Top 8 Running Shoes For Achilles Tendonitis

One of the primary injuries that runners suffer from is Achilles tendonitis, an affliction that is extremely painful and can put a halt to an athlete’s training program.

The connection between Achilles tendonitis and the kind of running sneakers you put on is quite noticeable. An incorrect pair of shoes can not only worsen an existing ailment but can even be what causes the problem in the first place.

Selecting the proper sneakers for Achilles tendonitis is of the utmost significance, either to start running afresh or to ward off a comparable accident in the future.

In this article, we will examine the top shoes for jogging if you have had Achilles trauma.

Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis is an ailment of the Achilles tendon, which is the tough cord of tissue that attaches your calcaneus to your calf muscles. The tendon can become irritated, resulting in pain, rigidity, and possibly puffiness in the heel and/or lower leg region.

There are two forms of Achilles tendonitis – insertional, leading to discomfort at the portion of the tendon connected to the heel, and non-insertional, resulting in tenderness in the middle of the tendon.

Injury typically results from excessive use of the tendon. This can occur if you all of a sudden raise your workout plan. Instead, it can be instigated by running with incorrect body movement or inadequate preparation before starting. As we get older, we become more likely to get hurt in this way.

Running With Achilles Tendonitis

It is advised that you contact a medical expert for guidance if you suffer from a running injury. In most cases, it is suggested that rest be taken as well as the application of ice, squeezing, and elevation for treatment.

Once you can go back to running, you must do something to keep the issue from getting worse or happening again. Be sure that your running shoes are not making your injury worse.

Top Running Shoes For Achilles Tendonitis

1. Saucony Ride 14 – Our Top Pick

The Saucony Ride 14 is an all-rounder shoe. This shoe is highly recommended for people with Achilles tendonitis who are into running. It has an 8mm heel drop that is very beneficial in relieving discomfort in the Achilles tendon.

This shoe is also great for people with neutral pronation who want extra gel cushioning but don’t need arch support. The Saucony Ride 14 has a rubber bottom offering a strong grip. The sole provides a natural running sensation, as it offers a flexible area.

This running shoe also includes the most recent advancement in technology known as FORMFIT, making its debut on the Ride ISO 2. The midfoot FORMFIT, along with a tongue with an elastic opening and a secure lacing system, provide you with a specially customized fit.

This running shoe has an extra layer of cushioning created by PWRRUN in its midsoles. The PWRRUN makes the shoe incredibly cushioned and significantly enhances its responsiveness. The mesh upper makes the shoe breathable. It’s beneficial to have a light load so you can sprint for extended periods without feeling burdened.

Aside from the mesh upper, additional air circulation has been incorporated into the design of the shoe in several spots. This type of airflow makes it a perfect shoe for jogging when it’s warm outside.

The upper of the FORMFIT shoe features a lightweight, thinner material that provides a snug fit. The heel counter is a bit stiff. However, by doing this you will be able to improve the fitting of the shoe as the upper area is slightly loose.

The Saucony Ride 14 is an impressive running sneaker. This product is neither overly cushioned nor overly complex. This shoe enables you to cover long distances without inflicting pain on your feet, all while still providing you with a satisfying sensation.

2. Nike Pegasus Achilles Tendonitis Shoe 


The Nike Air Pegasus 40 has a large difference between the height of the heel and the toe. This shoe is perfect for individuals who have Achilles tendonitis as it contains a specific feature. If you are a runner with a standard gait and require some added stability, this shoe is ideal for you.

In addition, the Nike Pegasus 40 provides firm cushioning in the middle and a lively response while running. This feature makes it a plush daily trainer. This shoe is beneficial for a variety of activities, such as going on walks, working out, and marathon running.

The shoe is also highly comfortable. This design has a dense and multi-layered upper section that has been modernized. Despite this, the top part of the shoe snugly wraps around your feet and is soft and comfortable.

The socks are conveniently designed such that they are neither suffocating nor difficult to put on. The midsole is also cushioned enough for your feet to be comfortable. Your feet receive extra cushioning through the Zoom Air unit’s support.

