Top 12 Running Shoes In 2023

On the lookout for your go-to running shoe? Finding running shoes is personal. No one can tell you that a particular pair of glasses is perfect for everyone.

It is essential to discover a running shoe that perfectly fits your stride, podiatric structure, and running surface to remain comfortable while you run.

Aside from the right fit, it’s necessary to have a sneaker that provides the correct measure of support and cushion to stay comfortable while you cover a lot of distance with them.

If you need running shoes, our guide to the top options can help you find the appropriate one for your activity, whether it be for a running beginner, an ultra marathon, or a comfy pair for your weekend runs.

To alleviate any confusion and help you get the ideal running shoe, we have chosen and curated a list of the best men’s and women’s running shoes that are available for purchase today.

These running shoes have gone through the paces, having all been worn for at least 50 miles across the road, on trails, and on the treadmill.

1. ASICS GEL-Nimbus 25

This choice model, the ASICS GEL-Nimbus 25, is ideal for everyone from novices to experienced runners as the cushioning provides adequate protection for everyday training.

If you’re seeking shoes that last long and offer plenty of padding as well as an ample amount of space for your feet, then the ASICS GEL-Nimbus 25 is an ideal choice. The ASICS designers have upped the ante by adding more of their FF BLAST PLUS ECO foam to the midsole of the Nimbus, creating the softest iteration of the shoe so far.

They also included their up-to-the-minute Pure-GEL technology in the back of the shoe to mitigate the shock of running and allow for smoother transitions. The ASICS GEL-Nimbus 25 is a great choice if you’re looking for a comfortable and multi-purpose shoe for any activity.

The Nimbus 25 is ideal for either long-distance runs or regular workouts, providing an enjoyable experience regardless of the length of the run. This footwear is suitable for people of any running level, from novice to advanced, as well as those who stand for hours at a time.

The soft cushioning and the Pure-GEL technology from ASICS work together to provide a comfortable journey, but without a lack of firmness. The generous sizing allows for easy movement and comfort during extended runs when you begin running more miles.

2. Brooks Ghost 15

Open Ghost 15 image number 1 inside the gallery

The Brooks Ghost is a highly lauded shoe that is one of the most sought-after models available – and the Ghost 15 appears to be just as successful.

The new and improved Brooks DNA Loft V2 foam contributes to creating an effortless and comfortable experience when running, regardless of what type of training you participate in, and is now lighter and more cushioning than it has ever been. The Ghost 15 is an ideal shoe for everyday use, as its engineered mesh upper is both resilient and lightweight. Additionally, the 3D fit print gives your foot the snug fit it needs for comfort.

The Ghost 15 offers a comfortable step right away and still works great for lengthy runs, recuperation sessions, and fast-paced workouts because it has a sturdy sole that increases its responsiveness.

The Brooks Ghost 15 can handle just about anything. The lightweight upper of the DNA Loft v2 foam midsole gives you a smooth feeling, while still gently wrapping around your foot for a cosy ride.

You’ll love the straightforward fit and easy ride. Brooks is continually perfecting the Ghost to make a running shoe that is great for easy runs, lengthy runs, walking and even some speedier exercises.

3. HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 8

HOKA Clifton 8 is an ideal choice for runners looking for maximum cushioning, shock-absorbing capabilities, and a spacious fit.

As is usual with HOKA’s designs, the Clifton 8 offers an impressive layer of EVA foam padding which gives exceptional comfort to the wearer throughout numerous miles. Do not be deceived by the significant height of the Clifton; it is so light and sprightly that you won’t have to switch shoes between slower-paced runs and faster-paced runs.

The HOKA Clifton 8 has a roomy toe box and flared heel collar to provide a safe, snug fit for any foot size without causing any painful rubbing.

The Clifton will carry you for an extended jog and fast-paced speed walking, plus it is ideal for taking a leisurely stroll or an easy stroll. You won’t be hampered by the lightness, and the cushioning will survive any situation.

Cushion, cushion, cushion. The Clifton 8 provides you with an exhilarating and dynamic experience like never before. You’ll appreciate the cushion and security you get from the EVA foam that is underneath your feet.

4. Karhu Ikoni

Karhu Men's Ikoni Ortix 2021 Running Shoe Glacier Grey/Dark Blue / 7.5

Karhu’s shoes are generated using three-dimensional foot scan facts, which assist the brilliant Finns in charge of the company to create a singularly cosy feel for those who execute neutral jogging. The foam in the middle of the shoes is very lightweight and gives a lot of cushioning when running long distances every day.

