Top 23 Non-Food Weight Loss Reward Ideas

Food Isn’t The Best Reward

It is understandable that when you are unable to indulge in the things that you usually love, you want to use food as a reward for dropping a few pounds. However, treating yourself with food may not be the most suitable option.

Dr Meg Arroll, the writer of The Shrinkology Solution, states that form the habit of providing food and drink as a reward has its roots in the childhood of many people.

By the time we reach adulthood, we generally have a strong belief that food is linked to reward due to experiences like being given ice cream for good behaviour, having a lolly afterwards an injection, or being given pudding as an encouragement to eat our greens.

This issue is that there will constantly be activities that we need to do in life that will cause us to crave rewards or payment, and if you are attempting to slim down or stay at a particular weight, utilizing food or beverages as your weight loss incentives are probable to ruin your attempts.

In addition, attaining success in weight loss has an effect on one’s thinking.

When attempting to shed pounds over a long stint, you will naturally focus on the long-term aim. However, upon reaching a milestone, such as a certain amount of weight loss or a positive weekly weigh-in result, a part of your brain will take a break and the section which desires delight immediately will start to work.

Gaining a reward can be satisfying, however, if you use food as a reward it can encourage an inclination towards short-term pleasure over long-term outcomes, which may make it difficult to stay on course during the next meal.

Since it is Friday, you could go ahead and indulge yourself until Monday … and we are all aware of how that usually goes.

How to Get The Most From Weight Loss Rewards

Schedule regular check-ins to complete objectives on the path to achieving your ambitions.

Once you are close to your goal, anticipate the reward you have promised yourself and get excited about it; this anticipation will activate your dopamine and will keep you motivated.

Choose a reward that will bring you real happiness instead of fretting about how you’ll pay for it later on after you have lost half a stone – taking a weekend trip to a luxurious spa could be the perfect way to treat yourself, but if it is causing money anxieties, it probably isn’t the best option.

You don’t need to purchase anything to enjoy a reward, as long as it is something that brings you pleasure or makes you feel great. Spread your accomplishments around by speaking about them – when you tell other people about your successes, they usually send congratulatory messages and it can cause the brain to release dopamine.

It’s even more rewarding to share your successes with others who are also attempting to lose weight; when you celebrate other people’s achievements, your brain releases dopamine.

Non-Food Weight Loss Reward Ideas

1. Kiss

One of the explanations for why we often snack on high-calorie foods as a reward is that we get an instant physiological and neurological response. Finding an alternative that can match that can be difficult, but kissing can do just that.

Making out activates beneficial neurochemicals such as dopamine as well as increased amounts of the love hormone oxytocin.

If you do not have anybody to engage in a romantic kiss with, Dr Arroll states that it is perfectly acceptable. It has been demonstrated that even when we read steamy novels, our brains experience pleasure.

2. Buy One Thing From a Set

Wine glasses. Fancy plates. Action Figures. A book series. Establish mini-targets that you are sure to achieve on the day you reach your objective.

3. Ride a Rollercoaster

Or another fairground ride. Or get on a swing. Ride in a convertible with the top down. Anything that makes you go wheeeeeeee.

Tap into the excitement and recollect that accomplishing this part of your goal has given you a great sense of joy. You can do the same thing the next time you make progress.

4. Play Your Favorite Song Really Loud

And sing along. Choose Lizzo’s Good as Hell if you want an uplifting tune to make you feel awesome no matter the situation -even if that situation is a breakup. Are you in search of other uplifting tunes? Check out this compilation of songs.

5. Give Something to Charity

Assisting others also triggers the release of dopamine, so your happiness increases twofold.

6. Take a Long Morning Bath Rather than a Shower

Add all the bubbles! And sit in it until everything prunes.

7. Sit in the Sun With a Book (or puzzle)

It actually makes you feel like you’re on holiday. For extra holiday vibes, lie on a towel. Go to the outdoor pool close by and spend your morning there.

8. Go to the Beach

Yes, even in winter.

9. Read the Book You Loved as a Child

Gretchen Rubin, a specialist in joy, proposes a simple approach to bring joy to yourself – and it’ll create a snug, comforting feeling comparable to a hug.

Gretchen proposes stowing this book away in a ‘happy bag’ that you can reach for when in need of a positive energy injection – if this resonates with you, then you’ll find this and other great ways to boost your mood in our article – you could find that helpful too.

10. Learn Something New

What have you always wanted to try? Reserve time for yourself – you could discover an enjoyable pastime that keeps you busy and helps you trim down quickly.

If you would like to study from a different location, you should investigate Udemy which has lessons available that you can participate in from any place. They offer a broad selection of courses – from Japanese language classes to developing mobile apps!

11. Paint Your Nails a Color that Makes You Smile

Avoiding anything in a nude or blush colour, opt instead for blue, fluorescent yellow, or anything that sparkles. If you don’t feel up to painting your fingernails, consider painting your toenails instead. Visit the website of Sephora to look for ideas or to purchase new shades.

12. Do the One (fun) Thing You Never Have Time For

Allow yourself a full hour, whether it be first thing in the morning or all day, and relish in the moments.

13. Do the Chore You’ve Been Putting Off

No, not the unpleasant tasks – but there is constantly something that you are aware will bring you joy once you accomplish it – like organizing your bookshelf by hue, or getting rid of your clothes and donating your garments that you don’t wear anymore to a charity (you don’t need them at this moment, do you?).

