Top 15 Running Shoes For Long Runs

It takes both psychological strength and physical stamina to endure the discomfort (and sometimes boredom) of running long distances. The same can be said for your running shoes.

The ideal long-distance running shoes for you can vary depending on your running style, weight, personal taste, and goals. It isn’t possible to pin down one unbeatable set of long-distance running shoes for everyone, but you can locate the ideal pair for your certain requirements.

Do you want to break your marathon PR? Do you need a leisurely ride on a Sunday afternoon to relax and take your mind off things? We have chosen the best running shoes for every marathoner that you could possibly need.

1. Saucony Endorphin Speed 3

Maintain the comfort of your lower limbs during long-distance running with the Saucony Endorphin Speed 3.

A strong nylon plate positioned in the midsole offers the same propulsion and energy return as a plated shoe, yet without the rigidity of a carbon-fibre plate.

The nylon platter has been modified with wings to enhance its stability and its use with Saucony’s wide-bordered PWRRUN PB foam. This PB of PWRRUN provides a softness that absorbs and cushions shocks as you move and allows for fast, fluid movements.

The Endorphin Speed 3 utilizes a featherweight, manufactured mesh upper which provides a snug fit around your heel and midfoot sections with almost no perceivable weight.

2. HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 8


When you are looking for a long-term commitment, the HOKA Clifton 8 is one of the best shoes for the job.

Designers filled the Clifton 8 with a novel EVA foam mix. The fresh midsole from HOKA offers outstanding protection, yet remains feather-light to offer a remarkably energetic ride.

The upper part of the shoe has been re-engineered to be comfortable and protective, while rubber placed carefully on the bottom of the shoe gives you a superior grip on hard surfaces without being too heavy.

The early stage Meta-Rocker layout has remained unchanged, as it promotes nimble strides and gives a sleek shape for a rapid appearance. The fans of Fleet Feet are delighted with the modernized Clifton shoes which provide a lightweight, comfortable experience while ensuring long-distance protection whilst running on the pavement.

The 8th version of HOKA’s Clifton footwear offers maximum cushioning and lightness, sticking to the same ambition of its predecessors.

3. Mizuno Wave Rider 26

If you need shoes for a lengthy excursion, the Mizuno Wave Rider 26 can provide reliability.

Mizuno’s Energy midsole foam contributes to the Wave Rider 26’s ability to deliver both comfort and an energized kick-off with each step. Designers included 2mm of Enerzy foam underfoot to provide more energy rebound and shock absorbency than ever before, so regardless of how far you are running, you will remain sprightly.

A plate from Mizuno Wave that derives from biological material is placed in the middle of the sole to reduce the forces of impact coming from the heels and create a more comfortable transition between the heel and toe. Finally, the jacquard mesh upper is feather-light and allows plenty of air in and out, giving you incredible comfort when you’re running.

4. ASICS GlideRide 3

ASICS constructed the GlideRide 3 using their exclusive GUIDESOLE technology so that it is equipped with a curved sole intended to ensure effortless running during extended distances.

ASICS changed this shoe to provide more cushioning and comfort for long distances by incorporating their lighter FF BLAST+ foam. This new foam teams up with FLYTEFOAM® Propel to give a greater kickback of energy that your legs can use as you jog, allowing you to feel energized for a longer period.

The GlideRide 3 has been upgraded and now has a milder designed net upper that conforms to the shape of your foot for more pleasant wear and allows your feet to stay fresh and dry with a stream of air. An overlay that has been printed in three dimensions gives shape and structure to the upper part of the item without making it heavier or excessively stiff.

The GlideRide 3 has been tailored to be ideal for distance running, providing steady support, comfortable cushioning, and a highly resilient outsole, and its distinctive rocker form will keep you going.

5. HOKA ONE ONE Speedgoat 5

HOKA has chosen to honour Karl “The Speedgoat” Meltzer, one of the most successful trail runners of all time, by giving Speedgoat 5 the namesake. Having a title such as Speedgoat evokes a lot of expectations.

By undertaking numerous tests and taking insights from the individual who coined the term ‘Speedgoat’, the HOKA Speedgoat 5 has gone beyond the fulfilment of any expectations given to it.

For its fifth version, the Speedgoat has modified its high layer of gentle HOKA foam to offer plenty of cushioning, but at a lighter weight. They changed the tough sole to provide the Speedgoat 5 with even more grip and security on tough terrain.

It was remarked by Fleet Feet testers in their evaluation of the HOKA Speedgoat 5 that the cushioning was very pleasant when running on gravel, stones, and tree roots and when running downhill on steep terrain.

