has undergone a DWR coating, making them water-resistant. There are two available shades, both of which look great.

Altogether, these cycling shorts are an excellent choice for going on a bike tour or taking a bike-packing trip.

7. Bontrager Quantum Fitness Bike Shorts

These Bontrager Quantum Fitness Bike Shorts are crafted with a feather-light, pulpy polyester outer layer and a stretchable waistband.

There is also a detachable cushioning insert which provides comfort during extended rides. You can take out the lining if you don’t want it. Perfect for when you’re in town and taking a break from biking.

These shorts are cut more loosely than others, giving you a better range of motion, as well as providing good air circulation.

You can put your belongings in the two front pockets and the zippered back pocket. A design that is straightforward and focuses on comfort and easy mobility for those lengthy biking trips or expeditions.

Altogether, these cycling shorts are superb and turn into a normal pair of shorts when not used for bicycling.

Things to consider when buying bike touring shorts.

There are three basic types of touring bike shorts. There is no single type which is superior to another, and what you opt for is solely dependent on your individual taste.

Bike shorts are usually tailored to give riders a full range of mobility, with seams that guard against rubbing and only a minimal amount of material around the waist for comfort when in a semi-bent-over position.

Many riders who are going on a long journey bring more than one pair of shorts. Rotating between different styles of shorts may aid in avoiding developing saddle sores.

Tight-fitting shorts are the traditional type of shorts worn by road cyclists. The material used in these garments is elastic, giving them a shape that hugs the legs and expands to make sure the person can move freely. Additionally, the material helps reduce air resistance.

These shorts usually have an elastic waistband, however, there is no way of adjusting them since making any type of adjustment to the waist when leaning forwards can result in abrasions or pinching. Shorts that are tailored to closely fit the body are meant to be put on without underwear.

Bib shorts are crafted from elastic fabrics that fit close to the body like the ones used for body-hugging shorts. These garments do not feature an elastic waistband and instead, stay in place with the help of straps on the shoulders.

This gets rid of any kind of restriction or stitching at the waist area and makes it possible for a bib short to completely cover the lower back as the rider is leaning forward. Bib shorts of superior quality offer an exceptional level of comfort and when coupled with a jersey, appear as tailored shorts. Bib shorts are just as fitted as regular shorts, and you don’t need to wear any underwear underneath them.

Mountain bikers typically go for loose-fitting shorts, but a lot of touring riders prefer them too. You can wear cycling shorts that are not skin-tight for day-to-day activities, but usually, they come with a special insert and are designed to accommodate a wide range of movement while on a bike.

Pockets are strategically placed to not cause items to jostle out while riding a bike, something that can easily occur when not wearing cycling shorts.

Some riders prefer the ventilation provided by loose shorts. Search for shorts that fit closely so that they won’t become tangled on the saddle’s front when mounting the bike.

Removable Liner

A removable liner could be a terrific suggestion. Some removable liners attach to the shorts utilizing a clip system.

The liners included with the bike shorts are an extra bonus, although they aren’t essential. Many people can replace the lining of Lycra when it is necessary, as the lining is more likely to be worn out before the shorts themselves.

If the bike shorts do not have built-in padding, simply wear a set of cushioned lycra cycling shorts underneath.


For longer trips on your bike, ensure you don’t overheat. Ensuring the shorts you select are comfortable enough to allow air to circulate and keep you feeling cool.

Some shorts achieve a casual look by having a looser fit. Others will have a snugger fit but utilize mesh sections to permit airflow and more breathability.

The less constricting the shorts are, the better they will feel when worn for an extended length of time.

Best Lightweight Bike Shorts

The Pearl Izumi Canyon Bike Shorts provide a good option for those who would prefer a looser fit than the tight-fitting Lycra shorts. These shorts have a remarkably airy feel and the minimalist composition does not hamper pedalling in any way.

The shorts have a single zipped pocket on their right side. The waistband contains a mesh lining connected to it. In conclusion, these shorts were made for bicycling specifically and should not be used for anything else.

These shorts are especially suitable for biking in warm weather since they come with a Velcro belt that enables you to adjust the waist and the material is very breathable and lightweight.

In conclusion, these are the optimal cycling shorts for touring and bike-packing in hot climates.


You will be shelling out quite a bit of money for your pants and you expect them to stay in good condition for a long period. You must guarantee that these items are sturdy enough to withstand the environment they are in and they won’t disintegrate after being used for a few months.

Generally, the removable liner inside the bike shorts will be more quickly worn out compared to the shorts themselves because the shorts themselves are much tougher than the lycra liners.


Buying quality gear doesn’t always mean buying expensive gear. Sometimes it is important to find something that is economical but still works properly.


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