Top 13 Running Underwear For Triathletes

If you are thinking about changing your exercise routine by purchasing lots of gym clothes, don’t overlook the importance of having a nice set of activewear underwear.

If I’m being straightforward: how comfortable is it wearing those new PEs if you’re sweating and looking good from the outside? Nation shorts?

The incorrect style of boxer briefs won’t just lead to a build-up of germs while exercising, but could be a factor in any skin irritation you may have endured when running, either outdoors or on a treadmill.

What separates specialized sports underwear from regular boxer briefs is the additional protection it gives to private areas.

Designs focused on comfort and performance are created to offer features such as stretching, protection, and fast drying.

If you experience excessive sweating in your groin area, even when not doing exercise, having a selection of sports-driven boxers in your underwear drawer might be the lifesaver you have been looking for.

As the fitness and underwear markets continue to expand, it is increasingly easier and cheaper to find ergonomic undies to achieve a more comfortable workout experience.

What to look for in running underwear

When you are looking for the right fit for your workouts, the primary factor to consider in your new, cosy base layer is the fabric: both what it is made up of and how it has been made.

Athletic boxers should be tight-fitting, but be sure to pick fabrics that wick away moisture and dry quickly such as lycra, spandex, polyamide, merino wool, or even bamboo.

In relation to avoiding chafing, it is best to construct items out of these materials with the least amount of seams.

In order to get the most out of your new pants, it is crucial to find a four-way stretch fabric. This flexibility will give you the ease of movement throughout intense activities such as side lunges and weighted step-ups.

To increase the effectiveness of these positives, think about investing in a tailored set of compression shorts or running tights created with the same objectives in mind.

1. WoolX Lila

Woolx Women's Lila Base-Layer-Underwear

This piece of clothing is suited for runners who want the maximum amount of coverage when it comes to wearing underwear. In all sincerity, the decision of what to wear while running should be based on what makes you feel the most comfortable. Occasionally, joggers desire lingerie that can also be their go-to for day-to-day usage on their days away from running.

These boy shorts are great for both. Although artificial materials usually provide the greatest advantage, merino wool possesses remarkable advantages. (Don’t worry – it’s not the heavy, scratchy kind!)

  • Body fabric: 83% lightweight and soft Australian Merino wool; 5% spandex
  • No-roll waistband means these stay put
  • Seams in the front deliver chafe-free comfort
  • boy short design means they won’t cut in at the legs
  • optimal airflow and ventilation allows for breathability
  • antimicrobial removes odour-causing bacteria
  • There is also a thong option available
  • These have excellent reviews – many said they were surprised by how soft and breathable they were

We have now concluded our review of the best women’s underwear to stop chafing. But wait, there’s more! Are you a woman who suffers from bladder leakage? Sadly, this is a typical occurrence for women who have had children.

2. Speax by Thinx Hiphugger Underwear

Thinx For All Hi-Waist Rhubarb

These undergarments were created specifically for females who suffer from urinary incontinence. However, these items create a sense of ease for female athletes and fit well beneath their running garments. They really do work!”

  • absorbent, quick-drying protection
  • holds up to 8 teaspoons of liquid for light to moderate bladder leaks (or period)
  • moisture-wicking, breathable and leak resistant means your thighs stay dry and free of chafing
  • neutralizes odour
  • completely reusable meaning you can avoid waste from pantyliners

Finally, if you are a female who has discomfort around the thigh area due to skin rubbing together, even the highest quality of underwear won’t be able to provide relief. Many women struggle with this, and there are excellent shorts that can address this problem.

Ensure you are buying the accurate size – the fit should be snug on your legs to prevent them from riding up, but it should not be so tight it compresses around your waist. Ensure you select a pair of shoes that will keep your feet dry and remain in place while you exercise – even if you choose to take part in a marathon.

3. Adidas Men’s Sport Performance Climalite Boxer Brief Underwear

Sport Performance Men's Climalite Boxer Briefs Underwear (2-Pack) Boxer Brief Underwear (2-Pack) (Pack of 2)

My top recommendation is these undies- not only do they work well for any type of activity, they also offer a wide selection of colours and patterns. Choices are always good. Rave reviews are making these my top choice.

