Top 9 Beginner Triathlon Bikes In 2023

Getting a beginner triathlon bike for the first time can be intimidating.

If you’re new to cycling or triathlon, you might be surprised to know that, like shoes, bikes come in different sizes. This is one of the most important aspects to consider before buying a bike, such as if the bike’s frame is too large or too small for you (even a professional bike fit won’t be able to make it comfortable or let you maximize the aero advantages).

Don’t settle for a frame that’s “good enough” just because it’s in stock or you prefer its colour over another bike—the shop can always order a specific model in your correct size if it’s what you’re looking for. Most bike shops employ professional bike fitters who can help you make this decision and show you what’s best based on your height, leg length, reach and more.

Investing in a triathlon bike can be the most expensive outlay for any triathlete, but there is no investment with a bigger potential return.

The cost of a beginner triathlete’s bike does not need to be high, despite the increased prices for the starting level models in recent years. For each race, there will surely be bikes of the £2,500 – £3,300 and above variety, but that is not required for a beginner.

New vs. Used

I know the article is about new bikes, but, and it’s a big but used is always worth a strong consideration.

As with anything, there are a lot of great used triathlon bikes to be found by athletes who are upgrading to a new ride or are leaving the sport after they found it wasn’t for them. On the flip side, some bikes have been ridden hard for years (or crashed, unfortunately) that you should stay away from. Buying a new one is always the safer bet, but if you have a limited budget and want a bike with more features, purchasing a used ride can be a great way to go. Click here to learn what to look for when buying a used triathlon bike.

Tri Bike or Road Bike

One of the first queries asked by neophyte triathletes is generally whether it is a better idea to splurge on a triathlon bike or stick to a traditional road bike. If you wanted more in-depth coverage on road bikes, we did that as well.

It is apparent, but worth pointing out: It all comes down to the kind of cycling you intend to do.

If you are not an avid triathlete and there are paved pathways near you, you could consider purchasing a road bike. We will not discuss suggestions for road bikes, since they are widely available on the internet.

If you are seriously considering doing a triathlon every year or training for a Half or Ironman, then it might be a wise investment to get a triathlon bike.

Triathlon bikes feature special frame shapes that let you use your energy more efficiently and with less strain. This allows you to create more energy being transferred to your pedals, and it gives you the freedom to have more energy left for the final run.

When cycling at a tough pace down a straight line, the strength difference of a triathlon bike will be most evident. Transferring the energy to your pedals can be quite stimulating.

The Best Entry Level Triathlon Bikes

It can be difficult to select a few from the multitude of excellent triathlon bicycles accessible currently. One individual could find delight in riding a certain bicycle, while another may not feel comfortable on it.

We have personally used a few of the best beginner triathlon bike options and can confirm they are great. However, there is no alternative to trying out the bike for yourself and making certain it is the best fit.

1. Felt B Series



We love the Felt B-series. The staff at Complete Tri have likely competed in upwards of 30 races while using the product. They are just good bikes for the money. If we were to be asked what the best option was, without knowing the specifics of the situation, this would likely be our go-to choice.

Felt used to have a selection of triathlon bikes priced under £1,250, however, those models are no longer available. Felt’s earlier line-up included the B2 and B16 series, but those have been replaced by the B Performance collection as the opening level of the show.

The B Performance now fully encompasses that cost level, pushing you slightly higher than the £1,650 threshold. We are hesitant to suggest a starter bike that costs more than £1.5K, but that is because inflation has caused prices to rise.

It may be possible that the B has the best price tag when compared to other carbon fibre bicycles out there.

This bike features a stylish UHC carbon fibre frame, with internal cabling, paired with an Ultegra drivetrain, Devox rims, stem, and aero bars. It has a classic, rather than futuristic, design unlike most tri bikes today.

We have found that upgrading this bike is not necessary but might be something you choose to do, and you won’t be wasting your money if you do.

We adore the Felts, and this Grade-Felt tricycle has been dependable for a long time. Our writers have covered an extensive distance using Felts, and they fully endorse them.

2. Cervelo P2


Including a Cervelo is an absolute must if you’re making a list of the top triathlon bikes. For decades, Cervelo has been manufacturing bikes at a speedy rate, and it is widely known for its fast vehicles.

We are reluctant to include a bicycle in our “basic” list that costs more than £1,250, but that’s what is happening in the bike industry nowadays. Although it could appear to be a large amount of money, investing in a good-quality bike that you will use regularly is worth the cost.

It seems clear that the cost of purchasing an entry-level Tri bike from a bike manufacturer is fairly high. Contemplate it thusly – this bike will be utilised for your training sessions, for competition, and for connecting it to the clever indoor trainer during the winter.