6. Brooks Glycerin 20

Treat your feet to the finest comfort with the Brooks Glycerin 20.

Indulge yourself from the moment you step inside the newly upgraded Glycerin. A luxuriant material wraps the billowy ankle support; a cushiony tongue enfolds your foot with ease; and an inside boot secures your midfoot in a comforting embrace.

The DNA LOFT v3 midsole provides the foundation upon which all of the deluxe features have been installed.

Brooks has employed the use of their DNA LOFT foam which is the most cushiony material they produce and they have further enhanced it this time through the addition of nitrogen, resulting in a lighter, softer and springier feel. The Glycerin 20 provides remarkable shock absorption, effectively dealing with the impact of continuous running.

In our assessment of the Brooks Glycerin 20, our Fleet Feet testers were very enthusiastic about the new foam. A reviewer commented that riding in the vehicle was a lovely, comfortable experience without being overly soft or excessively stiff to the point of losing comfort.

Yes, other running shoes offer more cushioning than the Glycerin model. Very few if not any jogging shoes offer the plush cushioning below the foot and total level of comfort that comes with the Glycerin 20.

The Brooks Glycerin 20 is the ideal running sneaker for extended trips that require plenty of cushioning due to its plushness and remarkable comfort.

7. Karhu Ikoni

When you are engaging in a lengthy jogging session, you should aim for a level of comfort. That’s where the Karhu Ikoni shines.

The Ikoni was originally constructed using the three-dimensional foot-scanning data that had been compiled during the Fleet Feet’s fit id® procedure. Karhu augmented the footwear and they employed more information to design an even more comfortable fit.

The Karhu Ikoni has a half-size Fulcrum rocker in the mid-foot to make transitions easier during walking or running. It also provides a snug fit in the heel and a comfortable feel in the toe box. Furthermore, the shoe’s midsole is composed of an active AeroFoam that offers a plush and reactive sensation.

8. New Balance FuelCell TC

This New Balance FuelCell TC will help you set the best marks you have achieved in your training and contests.

New Balance placed the FuelCell TC atop a lightweight and springy FuelCell foam sole, coupled with a carbon-fibre carbon-fibre to give you an energy boost. The spacious design of the TC ensures it can handle long distances without discomfort, and the addition of suede details gives the shoe an attractive and luxurious appearance.

If you’re aiming to log lots of miles, the New Balance FuelCell TC is the perfect shoe for your training.

9. On Cloudstratus

The Cloudstratus is On’s most cushioned running shoe. This sleek set of trainers is the ideal choice to help you get the most out of your long-distance running and marathon training. Enjoy a blend of comfort and performance for all your long runs, easy days and recuperation walks.

For foot protection during long walks, the On Cloudstratus is an excellent choice with twice the Cloud components to provide double the padding and combined with a full-length Speedboard designed to deliver a steady, agile journey.

Lastly, a layer of extremely lightweight Helion foam is placed atop the midsole of this comfortable and springy running shoe for everyday use. Find out why the On Cloudstratus was a favourite with the testers at Fleet Feet for lengthy jogs and their general training routines – due to its large toe box and great fit.

10. Asics Gel-Nimbus Lite 3

You can’t have an Asics Gel-Nimbus without the gel. The Lite has some cushioning in the heel and forefoot, but it is not obviously visible. There is an unexpected quantity of rubber still on the soles, which increases its longevity.

The addition of those two elements can add some heaviness to the shoe, but the feel of the Lite 3 remains the same. One tester reported that the greatest advantage of the item was its lightness. This running experience is speedy and agile when running, and is great for doing any sort of workout that involves speed. For extended periods of running, I don’t have the burden of carrying heavy shoes, thus my legs don’t tire over time.

The shoe doesn’t have an exceedingly luxurious cushioning; some evaluators would have liked a milder feel under the front part of the foot. (If you’re really wanting a plush sensation, go for the traditional Nimbus.) But the lite version has a springier feel, thanks to the FlyteFoam, which is notably lighter than classic EVA.

11. Topo Athletic Phantom 2

The latest Phantom still has all the characteristics of the original and offers a spacious fit with ample space around the toes. A few testers mocked the way the toebox was so large, however, they were thankful that its strange design stopped blackened toenails and sores.

The particular aspect that stands out is the two-part midsole, which gives strong padding and protection from impact which is ideal for running greater distances, as well as for athletes who have a quicker step when running.

