Top 18 Nutrition Bars For Triathletes

Today, athletes have the option of going to their local supermarket, health food store, or petrol station to get energy-packed snacks in the form of nutrition bars. A bewildering selection of energy bars can be found in stores each one having a unique spin.

They entice you with the vow of supplying you with energy for exercises, physical development, or a complete meal quickly. Healthy bars used to be an oxymoron. But now, a new generation of nutrition bars is out on the market, and it’s setting a higher standard.

Many nutrition bars taste great, while still being packed with nutritious ingredients that can help to improve your diet and athletic performance.

It can be difficult for athletes who are worried about their health to decide on the right product with such a great variety of options in stores. Let us help guide your bar journey. These nutrition bars are perfect for any time of day!

It’s simple to over-rely on nutrition bars because of their convenience, particularly for those who aren’t keen on preparing meals.

No matter what nutritious components they possess, energy or snack bars should not be the largest part of someone’s meal plan. Only use supplements in addition to a nutritious diet that is based on healthy whole foods, not as a replacement for proper nutrition.

Best Nutrition Bars

Energy bars can be a real timesaver for triathletes when they’ve got no time to whip something up or simply don’t have the energy to even make a piece of toast – they might just end up being a good substitute for a meal.

A bar that is to be viewed as a close correspondent of an actual meal should have sufficient calories and the right proportion of carbs, protein, and fat to guarantee that it is meeting dietary needs and provides lasting energy.

Be aware of any extra sugar that you consume since generally speaking people should minimize its intake.

1. Sans Coconut Almond Butter Meal Bar

This bar is made solely out of natural ingredients, and it contains no extra sugars. Surprisingly, you can’t even taste the spinach in the bar!

Egg whites can increase protein levels, the flavour of coconut gives a tropical twist (as you weren’t able to go on your beach vacation this winter), and the bar holds 8 grams of fibre, which is a considerable amount. Their soft, tender consistency won’t require you to frantically seek out a drinking fountain.

2. Bobo’s Stuff’D Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oat Bar

Who wouldn’t want a bar that tastes like oatmeal filled with peanut butter? This item is great for a quick morning meal or any trip. Each bar contains 6 grams of fibre which can assist in meeting your daily requirement while also decreasing any hunger sensations.

3. Ohi Super Green

Four types of nuts – almonds, seeds, and cocoa nibs – come together to make a snack that has a delightful crunch when bitten. Spirulina and chlorella greens give a nutritional boost and are very attractive when posted on Instagram. Putting the bars in the refrigerator is a sign that it is fresher than most others.

4. Perfect Bar Blueberry Cashew

This bar contains real blueberries, rather than an artificial blueberry flavouring, and is complemented with buttery cashew butter to give it a balanced macro-nutrient profile.

Much of the protein comes from powdered eggs as opposed to artificially created protein powder, and having a whole food powder that encompasses flax, carrot, and rosehip is a great nutritional advantage.

5. Over Easy Peanut Butter Breakfast Bar

These “breakfast” bars are a great discovery for anybody who loves peanut butter. What’s so attractive about them is their minimal ingredient list, consisting only of natural oats, peanuts, honey, peanut butter, tapioca fibre, egg whites, vanilla extract, and sea salt.

This meal provides plenty of protein and fibre that will help suppress any cravings.

6. Clif Nut Butter Bar

We have had a fondness for Clif for years since they pioneered making sports nutrition bars that were tasty, supple and simple to process.

This organic item provides a sense of contentment, but the 7 grams of protein it contains suggest that it is better suited to be eaten after a workout than before.

The pea protein provides a way of repairing muscles. There are 227 calories in total, with 23g of those being carbohydrates and 11g from fat.

Again, it smacks of snacking over on-the-fly fueling. You could snack on this tremendously tasty package, as the combination of chocolate and peanut butter is even better than you would have thought.

Unfortunately, this company that prides itself on its environment-friendly practices has lost favour due to its use of palm oil, which is now seen as a major pollutant.

7. High5 Energy Bar with Protein

This is the solitary establishment in the vicinity that markets itself as a protein-enhanced energy bar. You may be wondering how this can be the case when protein plays such a major role in aiding the recovery process following exercise.

Research indicates that eating a small amount of protein while engaging in physical activity can speed up the body’s recuperation time afterwards. A consequence of eating protein is that it can slightly hinder your ability to metabolize carbohydrates, which is not ideal when you need energy.

This bar has a small amount of 19g carbs, a solid 10g protein, and 10g fat for 212 kcal, so it could be said that this bar is more for restoring than providing energy.

This is appropriate for vegans since pea protein has taken the place of regular whey. As for taste, it’s passable.

8. Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bar

Dr Allen Lim is the brains behind Skratch Labs. He’s also contributed to one of our most reliable nutrition books, Feed Zone Portables, which contains a variety of cooked homemade sweet and savoury recipes that are easy to take with you.

The chocolate chip and almond bar that was tested do not have a problem with moisture content due to the cranberries added and a combination of nut and seed butter. This benefit is greater than that of many commercial products.

The calorie count is 220 kcals and is made up of 33g of carbs, 8g of fat, and 4g of protein. Therefore, its nickname of being able to be taken “anytime” is justified since it is easy to consume during physical activities.

This food is palatable and has an appropriate amount of sodium 125mg, which could be beneficial during warmer weather.

9. Tribe Nut Butter Triple Decker

Thankfully, this nut-butter delight stands in stark contrast to the average meal; its consistency and flavour are unparalleled.