You’ll love the P series bike if you are just starting out in triathlons, and you can expect to use it for a long time as you become a more experienced athlete.

The design of the Cervelo is bolstered by the addition of a sturdy carbon frame and high-quality 105 components. The most up-to-date versions of the bike come with disc brakes, which is a typical feature for any bicycle at this cost.

3. Giant Trinity Advanced


Large Giant Trinity Advanced Pro 2

Giant stands out among the others, such as Felt, Orbea, and Quintana Roo, by manufacturing bicycles on a much larger scale. Many people might think of this as a generic, run-of-the-mill bike, however, our experience with Giant bikes over the last three decades has been great.

The bikes they produce are usually of good quality, but they are not designed to appeal to the group of people who love their gadgets. We are particularly fond of the Trinity Advanced model for its value.

This tri bike has everything you need, including a composite frame and fork, Shimano 105 components, and quality tyres and rims at an affordable rate. This should definitely be taken into account if you are looking for an item between £1,500 and £1,750 in price.

It is necessary to take into account that the most current Trinity Advanced will cost more than two thousand five hundred pounds with all the features and top-of-the-line components. More entry-level models are still on the market, though.

We suggest going to the Pro’s Closet to look at their selection of recent Trinity bicycles. We would not hesitate to make use of a Trinity from the last 3-4 years. Assuming it has been maintained properly, you will receive an excellent bike.

4. Orbea Ordu M-Series


Orbea Ordu M20i Team - XS - Triathlon Ironman Duathlon Cycling Bike - Picture 2 of 13

Orbea is a well-known Spanish bicycle manufacturer with a long history dating back to the 1930s. They joined the influx of manufacturers competing in the triathlon bike business, and have produced admirable bikes since then. World champions from the past 10 years have used Orcas as their mode of transportation.

Today’s M30 is commonly used as a road bicycle, however, in the past, it gained a reputation for also being a great triathlon bike; many M30s setup for triathlon use are still in great condition and being used.

The M30 has been a great option for triathlon enthusiasts, featuring a host of carbon fibre elements, a fully carbon-constructed frame, as well as Shimano 105 components like the Felts. This bike has some of the tell-tale accoutrements of more expensive models, such as a wider bottom bracket and aerodynamic forks.

This item costs around £1,900, which surpasses our desired cap of £1,650 for basic starter models, however, those are progressively more challenging to get.

We had no difficulty adding the M30 to the list of cycles any triathlon professional should take into consideration. You have the option to save a bit of money with the Orbea M30, a high-quality road bicycle that is priced at under one thousand two hundred pounds.

It’s beneficial to take a look at the second-hand selections too — Orbeas generally show up frequently.

We suggest investing in either a triathlon bike or a road bike, instead of wasting money on two mediocre ones.

Having a bicycle that you can easily use, become familiar with, and gradually improve the parts on will help you to become a more capable cyclist gradually.

We even enjoy setting the bike up on an indoor exercise bike stand in the cold season so you can practice on the same cycle you will be competing with. Using the same bicycle all twelve months of the year will make you very familiar with it and it will quickly become highly sensitive to your needs.

5. Eurobike Bikes EURXC550

This Eurobike EURXC550 has been designed to be modern and offer a great user experience with its intelligent construction. In the beginning, it has a 21 Speed shifting system that allows you to reach higher velocities.

Dual disc brakes give you a great amount of stopping power regardless of the type of road you are on. A sturdy steel frame and inflexible suspension do a great job of keeping the bicycle on the pavement.

The adjustable saddle facilitates taller riders in locating their ideal seating position. This structure will also give your lower back some backing. Two easily accessible sizes allow taller and shorter riders to pick the most suitable choice.

Those looking to enter triathlon activities on a budget should look no further! Intermediate or advanced riders will enjoy this bike.

We like the iron-casting racing handlebars. It provides better control and easy handling. This feature facilitates keeping your spine aligned, resulting in a more comfortable journey. We appreciated the variety of speed settings and found that the brakes worked really well. Despite the numerous advantageous aspects of this bike, several areas could be improved. The bike weighs 45 lbs, much more than most other bikes designed for the road.

This problem is likely because the bike has a steel frame, which may cause the bike to rust when exposed to dampness too much.

6. SAVADECK Carbon Road Bike


The SAVADECK Carbon Road Bicycle is equipped with a Toray T800 Carbon Fibre Structure. This well-known model is very lightweight, weighing 21.6 lbs, with a fork and seat post included.

This road bike was formed to be aerodynamically contoured in the wind tunnel by the designers. In addition, cyclists have greater control due to the tapered head increasing the torsion stability significantly.

