Top 11 Running Shoes In 2023

On the lookout for your go-to running shoe? Finding running shoes is personal. It doesn’t matter what someone else claims, there isn’t a single perfect pair of shoes for everybody.

To maintain maximum comfort when running, it is essential to discover the optimal running shoe that corresponds to your foot shape (wide, narrow, a high arch or flat feet), gait, and surface.

Apart from ensuring the right fit of your running shoe, it is equally essential to choose a sneaker that provides the optimal amount of cushioning and support so that you can stay comfy while covering the numerous miles you will run.

If you’re searching for a shoe to set out running in, a tough path shoe suitable for your next ultramarathon, or a well-padded regular trainer for weekend runs, our guide to the best running shoes will assist you with finding the ideal pair.

Check out our list below comparing the best shoes for running as well as how we tested them, who they’re best for and why we think you’ll love them:

1. ASICS GEL-Nimbus 24

The ASICS GEL-Nimbus 24 is a timeless style that features top-notch shock absorption which is ideal for both experienced and rookie runners who run regularly.

If you need long-lasting support and lots of comforts during your running routine, the ASICS GEL-Nimbus 24 is ideal for you due to its extra cushioning and comfortable fit.

ASICS has incorporated their FF BLAST PLUS material into the midsole, thereby creating the Nimbus model that is lighter and more comfortable than ever before. These shoes provide ample cushioning to give a luxuriously soft feeling while running, but they still offer enough support to keep your feet from sinking into the floor.

The ASICS GEL-Nimbus 24 is excellent for all sorts of athletic activities due to its snug fit and general flexibility.

The Nimbus 24 provides an excellent experience while running long distances or during your typical day of training, no matter how long the journey is. It’s perfect for new runners and seasoned marathoners alike.

The softly padded surface and ASICS’ GEL technology ensure a comfortable experience without being overly squishy. When you begin running for longer distances, it is important to have a pair of shoes that are comfortable and provide enough space for your feet.

2. Brooks Ghost 15

Open Ghost 15 image number 2 inside the gallery

The Brooks Ghost 15 has the potential to be another great success in the market, being the newest iteration of the award-winning sneaker that has been one of the most popular models.

This latest version of Brooks DNA Loft v2 foam is incredibly lightweight and cushiony, providing an even sweeter ride, regardless of the workout you’re doing.

The Ghost 15 is a great shoe for everyday running because it has a lightweight and durable fabric upper and an ergonomic 3D fit print that fits snugly around your foot.

The Ghost 15 offers instant cushioning, but combining its grippy outsole with its response rate makes it suitable for various types of fitness activities, from long runs to slower rest days and intense workouts.

The Brooks Ghost 15 can handle just about anything. The DNA Loft v2 foam midsole situated between the inner and outer soles provides a smooth feel while the lightweight upper of the shoe supports and encircles the foot for a comforting run.

You’ll love the straightforward fit and easy ride. Brooks keeps working to perfect the Ghost so that it can effectively be used for casual jogging, lengthy runs, strolling, and even some speedier exercise.

3. HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 8

HOKA Clifton 8 is an extraordinary choice for runners looking for maximum cushioning, impact reduction, and an accommodating fit.

Typical of HOKA, the Clifton 8 features a substantial layer of EVA foam for nothing less than delightful comfort the entire way. Don’t let the great height of the Clifton deceive you; it’s incredibly light and bouncy, so there’s no need to change out of them for both tempo runs and days off!

No matter the size of your feet, the HOKA Clifton 8 has been shaped with a roomy toe box and an extended heel border to fit different sizes of feet and avoid any painful chafing.

The Clifton is superb for lengthy sprints and fast speeds, but it’s also great for slow tours and easy strolling. You won’t feel weighed down by the lightness, and the cushioning is strong and resilient.

Cushion, cushion, cushion. The Clifton 8 provides an uplifting, invigorating experience that surpasses all previous offerings. The EVA foam provides a lightweight yet secure feel to your feet.

4. Karhu Ikoni

Karhu Shoes 8 Karhu Ikoni 2.0 Men's Running Shoes AW22 - Up and Running

Karhu shoes are constructed based off of 3D foot scan information to create a particularly pleasant experience for runners who are looking for neutral shoes. The foam in the middle of the shoe is incredibly light, providing lots of support even when walking long distances.