Set aside time to do it and savour the satisfaction when you are finished.

14. Invest in Some Spendy Leggings

While it’s not necessary to dress in expensive clothing while working out, the concept of enclothed cognition implies that you are more likely to manifest the characteristics associated with the outfit you have on.

If you think of highly fashionable workout apparel companies like Lululemon, it may trigger the thought that those who wear them are fit, healthy, and strong – which may encourage you to imitate this type of behaviour when wearing something from their product line.

15. Massage

Instead of viewing a massage from a professional as something that we shouldn’t be doing, we should look at it as a way to invest in ourselves and our bodies. Exercising regularly can lead to improved physical and mental health, providing a form of self-care.

Honouring your body and the success of your weight loss journey can be done through massage therapy.

Although a massage for either an hour or 90 minutes may be expensive, you may be able to get a lower price by purchasing a set of sessions.

Or, schedule your massages for different weight loss milestones. As an example, perhaps you can treat yourself to a massage for every ten pounds you shed or for each thirty day period in which you follow your exercise program.

If you are trying to save money, you could opt for a couple’s massage instead.

If your partner is with you in your quest to shed some pounds, you can help each other to stay on track. Whenever you reach a significant weight loss event, take turns treating each other to a soothing massage.

16. Kitchen Appliance

A really cool thing to give yourself as a reward for achieving weight loss goals is a practical kitchen tool that can help you with your eating plan, or make preparing food more enjoyable.

An example you may take a look at is getting a quality juicer which will facilitate the process of making fruit and vegetables into juice, making it easier to add healthy food to your everyday meals.

We are absolutely ecstatic about the Nama J2 Cold Press Juicer, which permits you to put together all components for a homemade juice at once and produces up to 60% more liquid from leafy rows and 30% more from other fruits and vegetables in comparison to related classic high-speed juicers.

The HUROM H310 Easy Clean Slow Juicer stands out for its exceptional ease of cleaning and its petite size, something that is nearly non-existent amongst premium juicers.

Another great option would be an almond milk maker. These devices provide you with the ability to quickly create your own vegan kinds of milk using any type of nut, seed, grain, or bean and water. Check out the Nutr Machine. It’s so easy to use and clean.

No need to waste money on costly almond milk, and you don’t need to prep the nuts overnight. It’s easy to use, just put your ingredients into the device, press the button, and you’ll have delicious plant-based milk in less than half a minute.

Fancy coffee makers, tea kettles, spiralizers, and kitchen knives are good incentives for losing weight since they enable you to easily make nutritious meals. Plus, they don’t add any extra calories to your diet.

17. Tea or Coffee

Drinking coffee or tea can be an effective way to reward yourself for losing weight as it is calorie-free and cost-effective, while still providing food-based satisfaction. You have the choice of heading over to a fancy café and purchasing a speciality beverage or obtaining some high-quality teas and extraordinary java beans to make at your abode.

18. Running Shoes

Any kind of exercise clothes makes an excellent reward for weight loss. Exercising can provide motivation and enthusiasm which can ultimately aid you in achieving your weight loss goals.

Investing in a fresh pair of running shoes, earbuds, sports bras, running tights, or other exercise attire is a great way to get started on your wellness and fitness quest.

19. Activity Tracker

Reward yourself with a fitness tracker or GPS running watch for achieving larger weight loss goals! It is a fantastic way to get excited about becoming more active since it can track your exercise, heart rate, steps, distance, and calories burned.

Have a look at the WHOOP 4.0 and the Oura Ring if you are after the top activity trackers, and make sure you can’t go wrong with the Polar Pacer if you’re searching for a good GPS running watch.

Every gadget offers superior performance and can help you track your vital signs and stay on top of your fitness and wellness plans.

20. Vacation

When you’ve achieved important weight reduction targets, nothing is more motivating and attractive than a getaway as a token of reward.

Embarking on an adventure in an unfamiliar or thrilling location will mean that your craving for exploration will be fulfilled and you will be able to explore new parts of the globe. Additionally, you will have a chance to view the benefits of your improved health in real life.

Perhaps, you have managed to reduce 50 pounds and would relish in the chance to flaunt your new trim body on a beach holiday, with the faith to wear a bathing suit that you never thought you could put on.

Instead of going on a traditional vacation, why not take advantage of your improved physical fitness, and dedication to exercising, and make it an active excursion? Travel around Paris on foot, scale a peak in the Alps or the Canadian Rockies, or go for a hike on one of the picturesque paths in Hawaii for a truly memorable holiday.

Taking a trip as a reward for successful weight loss is highly motivating, without the need to indulge in food that could disrupt your diet.

21. Exercise Equipment

For achieving major objectives related to fat loss, consider getting home workout equipment such as adjustable hand weights, a running machine, an exercise bike, a yoga mat, or a set of resistance bands. Exercising in the comfort of your own home will make your fitness program easier to do and more personal.

22. Fitness App

A fitness app or a platform like Peloton Digital or Zwift can supply you with instruction and inspiration to work out, bolstering your exercise endeavours.

23. Water Bottle

The most important suggestion regarding slimming down is to increase your water intake. Drinking enough fluids will promote your body’s ability to burn calories and can help prevent food cravings.

A clever water bottle can be an enjoyable method to make consuming water more attractive and simpler. The Lucy Cap rewards you for drinking water, and the Weo makes sure the water you drink is electrolyzed with the press of a button.


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