Top 15 Rash Guards For Women

For those used to participating in water sports and hanging around the beach often, wearing a surf rash guard is common, however, it isn’t something that a lot of people don’t utilize as a means to switch up their swimming gear when they go to take a dip in the pool or spend a day at the shore.

No matter which outdoor pursuit is your top choice in summer– be it surfing, diving, or even swimming – wearing a rash guard can help protect you from the damaging effects of the sun’s UV radiation.

According to Thomas Cravarezza, the founder of Manly Surf School, it is essential to put on a rash guard with a UV shield when the UV exposure is very intense.

There is a vast selection of rash guards available in various colours, fabrics, sleeve lengths, and protection levels. When buying a rash guard, it is essential to find one that has all your desired qualities, as well as the correct level of protection.

We consulted a professional surf instructor when choosing the best items available; we also took into account the price, material, and how they fit.

Originally developed for surfers, rash guards were shirts worn for swimming to prevent chafing and abrasions on the chest from the textured surface of the surfboard – consequently, named ‘rash guards’. But they’re for more than just surfers, in fact, they are becoming increasingly popular with anyone who enjoys the water for these activities:

  • For a day at the beach or pool – SPF swim shirts can protect you from the sun, while still being stylish, comfortable, and easy to move in.
  • For kayaking or canoeing – A women’s rash guard shirt worn underneath a lifejacket will stop it rubbing against your skin without you getting cold, as you would wearing a normal t-shirt.
  • For avid snorkelers – A rash guard swim shirt will give your body better sun protection as you float on the surface. This is especially needed as a lot of reefs are now protected and don’t allow sunscreen—even those deemed as “reef safe”.
  • For scuba divers – A rash shirt is an essential part of my dive kit. For warm weather diving it can add a layer of protection against coral and stings, plus against the rub of a BCD. For colder diving, the best rash guard for this can be worn underneath a wetsuit and makes it easier to slip on, while also providing an extra layer of warmth.

1. Kanu Surf Long Sleeve Rash Guard Women

This Kanu Surf rash guard includes an eye-catching logo screenprint and a long raglan seam-sleeve design, with a stylish banded crew neckline. Put this garment on top of your swimsuit for additional protection from the sun.

This women’s swim shirt has sun protection built in with UPF 50 coverage and the trendy pattern is sure to go with any other plain-coloured swimwear you have.

Kanu Rashguards have been specially tailored to meet the needs of both expert and novice surfers, as well as people who just enjoy doing sports recreationally. These would be perfect for a beach or swimming outing, as well as just relaxing. You can purchase the item in any size from XS to XL or from 1X to 3X in a solid colour.

2. Body Glove Women’s Rash Guard Long Sleeve

This attractive female rash guard by Body Glove offers a high neck design and a UPF50 (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating. This is the perfect thing to bring to the lake, ocean, or poolside! It will be useful for swimming, boating, or just sunbathing and is luminous enough that you’ll be seen by people or vehicles on the water.

The design is body-hugging and customers have remarked that it is a bit more substantial than the typical swim shirts.

3. Roxy Women’s Long Sleeve Rash Guards

This Roxy rash guard for women features a stylish logo design that is sure to catch everyone’s eye. The Roxy label is designed specifically for female shoppers, giving it’s cut a more flattering and well-fitted shape, complete with flatlock seams that won’t create uncomfortable friction against the body. UPF of 50 keeps you sun safe too.

Many people have praised this product, and one customer commented saying, “I am so pleased with the way this rash guard fits; it’s incredibly comfortable, and no sunburns!” Perfect for paddle boarding”

4. VOLCOM Women’s Plus Size Swim Shirt

Simply Core Rashguard - BLACK (O0312301_BLK) [F]

This Volcom rash guard for women has a crew neckline, making it perfect for all kinds of water sports. The design is form-fitting and provides a slim look and a UPF rating of 50 for sun protection.

This top made of fast-drying material is available in either traditional black or white shades. This simple classic garment is an ideal addition to any wardrobe if you’re needing a plus-size rash guard. Also available in regular sizes XS-XL!

5. O Neill Rash Guard Women Long Sleeve

2023 O'Neill Womens Basic Skins Long Sleeve Crew Rash Vest 3549 - Fox Pink

O’Neill long sleeve surf shirts feel as if they are tailor-made for the wearer. This fabric, made from a combination of spandex and nylon, provides optimal flexibility in all directions, so you can move around freely whatever activities you take part in. Plus, it will protect you with built-in UPF50.

One user reported wearing a rash guard top every day for five weeks on a surfing trip. I never failed to apply sunscreen on my skin and the sun protection was outstanding. No burning, no tanning, no sun damage. Despite a lot of wear, the top is still in excellent condition.

This ATTRACO swim shirt has received high praise from shoppers who are looking for affordable women’s rash guard tops. The prints offered by them are very attractive and trendy, and the UPF50 coverage they guarantee is on par with that of the leading companies.

A user mentioned that the women’s rashguard they purchased fits them perfectly and the style was slimming. They didn’t need to use sunscreen while swimming around with stingrays in the ocean for four hours as the rashguard worked miraculously. Love it!

6. Coolibar Hokulani Women’s Swim Shirts

Women's Hokulani Ruche Swim Shirt UPF 50+

This Coolibar swim shirt is extra long, offering a similar look to that of a rash guard dress, allowing those who want to be more conservative to feel more at ease. The sides of the garment have gathered fabric, allowing you to alter them to any desired length.

This adult swim shirt has something that sets it apart from the rest with a built-in bra featuring lightly padded cups for support and a discreet front zipper to modify the coverage. It has UPF 50+.