Individuals who typically utilize orthotic inserts to obtain the perfect fit will benefit from the Ikoni. If you’d like to keep your insoles, it’s possible as the Ikoni features a detachable sock liner with enough room for you to place it inside.

All of your miles. The Ikoni is perfect for daily use, no matter if you’re getting in a workout or going for a jog to unwind. The tailored fit is effective for a lot of people since it was crafted based on information from numerous individuals. Also, a version is available with a broad fit for joggers requiring it.

5. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v12


The New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v12 is extremely versatile. It is difficult to ignore the merits of 1080 v12, no matter if you are a beginner or a skilled runner, regardless of long distances or fast-paced days.

Fresh Foam provides a soft, balanced backing to each step you take, helping to buff the effect of running on pavement, giving you a springy experience with every workout. The 1080 v12 has a light feel, making it an ideal choice to wear for regular exercise since nobody wants a cumbersome shoe.

The woven upper is designed to fit snugly like a sock, with areas that are both flexible and supportive.

New Balance altered the heel area from what they previously had, inserting a more conventional, cushioned heel counter for a better-suited fit. The length of the forefoot is sufficient for toes to spread naturally and the 1080 v12 is available in wider and extra-wide sizes.

By running great distances and putting in a lot of effort, the activity is suitable for someone who has just started, regardless of their experience.

The 1080 v12 is very light and comfortable, providing you with an ideal foundation to enhance your training and finish off on a high. The flexible material used for the top of the shoe doesn’t cause your foot to be constricted or flattened, providing you with a much more pleasant experience when you walk long distances.

6. Mizuno Wave Rider 26

The Mizuno Wave Rider 26 is a very accessible running shoe, primarily due to its comfort and dependability.

The Energy foam underfoot gives you a well-balanced cushioning and response to assist you in transitioning from activities such as speed work to recovery runs with ease. The Wave Plate on this shoe helps to spread out the force of impact, making the Wave Rider 26 a reliable and robust shoe suitable for everyday use.

This shoe, the Wave Rider 26, is an ideal selection if you have a normal stride and desire an even and vigorous experience for jogging and competing in road competitions. It also comes in a variety of sizes.

The Wave Rider 26 is designed to accommodate long distances. Mizuno Enerzy foam provides a smooth run, and a sturdy rubber sole provides grip and shields the midsole. The Wave Rider 26 allows you to get in a lot of miles during a workout, but it is also suitable for leisurely strolls with your pet.

7. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39

If you’re a big fan of Nike, it can be difficult to pick the top running shoes from their line. Although we are major fans of the Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next% during competition time, we know not each runner wants to take part, which is why the Pegasus 39 snuck into first place here.

After testing both options, the Nike Pegasus was the shoe of choice due to its versatility. The Nike Invincible Run was also a great everyday shoe, but it did not compare to the Pegasus.

The midsole of this shoe contains a suitable amount of React foam which makes it light and gives the runner a crisp sensation while in motion, without being too bouncy and causing a feeling of lack of stability.

The Pegasus is a reliable shoe that can handle whatever distance you want to run, whether it’s 26.2 miles in a marathon, your first 3.1 miles in a 5K, or something in between.

The Nike Pegasus has been so successful, that it is now in its 39th version. This is a testament to its success, and when you are purchasing a Pegasus, you can be assured that you are making a reliable investment.

The Nike Pegasus 39 is drastically better than the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 in terms of fit. It is more accurate to its size, and Nike added an extra Zoom Air unit in the heel to give a more responsive sensation.

It’s hard to identify whether it’s the lightweight design of the shoe compared to the Pegasus 38 or the presence of a second Zoom Air unit, but this shoe offers a springier feel while running.

8. New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080 v12

Pail of orange New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080 v12 gym shoes

It is certainly not necessary to possess numerous pairs of running shoes to be a runner.

If you are just getting started with running or have limited resources, you do not need many different pairs of running shoes to train for a race or increase your fitness level. One pair is all you need.

Investing in the New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v12 is an excellent option if you’re looking for a single pair of shoes.