You will like the stability of this shoe. The Pegasus has a large, securing base for a runner, with 109.5mm in the front of the foot and 80.7mm in the back. The width guarantees an increased surface area for the foot to rest on, thus providing better balance.

The shoe also has adequate lockdown. The Pegasus 40 has been improved from its previous version, which was known for having a lot of heel slippage. The midfoot stability provided by the shoe is excellent. The tongue of the shoe is designed with extra material to hold your foot securely in place.

The athletic shoes have a lace pattern that helps spread pressure throughout the shoe and into the sole. These all work together to ensure your foot remains secure.

The major downside of this shoe is comfort. The footwear is situated somewhere between a sneaker and a running shoe. The upper part of the item is thickly layered, giving it a cosy feeling like wearing a blanket. The shoe is also quite hefty.

3. Mizuno Wave Rider 25 

The top part of the Mizuno Wave Rider 25 is made from a special type of netting called Air Mesh. The weave of the material is somewhat tight, but it has multiple openings cut out on the exterior to increase airflow.

Once more, there are only a handful of overlays in the higher area. This ensures the shoe is both supportive and comfortable.

The heel counter, a somewhat sturdy addition, is yet another great aspect of this product. The collar has a nice, soft feel and offers a snug, secure fit.

The area for your toes in the shoe is roomy enough for them to move around comfortably. Despite having a roomy toe box, the shoe still provides a secure fit suitable for running faster.

The Mizuno Wave Rider 25 offers an excellent sensation of cushioning beneath the foot. They possess ample rearfoot support and are astonishingly resilient. Therefore, they are great for short-distance racing and increasing speed.

The Wave Rider 25 is equipped with the all-new ENERZY foam in its midsole, which grants it a lighter, softer, and more resilient feel. However, not all of the midsole has ENERZY foam material. There is a combination of U4ic and wave plate.

Mixing these foams lets the sole unit reach full contact with the ground. This is an improvement from the previous models.

Once more, the mixture of the foams renders the shoe plusher than any other Mizuno design. The bottom layer of the shoe is composed of both carbon rubber and more pliable blown rubber. The heel has carbon rubber for extra padding, whereas the front part has blow rubber for a softer cushion.

4. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 is a shoe designed for everyday workouts, especially for those suffering from Achilles tendon issues. Road runners with overpronation issues would benefit greatly from this.

This shoe has an incredibly high 12-millimetre sole, making it a shoe geared toward providing stability rather than an option for minimalists. Moreover, the shoe’s iteration comfortably hugs your foot.

The Brooks shoes being released now have stretchable tongue panels that were not present in prior designs. The gussets, however, are too slack and don’t hold the tongue in place securely.

The shoe has a soft ankle area surrounding the firm heel support. This feature guarantees that you won’t have any problems with your heels slipping. There is additional cushioning around the outside of the ankle.

The Adrenaline GTS 21 has a mesh upper that allows air to pass through. This upper is greatly comfortable and flexes nicely. A 3D print has been added to make sure the midfoot is the correct size.

The elastic strings of the shoe are also crucial for creating a secure fit. The shoe doesn’t feel overly snug at the top.

This stability shoe has a Guide Rails Support System that does not interfere with the user’s movement. The Guide Rails Support System performs unobtrusively to provide you with balance, yet you won’t be aware of it.

The hard rubber on the bottom of this shoe serves to safeguard the cushioning foam in the middle. As such, the shoe is highly durable.

5. ASICS Running Shoes 

Zoom image of Image 1 of 7 of Men's Midnight/Electric Red GEL-NIMBUS 25 Further Shoes

The Asics Gel-Cumulus 25 is an excellent option for someone suffering from Achilles tendon pain as a runner. This shoe has a large amount of foam in the heel area, making it highly supportive.

This shoe is ideal for those who are beginning runners or those who strike with their heels. Have been using other Asics shoes before? You will be happy with Cumulus 25 also.

What more? This shoe fits true to size. It’s neither too narrow nor too wide. This type of shoe is suitable for runners with a variety of foot sizes and shapes.