The Ikoni is a great option for those who generally rely on orthotic insoles to get the ideal fit. You can keep your shoe inserts and still use the Ikoni since it has a removable sock liner and enough room for the inserts to fit.

All of your miles. The Ikoni shoe is an excellent choice for any casual activity—from a marathon practice to going for a jog to de-stress.

The tailored fit is popular with a lot of people because it was created using information from a large number of individuals. Also, there is an option for an extended size for joggers who require it.

5. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v12

The New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v12 is capable of doing almost anything. From rookie joggers to expert racers, it’s hard to not adore 1080 v12, with its mixture of long runs and fast days.

The Pillowy Fresh Foam has an ultra-cosy, impartial cushioning that absorbs the shock of pavement running, delivering a springy sensation with every stride. The low weight of the 1080 v12 makes it an ideal pick for daily exercising because no one enjoys wearing heavy shoes.

The knit upper has an excellent fit, similar to a sock, and features elastic and supportive areas. New Balance changed the heel from the outdated model and put a conventional, cushioned heel counter in there for a superior fit. The space in the front of the shoe is ample enough to allow the toes to stretch out naturally, and extra-wide versions of the 1080 v12 are also available.

This distance and difficulty are ideal for long-term athletes, yet newcomers to the exercise can feel just as comfortable with even the most basic effort.

The 1080 v12 is lightweight and has comfortable cushioning, which makes it the ideal base for challenging yourself and completing your workout with success. The flexible upper material won’t constrict or press down on your foot, making it more comfortable when the distance covered increases.

6. Mizuno Wave Rider 26

The Mizuno Wave Rider 26 is well-known for providing a secure, reliable fit that makes it an inviting choice for runners of all levels.

Energy foam underfoot supplies low-impact shock absorption and an appropriate amount of responsiveness, making it simple to transition between a fast workout or a slower recuperation jog. The particular Wave Plate in this product assists in dissipating shock and allows the Wave Rider 26 to withstand regular use.

The Wave Rider 26 is available in a variety of sizes and is an ideal pick for individuals who maintain a typical running pattern and want a symmetrical, vibrant feel for regular exercise and marathons.

The Wave Rider 26 is constructed to tolerate high distances. Mizuno Enerzy foam delivers a balanced experience, and the tough rubber outsole provides grip and safeguards the midsole.

The Wave Rider 26 is an incredibly useful and versatile partner for any exercise regimen, being reliable for running long distances, as well as suitable for leisurely walks with your pet.

7. On Cloudmonster

On Mens Cloudmonster Shoes Eclipse | Turmeric

The On Cloudmonster offers exceptional cushioning that gives you a resilient and energetic stride.

This running sneaker provides a unique combination of two layers of lightweight Helion foam and CloudTec cushioning to provide a soft touchdown and powerful take-off with every movement. Whether you are running, strolling, or jumping, these shoes will offer you a pleasant landing and explosive power.

This shoe is designed with a rocker form to guarantee a smooth run, and the Speedboard aids with quick starts. The reviewers who put the Cloudmonster to the test were pleased with how it delivered at all kinds of paces and exercise routines in our review of it.

The Cloudmonster also has an eye-catching style that goes perfectly with a casual outfit for a quick trip to get coffee or a night on the town.

The Cloudmonster is perfect for any race or exercise session. The exceptional CloudTec elements give shock absorption in all directions, so you can join a 10-mile run or reap the benefit of the extra cushion for a HIIT course.

The distinctive Cloud Element midsole and Speedboard offer a quick and thrilling journey. The combination of two layers of helion foam creates a mega-soft and comfortable surface, while still being able to move quickly.

8. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 Running Shoe

If you’re partial to Nike apparel, selecting the prime Nike running shoes may be a difficult decision. Even though the Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next% is one of our favourite shoes for racing, not everyone enjoys running races, so we placed the Pegasus 39 at the top of our list.

It was a tough decision between the Nike Invincible Run and the Pegasus, but eventually, it was determined that the Pegasus was the best for a variety of uses during the testing period.

The midsole of this shoe offers just the right amount of React foam which makes it both lightweight and energetic, without making the shoe too bouncy and thus making the run feel unsteady. The Pegasus is an extremely versatile shoe; it is suitable for any lengthy event from a full marathon to a short 5K.