One of the testers, who usually strike the ground with their heels, commented that the cushioning was excellent from the front to the back. It was similar to wearing a moccasin that kept your foot snugly in place without any unnecessary movement.

The Phantom is comparable to the Brooks Glycerin and Altra Paradigm in terms of comfort. Include features such as an outer TPU back heel, a bigger base, and a binding lacing system to make this a reliable sneaker that keeps your foot in place and prevents any ankle twisting.

12. Mizuno Wave Rider 25

Reaching 25 years is an incredible achievement for the Rider, and it’s not only due to Mizuno designing 25 models of the shoe. A long-time evaluator named this as the best yet and the other reported that it is definitely the plushiest and most comfortable.

A portion of that is attributable to the fact that the label kept its word which was hinted at in the Rider 24, presenting an entire midsole made from a plush Enerzy foam.

In the past midsoles of the Mizuno Rider footwear, a selection of foams, ranging from the solid U4ic to U4icX, were blended together and put below and above the wave plate.

The shoe offers nice cushioning, but due to the way the various foams are layered together, it can create awkward shifts as you move, which can negatively impact the overall feel. The ride is more level and consistent due to entirely Enerzy foam cushioning, especially when used in combination with the 25’s new wave plate made out of castor beans.

The plate of the Rider 24 is flatter, thus making it possible to produce more energy with every strike of the foot and also fit more snugly around the shape of the arch.

This shoe affords a cosy feel while running long distances, noted one consumer, making it perfect for extensive physical activity.

13. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39

The 39th Peg maintains its iconic recognition as an effective “workhorse with wings”. Just like the Pegasus 38, this edition utilizes a React foam midsole; it doesn’t have the same lightness and springiness as ZoomX, but feels medium soft and has a reasonable level of flexibility.

Nike made a drastic alteration to the midsole by adding an air unit to the back of the shoe, as well as one in the front. This version has lighter cushioning, which reduces some of the bulk of the 38th model.

The Peg 39 is now lighter, providing more capability for both your routine miles and more intensive training sessions.

One tester remarked that this footwear was robust enough for any kind of running or exercise program. I put on the Peg shoe for lengthy, relaxed jogs (10 to 12 miles at an 8:30 tempo), fast-paced practice drills (faster than 7:00 tempo), and all else in between. For me, the 39 was more comfortable than the previous version. I’m only discontented with the fact that the space for the toes is uncomfortably small and snug.

14. New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v12

Emma Coburn, a professional steeplechaser, recently expressed that the Fresh Foam 880 is her go-to running shoe for daily miles, and it is understandable why. The 880 is an excellent choice for those needing a reliable trainer: it is highly durable, relaxed, and offers a secure fit.

This 12th generation has an updated two-layer midsole, making it the softest so far. The upper is fitting and flexible for wider feet, and the generous amount of rubber in the outsole is great for running marathons regularly (especially if those marathons are on roads or pavements that can be quite slippery).

Although it’s not the lightest shoe available, it still is light enough to be able to let you maintain your stride without any bulkiness even during long-distance runs.

New Balance recently modified the hardness (a measure of toughness) of the Fresh Foam X padding, which gives it a bit of a softer feel than before.

This shoe is perfect for people who often transition from a jog to being on their feet for extended periods. One tester commented that the 880 was their favourite pair of shoes.

Dengate stated that although he does like the 1080 v12, he prefers the 880 v12 for its more classic upper, as opposed to the 1080’s knit fabric. The 880’s price is not too bad; while there is not a lot of cushioning, it still feels very comfortable.

15. Salomon Ultra Glide

The Ultra Glide is by far Salomon’s most cushioned trail shoe but, don’t be fooled, it’s not the squishiest ride around. We found it’s plush enough to impress our Hoka fanatics, thanks to a lightweight midsole that combines EVA and Olefin for a more forgiving ride.

That combo of compounds makes the foam durable and springy. While many tall-stack shoes can feel unstable on technical terrain, the Ultra Glide feels incredibly planted.
Even with its high stack—38mm in the heel and 32mm up front—the shoe doesn’t squish and roll over rocks and roots like you might expect. It still feels as stable as racier shoes like the S/Lab Ultra 3, even with the extra 12mm of cushion.

“The first time I wore the Ultra Glide was on day five of a 327-mile FKT run in April,” said video producer Pat Heine. “The upper provided enough protection for my tired feet when I inevitably kicked rocks and roots, while the rocker design and extra cushion underfoot took the sting out of pavement and extra-rocky sections—enough for me to make it through the final 75 miles.”


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