This bar is said to be the top-selling plant-protein bar in the UK, and it’s easy to see why. It consists of a crunchy honeycomb foundation, smothered in a rich peanut butter filling, and topped off with vegan chocolate.

Unexpectedly, it has a total of 184 calories, with 8 grams coming from pea protein. This bar has a much lower carb content (9.6g) together with 12g of fat, making it more of a snack/recuperation bar than an energy bar. Good for vegans and coeliacs, too.

10. Torq Expore Flapjack

Typically found in Torq products, this black forest flapjack has no artificial colours, sweeteners, or preservatives. This snack offers fantastic flavour, coming from natural golden syrup, sultanas and light muscovado sugar.

This bar has a total of 263 calories, 8.1g of fat, and 43g of carbohydrates from sugar. The majority of the fat is from organic sunflower oil, which has a high concentration of inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids, which can be undesirable if one is training intensely.

These items are intended to be used either as a snack for a less strenuous bike ride or as a snack before a workout. After exercise, you can also eat, but the proteins that help to repair muscles only have 13 calories (3.2g).

The flavour and consistency of the oil give it a buttery taste and feel, which could be too much for some people to handle.

11. Aptonia Eco-size Energy Bars

Decathlon is well-known for offering many discounts in its stores all over the world. We can observe here the availability of 10 smaller-sized bars that cost £6.99 at the checkout.

So, marks were scored for frugality. But what about taste and texture? In fact, they are quite good; the mixture of 69% of dates gives them an enjoyable taste.

For this cost, it’s not a great amount of money. Rather than that, it is a mixture of dates and corn oil.

The “eco-size” label implies that among the available snack bars, this one is the least caloric, containing 136 kilocalories for each 40-gram bar. Approximately 26 grams come from carbohydrates, with 1.3 grams coming from protein and 2.4 grams coming from fat. That’s a proper good energy split for higher-intensity moments.

12. Mountain Fuel Feel Good Bar

Mountain Fuel may be unfamiliar to some, but they’ve achieved impressive feats in the ultra-running world; most notably, trail-running specialist Kilian Jornet was reported to be purchasing their items.

And we can see why with this ‘double-ginger’ flapjack. It tastes terrific and provides a pleasant ginger flavour from both actual ground ginger and natural ginger flavouring.

It was especially valued during long winter journeys and runs, creating a sensation of heat in the chilly, foggy atmosphere.

Be aware that this dish is high in calories, with a total of 373 kilocalories of carbohydrates at 42 grams, fat at 22 grams, and protein at 5 grams. Many people here think that this is a suitable option for an Ironman event, but it may be too much for an Olympic-distance race. Still, it’s a bar loaded with goodness.

13. Chia Charge

The super-seeds proliferated into pallid larvae and it was repulsive. I’m glad I don’t have to say the same thing about this delicious flapjack that contains both chia and a combination of oats and salted caramel, as it will give you an energy-enhancing and antioxidant boost.

The addition of demerara sugar, golden syrup, and butter raises this recipe’s total calorie amount to an astonishing 378. It can be said that this could be beneficial for those who take part in ultra-racing and those who train a lot, yet this would be too much for most people to consider as only a light snack.

You may be able to take in this many calories an hour when biking, but just keep in mind that 22g (approximately 198kcals) should be from fat and 44g (approximately 156kcals) should be from carbohydrates.

Best Nutrition Bars for Snacking

When you’re short on time and need to fill the gap before an important Zoom call, a pre-made bar will come in handy for satisfying your hunger. Sitting at a desk is not akin to jogging for protracted lengths of time, and so the impact on your body is dissimilar.

This suggests that a snack between meals should be low in calories, with an ideal limit of 200 calories.

Snacks that provide protein, healthy fats, and/or fibre are ideal for eating in-between meetings or workouts. They are slower to break down in the body, so they’ll offer a fuller feeling.

15. Health Warrior Chia Bar Banana Nut

The title of this product suggests that it includes chia seeds as a main ingredient and that these specifically provide omega-3 fats, which have known health benefits.

You may believe you are having a snack of banana bread, however this bar only has a measly 2 grams of sugar, and more importantly, contains 5 grams of dietary fibre which helps to reduce feelings of hunger.

15. Bob’s Red Mill Peanut Butter Jelly and Oats Bob’s Bar

Feeling reminiscent of what school lunches used to be, this crunchy bar consists of healthy peanuts and oats and is filled with a delightful jam and peanut butter flavour that tastes like it was freshly made.

16. Wild Zora Taco Pork Meat and Veggie Bar

This savoury meat bar is a refreshing alternative to the usual sweet bars. The ingredients are pork, vegetables, and dried fruit, giving it a texture similar to jerky combined with a zesty flavour. It will be like indulging in a taco truck meal during snack time.

17. Undressed Chipotle Cranberry Salad Bar

This vegan snack bar has a delectable taste and a bit of spice to it, so you don’t need to eat a salad to get your daily green nutrition.

The cranberries provide moisture to the kale and spinach, avoiding an excessively “earthy” flavour, while the almonds make the bar enjoyable and richness. The only negative is that it can be a little lacking in moisture, so make sure you have a glass of water handy.

18. Lupii Tahini Lemon Cranberry

You hadn’t recognized the significance of lupini beans up until this point. These nutrient-packed beans compose the base for a humble five-element bar that involves the modern tahini and reduces the sugary quality rather than unabashedly exhibiting its sourness.


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