4. Neleus Men’s 3-Pack Compression Short with Pocket

ThesNELEUS Men's 3 Pack Compression Shorte garments are meant to be worn as shorts, however, a considerable amount of males would choose to wear them without any additional clothing. Although it isn’t a necessity, these sorts of pants could be ideal for running shorts by themselves.

If you prefer to be modest, these items can serve well as underwear. Getting underwear with a spot in it to carry your cell phone is pretty great if you ask me! You can have continued access to music while running, so these are a great option.

New Balance Men's 6" Boxer Brief Fly Front with Pouch, 3-Pack of 6 Inch Tagless Underwear

New Balance, a well-known running business, offers cost-efficient boxer briefs for men. This enables them to locate a favoured pair of underwear without having to search through their dirty laundry.

These items are constructed out of a thin polyester-spandex cloth, which helps to circulate air and pull away perspiration while making sure you remain comfortable and dry throughout your exercise.

These boxer briefs are highly praised for their comfort and their ability to keep your skin feeling smooth and cool. This four-way stretch fabric provides support for you while running and the no-ride inseam guarantees no uncomfortable bunching or chafing.

These items are designed to last with superior quality and come in sizes from Small to Double Extra Large. They also come in an array of colours.

6. REI Co-op Active Hipster Underwear

On Body Image of color Nightshade

You should consider purchasing these hipster briefs from REI if you typically go for runs in warm weather since they would be a great choice to wear while running, specially designed for female runners

These products are crafted from anti-odour technology and polyester mesh, designed to draw away sweat to keep you feeling comfortable and dry. The elastic material helps the gloves to fit snugly, keeping them secure while you are out running.

These items come in a range of sizes 00 to 16 and are adept at drying speedily, so they are ideal for when you’re on the road or have to clean the undies in a hurry.

Distance runners require undergarments that won’t ride up, bunch, or cause soreness, and the briefs from Under Armor satisfy all those requirements. These garments are crafted from a highly stretchable fabric that ensures a cosy yet secure fit and has an excellent capacity to get rid of moisture.

These hipster bottoms have an adapted fit which gives the perfect amount of coverage, yet are free of tags so rubbing or chafing is eliminated. This product is ideal for female runners who want to remain dry, chafe-free, and feel comfortable and fashionable. It is made to be very durable.

Ladies who require relaxation and maximum exertion can opt for thongs as their undergarments.

This set of Under Armor is constructed with a lightweight yet strong material and designed with a four-way stretch fabric that is breathable and dries rapidly. The edges of the item are very velvety, providing a nearly imperceptible fit, and the laser cutting offers a wide area of movement.

This garment’s lack of tags and seams make it incredibly comfortable, so you won’t need to worry about any chafing. Its anti-odour technology absorbs moisture fast, and its superior fit means no bunching or digging in.

If you’re a fan of wearing underwear when running but don’t want to be aware of it, these are great selections for you.

ExOfficio Women's Give-N-Go Bikini Brief

ExOfficio underwear is perfect for athletes due to its superior drying and sweat-wicking abilities, making it an excellent choice for avoiding discomfort and rubbing during intense activity.

Following a wash, these items are ready to be worn within a few hours, making them ideal for people on the go on holiday. These clothes have the ideal amount of stretchiness, so they fit securely and do not gather up or move up the body.

You won’t need to worry about bad odours with these bikini briefs, as they are specifically designed to be odour-resistant and antibacterial. ExOfficio briefs come in sizes 0 through 18, making them a great pick to stay fresh, chill, and cosy.

If you detest your underwear causing discomfort and you don’t want anyone to be able to see the edges of your panties, the bikini brief collection from New Balance could be the ideal choice for you. The construction of the garment without tags and stitches offers comfort and gives a neat look when wearing beneath clothes.

The combination of nylon and spandex provides a lightweight feel which absorbs sweat and keeps you smelling fresh. You will also be cool, comfortable and dry.

These briefs are built to last, maintaining their colour and shape even with multiple washes. Sizes ranging from 4 to 16 are offered, and the colour palette is varied.

Plus, these clothes are available in all sizes from extra small to extra-large and are equipped with UnderArmor’s anti-odour technology for a long-lasting, fresh feeling.