This sneaker, the New Balance 1080v12, is incredibly adaptable. Not only is it ultra-cosy when going on lengthy runs, but it can also quickly shift into higher gear when you decide to step up the speed.

Testing of the 1080v12 revealed it to be much better than the 1080v11 in terms of fit. New Balance removed the shaped back of the shoe, which stirred up a lot of reactions from wearers of that model.

The flip side to this is that the shoe is larger than average – we recommend buying half a size smaller as they are particularly large. It can be irritating for runners if they don’t purchase the right size, especially if they are ordering it online.

9. Brooks Glycerin 20

The Glycerin, often described as Brooks’ most comfortable sneaker, is widely used among runners due to its excellent features.

The Glycerin 20 is the most impressive variation of the shoe yet – Brooks has exchanged the original DNA Loft midsole foam for the lighter and more resilient DNA Loft V3, a new, nitrogen-enriched midsole foam that was launched by Brooks in 2020, as part of the Aurora-BL range.

During experimenting, we observed that the Glycerin 20 is prime for lengthy and relaxed running sessions, but has the hidden capability of becoming quick when you require the speed.

The shoe comes in many sizes as well as three widths; medium (the average), wide, and narrow. Plus, the GTS edition provides extra support.

We noted the key disadvantage to Glycerin is its cost, especially considering it is not very functional. If your purpose is to start going or traverse the course, it will take a lot of effort to locate a shoe that is more comfortable than this one to do it in.

10. Adidas Ultraboost 22

When Adidas made its debut of the Ultraboost in February 2015, the response from avid runners was explosive due to the new ‘Boost’ foam that genuinely made running seem more enjoyable.

After seven years, Adidas’ Ultraboost continues to be one of the most famous running shoes. Its popularity can be attributed to its great design, comfort, and amazing feel underfoot.

An all-female team of designers constructed the Ultraboost 22 specifically for women who run.

Adidas utilized 1.2 million scans of female feet to revamp their Ultraboost 21, resulting in the creation of the Ultraboost 22 which has a thinner heel, a lower arch, and a distinctive S-shape to the heel which allows the Achilles tendon to move more effortlessly.

In regards to the men’s style, there’s only a minor contrast between the Ultraboost 21 and 22. Nonetheless, it’s still terrifically springy, offering a significant amount of energy return when you move.

The bad news is how heavy these shoes are; they are one of the heavier shoes on this list. However, for most runners, this shouldn’t be an issue unless they are hoping to win a race.

11. Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% 2

Nike - Women's ZoomX Vaporfly Next% 2 - Running shoes

For race day, the Nike Vaporfly Next% 2 is unbeatable. It’s no surprise that the roads at marathons are often filled with this shoe as it has gained immense popularity and certainly is worthy of such recognition.

Nike’s ZoomX foam is the most lightweight and reactive cushioning material they produce and a full-length carbon fibre plate provides superior energy return for a powerful and rapid toe-off. The shoe runs quickly, is extremely light and is exactly the right size.

The downside to these shoes is that they are expensive and may not provide many miles of wear.

Nike does not disclose how many miles one shoe can last, but customarily, it is esteemed that these particular shoes should not be used for a lot of training runs. If you have the money to buy them and you desire a good PR, you won’t regret it.

What to look for in the best running shoes

Considering certain elements is an essential part of locating the most suitable running shoes for you. Firstly, how you run.

It would be a wise decision to go to a running store to get your gait evaluated before purchasing a pair of shoes. If you roll your foot inwards excessively, it may be advantageous to get a stable shoe to avert injury.

Secondly, where do you plan on running.? If you’re looking to log most of your distance on the sidewalks near your residence, you’ll need a road shoe that is meant to handle the shock.

If you plan on doing some trekking, you will need footwear featuring an outsole that offers great traction on rocky, wet and muddy surfaces.

If you’re searching for a PB (personal best), you will require a running shoe with a few features which will provide fast results, such as carbon plates and very responsive midsoles.

Lastly, how often you run. A marathoner will need different types of running shoes compared to someone who occasionally runs 5K races. If you don’t consider yourself an avid runner but instead only run occasionally at the gym, you can purchase a more cost-effective shoe.


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