7. Kanu Women’s Short Sleeve Rash Guard

This Kanu swims rash guard comes in many colours, and its form-fitting design is ideal for activities in the water. They certainly have a great familiarity with the aquatic environment!

The UPF50 can give you coverage when you’re both ashore and in the water. Customers have commented that the product is smaller than expected, and because it is a brand for underwater activity, it fits snugly around the neck to provide extra warmth. This item is also available in the form of a long-sleeved swim shirt for women.

8. Body Glove Rash Guard Women’s Short Sleeve

Body Glove Women's Rash Guard Shirt - Picture 2 of 12

Women’s Body Glove rash guards with their more flexible t-shirt style fit come in short sleeves. The products boast UPF50 protection from the sun and come in pale hues, as well as timeless black. Great for warm weather use and active watersports. Users indicate that the item runs a bit small, so it is advisable to get one size larger.

9. O’Neill Rash Guard Women’s Short Sleeve Tee

This O’Neill swim shirt has short sleeves and is composed of a combination of spandex and polyester that dries off quickly. It also features an ultraviolet protection factor of 40. This suit features a line that is extra length to make sure it won’t ride up while you’re taking part in aquatic activities, as well as smooth seams that won’t cause irritation or discomfort.


It is suggested that one should utilize Platinum Sun’s Unisex Thermal Swim Shirt when participating in aquatic activities in cold water. This rash guard is crafted from 100% polyester and is suitable for both genders. It can be worn as a mid-layer when the temperature is cold, or alone in more temperate climates.

We enjoy the fact that due to the fleece interior, this rash guard can be utilized for outdoorsy activities such as hiking, working out and skiing. And, it’s UPF 50+ rated for maximum protection.

This rash guard is a reliable choice if you don’t mind the cost and lack of colour options, and if you need something to wear year-round.

Pin on My Posh Picks

The J.Crew Active Zip-Up One-Piece has been constructed using recycled elements and provides UPF 50+ protection. This rash guard has an unusual and fashionable look due to the capped sleeves and zip-up neck, along with ample protection and cosiness.

This rash guard is great because it has an extended size range up to size 16! It has a plethora of bright colours that make it ideal for the sunny summer days.

This rash guard should be hand-washed, as it is crafted from recycled nylon and elastane. Be aware that this outfit does not have any added support for the torso, and individuals with lengthy trunks may not enjoy the way it fits.

If you require a rash guard with a distinctive look, we suggest you consider Platinum Sun’s Long Sleeve Rash Guard for Women. This rash guard is lightweight and airy, as well as equipped with an anti-slip silicone band that stops it from migrating upwards when navigating choppy water.

We appreciate the shoulder zipper as it should make it hassle-free to take the item off or put it on, even when it is wet.

Platinum Sun encourages users to hand-wash their rash guard as it helps preserve its colours. The item is quick-drying and does not retain odours. Some swimmers may find that the sizing runs too small.

This Rash Guard from Lululemon is our top pick because it is loose-fitting, made of comfortable material, and comes down to the hips. Plus, it can dry quickly.

This top feels like it’s not there at all due to the blending of nylon and elastane fabrics, which can also be located in higher-end Lululemon tights. This rash guard offers a good level of protection from the sun, as it is rated UPF 40+, an impressive status. Even though it is not the highest rating possible, it is still very reliable.

This rash guard is amazing because it sits a bit further down the waist than other similar clothing items and isn’t as form-fitting. It should be noted that there are only two colour options available and the cost is more expensive compared to other options.

For those wanting a rash guard that offers great protection from the sun’s UV rays along with full coverage of the upper body, Athleta’s North Point Rash Guard is the way to go. This rash guard has sleeves that extend to the wrists and is created with tough, recycled materials.

This item is ideal for several activities, such as kayaking or a day at the seashore. It dries quickly and has a zipper so you can easily slip it on and off, even when wet. The manufacturer of this rash guard suggests that it should be washed by hand, and some people may find the fit to be too snug.

We suggest the Body Glove Women’s Standard Smoothies Rash Guard as a lightweight and airy garment.

This rash guard is affordable and contains long sleeves. It can be purchased in an array of vibrant shades. This item provides the highest level of UPF 50+ shielding, the same as many other items in our catalogue.

This rash guard features flexibility with its combination of stretchy nylon and spandex. And stitching that is flat-stitched means that this top will remain comfortable, even if you’re in the saltwater for an extended period. It is advised by Body Glove that this top be washed by hand to help preserve its original hue.

What to Look for in the Best Rash Guards


You may not favour pale blues to coordinate with your rash guard to the shade of the sea, however darker or brighter colours (like brilliant yellow, pink, and red) are more successful at soaking up ultraviolet beams than light hues.

Darker colours will provide more heat whereas white and other light colours will create a cooler atmosphere.


Investigate the UPF rating written on the rash guard tag to find out how effective it is; figures higher than the average will provide greater protection. This shows how effective the rash guard is at blocking out UV rays.

You should choose a fabric that is semi-fitted, not overly baggy that slips off when in the ocean, or not so tight that it constricts your movements. Material that stretches will gradually become less effective at blocking out UV rays over some time.


Fabrics such as nylon and polyester provide the highest level of UV protection. Take a look at the material’s feel. A close-knit fabric offers better coverage because the ultraviolet rays will find it more challenging to pass through the material.

Thermal Protection

If you live in a colder climate, you should think about purchasing a rash guard that has built-in insulation. Some rash guards don’t have it, however, the added layer can make a big impact when temperatures are lower.

Sleeve Length

Rash guards are available in both long-sleeved and short-sleeved varieties. Besides personal preference, sleeve length contributes to protection, too. Wearing long sleeves can be beneficial in that it guards your arms against the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. Alternatively, short sleeves may be more comfortable and airy for some.


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