Balanced Tech’s bikini briefs are our top pick for running due to their outstanding moisture control, cosiness, and toughness. Even when you’re putting in a long, sweaty workout, these briefs are perfect.

This fabric, comprised of soft, lightweight nylon and elastane, stretches to fit your form in four ways, providing plenty of support. The waistband of these garments sits at waist level and offers a decent amount of coverage, with no panty lines showing.

The lack of breaks in the fabric reduces rubbing and irritation, while the anti-bacterial and moisture-absorbing properties ensure that you stay dry, odour-free, and pleasant. They also make sure you don’t get a wedgie and don’t slide down your legs as you’re running.

These briefs come in a range from size 0 to 18 and are offered in several colours, offering excellent value for money.

For exceptional mobility and comfort, it’s tough to beat these men’s Boxerjock boxer briefs from Under Armor.

They’re made with a stretchy fabric that quickly pulls moisture away from the skin, so chafing during your long training runs isn’t an issue. Plus, UA’s anti-odour technology helps prevent the growth of odour-causing bacteria.

These undergarments fit snugly, like a glove, without pinching or irritating your skin. These undergarments are so light and don’t have tags that you hardly feel like you have anything on beneath your shorts.

Select from a variety of colours and sizes ranging from S up to 5XL to identify the ideal fit for your upcoming jog.

TReebok Women's Underwear - Seamless Hipster Briefs (5 Pack)hough this particular running underwear costs more than others of a less expensive variety, the fit and fabric that is both technical and fast-drying, results in a great value for a high-grade product.

These Reebok hipster panties are designed with lightweight, flexible performance material and they keep their shape despite wear and tear. The items remain stationary, so there is no requirement to adjust them while in motion or fear them dropping.

This design has no uncomfortable seams and won’t cause irritating chafing or visible panty lines, and it can be purchased at a cost that won’t break your budget. A selection of five pieces in a range of colours and dimensions from 4 to 18 is available.

Women Runners – here’s what to look for in a pair of running underwear:

– Obviously, you’re going to sweat a lot when you run, especially if it’s a 20-mile long run in the middle of summer.

You want that sweat pulled away from your body. This will reduce the amount of chafing, as

reminds us. Thinner weaves and mesh help with this.

Comfortable Fabric – just as cotton should be mostly avoided in rest of your running gear, it should be in your underwear, too. 100% cotton holds sweat and is not at all quick-drying. Synthetic fabrics or blends usually work much better.
– This part is key! When women’s underwear are seamless, it means that the underwear aren’t pinching your body which can be really uncomfortable.
Seamless underwear lay flat all over and won’t dig in against your skin. This is includes the seam underneath. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up with a pair that rubs you raw right where your leg meets your crotch…and that hurts!
Leak Protection
– According to Phoenix Physical Therapy, stress incontinence (the kind that causes you to pee when you run) affects around 15 million women in the U.S.
Many female runners, especially those who’ve had children, are affected. Luckily there are some great leak-proof underwear options so you don’t have to worry about embarrassing leaks on your run.


Men Runners – here’s what to look for in a pair of running underwear:

– Moisture + rubbing is the recipe for chafing, so you want something that takes the sweat away from your skin.

Most of these boxer briefs are like a second pair of shorts you’re wearing so you’re going to heat up very quickly if you’re not wearing a pair that wicks away sweat. This will ensure you stay dry even during the longest of runs.
Comfortable Fabric – What your underwear is made of matters a lot. Cotton boxer briefs might feel great for day-to-day wear, but they’re not a good choice for running. Your best bet is a synthetic fabric blend.
Stays Put
– Since you want a chafe-free running experience, you need a pair of underwear that stays in place. Make sure that they fit snugly so you can be confident they won’t ride up at any point during your run.
Phone Pocket
– Finding a place to put your phone can be annoying, but eitherbuying shorts that have a liner with a pocket built in
or using separate underwear with a phone pocket is a great place to store it.

Side notes

Search for underwear for exercising that is constructed with a lightweight, fast-drying, and elastic material. Anti-odor technology is also a nice feature to have.

There are a selection of sizes to choose from and the garments are constructed in a way which limits chafing and provides comfort, making for an enjoyable running experience. Our investigation looked into underwear designed for running concerning the materials used, stitchings, design, cost-effectiveness and whether or not it would fit well for men and women.


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