This triathlon bike is the perfect choice for somebody without too much experience since most of it is already put together! This lightweight bicycle is ideal for many beginner triathlon athletes to start out their cycling journey.

We appreciated the convenience of the Shimano rate regulator, making it simple to initialize and control the journey more competently. It allows for smooth and effective shifting. The carbon structure is extremely resilient and has been crafted to give much more suppleness. The pedals are slightly flimsy. For triathletes who spend long periods on their bikes, it could be worthwhile to replace their pedals earlier rather than later.

Another niggly point is the tires. These vehicles are better designed for driving on smooth surfaces, so it may be problematic if you are using them on rough land.

7. Vilano Shadow 3.0 Road Bike with Integrated Shifters

The Vilano Shadow is often considered to be one of the top choices for rookie triathletes who are looking to buy a road bike. This product has a top speed of 14 mph and is made of strong aluminium construction. Novices will take advantage of the built-in shifters which facilitate exact braking and gear changing.

If you’re beginning your voyage in triathlons, this entry-level bicycle is an outstanding way to start your journey! 14 mph is considerably slower compared to what accomplished cyclists are accustomed to, yet it is an ideal spot for new riders to start.

Once you have completed the initial set-up, this bicycle is ideal for someone just starting out in their sporting pursuits. The frame of the item is constructed out of aluminium which makes it lightweight and convenient for novice racers to get into the practice of mastering the complex skills needed for racing professionally. It’s definitely one of the best bikes for beginners! At times, it appeared that the brake line was not long enough to make successful turns. In certain regions, the spokes of the wheels are secured firmly whereas in some others they are loose.

We suggest bringing it to a professional bike technician after putting it together. Ask for a tune-up to ensure that everything is configured and operating properly.

8. Trinx TEMPO 1.0 700C Road Bike

Trinx Tempo

The Trinx Tempo consists of a Hydroformed Aluminium Alloy frame and a Trinx Hi-Ten Steel Fork. The bicycle is quite swift, travelling at 21 mph, making it a good purchase for novice bikers who have moved on from the usual 15 mph rate.

The chair may appear a bit restricted, but it must be such for it to be ergonomically sound. Getting used to being in an aerodynamic position will be beneficial. Changing brakes is convenient and facilitates smooth shifting. A durable alloy frame is very durable and manoeuvres well!

This bike is perfect for someone who is no longer a novice when it comes to riding on the road and who desires to ride faster than other bikes in its class. This seat is particularly well-suited to experienced cyclists who are familiar with riding in an aerodynamic position.

Most road bikes intended for novice riders do not include a suspension mechanism. We appreciated the fact that this bike is equipped with both front and rear suspension. Riding on this type of road allows the rider to be able to handle their bike more easily and experience fewer issues travelling over rough terrain. Calliper brakes also have great stopping power. Users have mentioned that the brakes were not properly adjusted and the chainrings on some models were bent when they opened the box.

There may be a problem with the factory which must be fixed by the producer. The bike’s assembly process would be simpler for those people who are new to the task if the instructions were more explicit.

9. EUROBIKE Road Bike XC7000

This particular bike model has gained lots of attention due to its disc brake system, allowing for much more powerful braking. This is more advanced than the traditional brake system.

It’s lightweight and easy to handle, even for beginners. This bike has the advantage of being able to accommodate up to 300 lbs, making it a great choice for those who are looking to improve their physical fitness through participation in triathlons.

The outstanding two-calliper brake system allows newcomers to master riding their bikes with greater ease as they get more accustomed to it. It is the ideal size for an average person, measuring 54 cm. The lightweight aluminium construction is sturdy and can last as long as you stay biking.

We appreciate some features of this bike, such as the different speed settings, dependable braking system, and adequate carrying limit. Its lightweight frame makes it excellent for racing-style cycling! We discovered that this bicycle might be difficult to control on uneven terrain or mountain tracks. Additionally, it doesn’t include a water bottle holder. It is expected that bikes in this price range come complete with water bottle holders, yet not all of them do.

 Additional Gear

Buying a triathlon bike is just the first purchase of many if you’re new to the sport. No matter your budget, remember you likely have a few hundred dollars of additional gear to purchase, including triathlon bike shoes, clipless pedals, a helmet, an aero bottle, tubes, training and more. You can always purchase most of these items down the road once your wallet recovers, but a helmet is one piece of gear that’s absolutely required, so keep this in mind as an immediate cost.

Some bike and triathlon shops offer packages for beginner cyclists and triathletes that include the bike, a helmet, pedals and shoes at a discounted rate (and if not, don’t be afraid to ask if they can make a personalized deal for you).


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