It would appear that the Pegasus shoe has something positive going on as it has already gone through 39 variations, giving you the assurance that it will be dependable.

The Nike Pegasus 39 is significantly better than the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38, as it fits true to size and an additional Zoom Air unit has been placed in the heel for increased responsiveness.

Whether it is the lightness of the shoe compared to the Pegasus 38 or the extra Zoom Air unit, it is evident that the outcome is a shoe that is noticeably energized during a run.

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 was selected as the winner of our Tom’s Guide Health and Fitness awards in 2022 as it can adapt to a large variety of uses and is very durable.

9. Brooks Glycerin 20

Open Glycerin 20 image number 1 inside the gallery

The Glycerin, dubbed by Brooks as the ‘most comforting shoe’, is an incredibly well-liked running shoe that is sure to meet and exceed expectations.

The Glycerin 20 is the greatest version of the shoe, with the DNA Loft V3 replacing the DNA Loft midsole foam. This foam is lighter, more responsive, and contains nitrogen, which was first used by Brooks in the Aurora-BL last year.

Trying the Glycerin 20 out in trials, we saw that it is perfect for those leisurely, extended runs, but is also able to turn the speed up when necessary.

This shoe comes in various sizes, plus three widths: the standard medium, wide, and narrow. Moreover, Brooks has introduced a version with extra support, calling it ‘GTS’.

We discovered that Glycerin is not the most affordable option among all running shoes, particularly as it is not suitable for every terrain. If your purpose is to rush into something or move around the area, it would be very difficult to locate a better footwear to do this with than a comfortable one.

10. Brooks Ghost 14


It is a misconception in the footwear industry that the only distinction between men’s and women’s running shoes is the colour.

It might be difficult to tell with the naked eye, but ladies’ shoes are intended to be worn by women, whose feet tend to be more slender and petite than those of males. If we use Brooks as a benchmark, the normal width for females is B-sized, in contrast to D-sized for males.

The Ghost 14 is a great shoe for everyone, but it deserves particular attention as a women’s sneaker due to its enhanced fitting, making it a very cosy fit even for those with more prominent arches.

Brooks running shoes have a reputation for being plush and cosy, and the Ghost 14 is certainly no exception; especially during extended runs. The Ghost 14 comes in a range of widths, including narrow, regular, wide, and extra-wide, making it simpler to locate the ideal size.

Similar to the Glycerin 19, the Ghost 14 has Brooks’ ‘DNA LOFT’ cushioning for a soft step feeling, but it is slightly more supportive, which makes it ideally suited for running that is quicker and for shorter distances. The Ghost costs $20 less than the Glycerin, making it a bit more economical.

11. Adidas Ultraboost 22

White Ultraboost 22 Made with Nature Shoes

When Adidas unveiled its initial Ultraboost shoe in February 2015, runners everywhere were enamoured with the responsive ‘Boost’ foam that was incredibly buoyant when used.

It has been seven years since the Ultraboost was released, and it remains a favourite for those who enjoy Adidas sneakers. It continues to be an attractive choice due to its aesthetically pleasing design and incredible comfort; wearing the Ultraboost is a pleasurable experience.

An all-female design group created the Ultraboost 22, particularly for female runners. Adidas gathered scans of 1.2 million female feet and utilized them as the foundation for the re-construction of the Ultraboost 21, ensuring the 22 would have a narrower heel, lower instep, and an S-shaped heel that would afford the Achilles tendon a wider range of movement.

For the male model, not a lot of variability can be observed between the Ultraboost 21 and 22, even so, it is still very springy, providing a considerable level of energy return in the foot.

The bad news is that these shoes are heavier than others on the list; however, most runners probably don’t need to be too concerned with this, unless they’re serious about winning a race.

12. Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% 2

On competition day, the Nike Vaporfly Next% 2 is the best there is. You can definitely understand why this specific shoe is so popular among marathon runners when you look around a race; it is a shoe that is seen everywhere!

The ZoomX foam used by Nike is their lightest and most briskly reactive midsole, and a full-length carbon fibre plate is integrated for a quicker start. The shoe is speedy and incredibly lightweight, and the sizing is accurate.

The downside of this item is that is quite costly – these shoes require a substantial amount of money, around £200 and may not last you an extended period.

It is commonly assumed that when used as a race shoe, Nike will not hold up to a lot of distance running; thus, it is not suggested that you use them for your training runs. If you can manage to purchase them and you wish to obtain a Public Relations opportunity, you will be pleased with the outcome.


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