The other feature worth noting is the shoe’s comfort. It feels good on your foot. There is considerable cushioning around the ankle area of the shoe, and the tongue is like a plush cushion, with a depth of 8.2mm. This shoe embraces the contour of your feet due to its padding.

Do you need a shoe that can be securely fastened no matter what you’re using it for? The Asics Gel-Cumulus 25 is precisely the kind of shoe.

The shoe has a weight of nearly 300g, which is perfect. In comparison to other cushioned footwear like the Gel Nimbus 25, the Cumulus 25 (which is also designed to help relieve Achilles tendonitis) is slightly lighter in weight.

That’s not all!

The Cumulus 3 is a budget shoe. You do not need to spend a lot of money to purchase this shoe. If you are in search of a running shoe that can be utilized for almost any purpose, this is the perfect option for you.

Nevertheless, a problem with this shoe is that the EVA midsole tends to become rigid when temperatures drop. Once again, the FlyteFoam EVA midsole is not too soft.

This shoe is also beneficial for those suffering from Plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and ankle injuries.

6. New Balance 990v5 Running Shoes

If you appreciate the classic look and want an athletic shoe that ensures lasting comfort rather than maximum speed, then New Balance’s 990v5 is an ideal choice.

The 990 was and still is highly sought after by walkers and joggers, and the current variation has a few nice updates. These are comprised of a panel constructed of plastic for additional stability around the ankle area, as well as a toe box accommodating enough for more space.

This shoe is equipped with ENCAP in the middle sole part, which is composed of delicate cushioning at the centre and a strong polyurethane border for long-lasting use. An Ortholite wedge is included in the heel to reduce the drop to 12 mm, therefore reducing strain on your Achilles.

This sneaker is so practical for everyday wear, yet its main downside is that suede is the main fabric used for the upper part, so it doesn’t breathe well.

If you are not expecting to be running in temperatures that are scorching hot, this shoe is a perfect choice for you that will guarantee comfortability whilst working out and beyond.

7. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 Running Shoes

Open Adrenaline GTS 22 image number 1 inside the gallery

The Adrenaline 22 is an excellent shoe for keeping your foot in the most beneficial position for running. This technology which is called Brooks’ GuideRails works to prevent excessive movement of the shins and heels and promote regular and safe motion.

In essence, Brooks likens this technology to the grab bars on a bike, keeping it from tipping over in either direction. The other regions of your body will experience the rewards provided by this service, as your hips and knees will benefit as well.

The 12 mm difference between the heel and toe helps to reduce discomfort in the Achilles area and the outer layer of the shoe is constructed with a very breathable and supportive mesh knit. The heel area is well cushioned and firm, holding your heel firmly in position.

Meanwhile, the cushioning in the middle part of the shoe utilizing the full potential of DNA LOFT provides a comfortable journey. It has the ideal blend of being gentle yet firm, delivering great cushioning and the agility required.

8. HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 8 Running Shoes


Hoka’s Bondi shoes are highly acclaimed for their cushioning and comfort, however, they tend to have a bulky design. With the Bondi 8, it appears that Hoka has achieved a harmony between cushioning and fashion.

This shoe has a sleek design, yet still maintains its reputation of being cosy and comfortable!

The Bondi 8 comes with an inner heel counter to stop it from shifting side-to-side. Additionally, the shoe has a comfortable foam collar moulded to your shape and a wide base for better balance.

The upper part of the design has been improved to look more attractive than it did in earlier versions. The fresh layout not only looks good, but it is also advantageous since it ensures that the midfoot and arch are kept in the correct position when running.

The difference in height between the heel and toe of these shoes is only 4 mm, which is a noticeable amount less than the other shoes discussed in this guide. The advantage is acquired from the strongly curved design, lightening the burden on the Achilles tendon, calf muscles, and ankles.

Side notes

Achilles tendonitis is a painful injury which, if not properly treated, can develop into a prolonged issue.

It is essential to think carefully about your shoes if you commonly have the condition and select ones which will decrease rather than escalate your pain.


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